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Sunday, February 06, 2005


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Great job on this, Dubi. I hope you get the recognition you deserve for it. A monumental effort.

Wow. Well done.

Why cant people just realize the guy is just writing for the hell of it. I find it fun to read something new and know that it is just complete BS, but still - its different. I need to read the letters N H L as much as possible with lack of it on TV. And lets be honest, when the game does come back, there will be just as few games on TV as there are now. Which is very bad news for both sides.

I came across your article while researching a piece on the Eklund blog for SportsFanMagazine.com. Really great stuff, and I think you were fair in the way you attacked what was an out and out B.S. rumor and what may have had some shades of truth to it. I've included a snippet of your article in my piece, with a link back here.


Keep up the great work (and I say this as a dedicated Devils fan, so you know you must be doing something right).


I do find this fascinating. First off, you should be hired as a journalist yourself, because this is very impressive. You left out my motivation. The people who are getting left in the dust by these rich folks playing their games. How can you fire people, promise them their job's back and not communicate with them at all? Think what you want about me, but what about the people who sit back and destroy other people's lives to get an average salary from 1.2 to 1.8 million a year?

My site is called Hockey Rumors. I am not a journalist on my blog. I am a blogger. I could give you the names of several people in the hockey world who would tell you I am legit, but if I did that it would jeopardize the futures of the many people telling me their secrets from the inside of this situation. When this is all said and done, if my sources are OK with it, I will tell you who I am. A friend of mine in the industry hit the nail on the head regarding your article. If you remove the dates you will see why people believe in me. Because when I started there wasn't a single journalist telling these people there was a chance that they might not have to sell their houses. And this is not intende to place blame on the journalists, but rather the paranoid people feeding them press releases. I have journalist that work for major outlet newspapers that I talk to 10 times a day that are pulling the few remaining hairs out.

I have made it known that I don't blame people for doubting me. In fact I encourage it. I had to go to a membership for posting on my blog because I was getting alot of foul language, and e-mails from parents of kids who were reading. The membership thing is very time intensive for me, but I had no choice.

Much of what you've said above is true. I learned from one the best writers of the last generation that rumors come true maybe 5% of the time. That is severely diminished still if you put actual dates to it. Everytime I attach a date, I cringe knowing that even if my sources are giving me that date, they aren't the decision makers. Goodenow and Bettman are the only ones who will inevitably decide. You left the fact that I say that often out of your story.

Bottom line is this. This is a business deal being reported on in the press like a sporting event. The businessmen who are running the press leaks are having a field day by manipulating a press starving for information. They are son fortunate that the ones covering this story aren't the business writers. They would exposed quickly for their basic tactic of lowering expectations. By lower the expectations of the fanbase they have been allowed to go at their opwn pace. They have been telling us not to expect hockey this year since prior to last season. I encourage people to not lower their expectations. To expect these people who are deciding how to spend your money to get a deal done NOW. Don't sit and say, "Oh well, no hockey this year," because when this is settled I guarantee you the first story written will be "Deal Done that Could Have Been Done Last Year." But not if you don't hold them accountable. Accountability is the one thing people in this new century have given up on.

In response to everyone else aside from Pelle: Thanks for the comments -- nice article, Greg. Just to show how things have changed, I have to admit my admiration for what the Devils have accomplished on a sane budget, even though as a Ranger fan I have to add that I do so only grudgingly.

To LA Kings Fan, I have nothing to say to anyone who posts a bogus E-mail address. My policy is to delete those messages, but I won't do so here so that no one can accuse me of censorship. Post a live E-mail address and I'll gladly respond to your comments.

My response to Eklund, which I just sent to him via E-mail (his comments are prefaced by ">", my comments follow):

pelleeklund@hotmail.com wrote:
>you should be hired as a journalist yourself, because this is very impressive.

Thanks! Problem is, I'm an editor, so I hire journalists myself, which is why I've learned a thing or two about them.

>You left out my motivation.

No I didn't -- I explained your motivation as I understood it, to provide positive news against a backdrop of a negative media, to leak news the mainstream doesn't print, to give readers hope instead of doom and gloom. I stand by my conclusion that your are doing a disservice on a sinking ship by singing a happy refrain instead of sending people to the lifeboats.

>The people who are getting left in the dust by these rich folks playing
>their games.

Sorry, found no mention of this anywhere in your blog. Everyone feels for these people. I've done something more concrete than posting rumors -- I've hired some laid off or furloughed writers for my publication.

>Think what you want about me, but what about the people who sit back and
>destroy other people's lives to get an average salary from 1.2 to 1.8 million a year?

We can argue whether the millionaire players are greedier than the billionaire and near-billionaire owners on a different day. If that's your motive, say so, don't pretend to be something else.

>I am not a journalist on my blog. I am a blogger.

Too true. Like I said in my article, that's no excuse, it just makes things worse. There is a reason why rumors go through journalistic tests before being printed -- so they don't mislead anyone. You are misleading people. You would know this if you were a real journalist.

>I could give you the names of several people in the hockey world
>who would tell you I am legit

I didn't put your legitimacy to the test, I put your accuracy to the test. You haven't even achieved the 5% success rate for rumors -- all the more reason not to get people's hopes too high over stuff unlikely to ever happen.

>If you remove the dates you will see why people believe in me.

Of course! I saw that myself if reviewing your most recent posts. Those haven't played out yet, so all one can do is hope that you are right -- I hope you're right, I really do, my magazine is taking a beating because of this lockout.

But look at the track record and you'll see that people believing in you, believing in something that never comes to pass, does a major disservice to those people.

Look at the track record and you can see why I risked looking really really stupid by calling you out at the exact moment your predicitions are most likely to come true. Of course, no one needed YOU tell them that if a deal was going to get done it would get done at this last possible moment -- which is true too of the prior dates.

>when I started there wasn't a single journalist telling these people there
>was a chance that they might not have to sell their houses.

Every journalist in the world has approached each negotiation point kowing the latest deadline could be the one that sees one or both sides cave. Only when it turns out to be another false alarm do they go back and say, well, it looks like they knew what they were saying when they told us it would be 12-18 months or more. Then the cycle starts all over again. One difference between you and them is that you report only what you want to report (possible solution), real reporters report whatever is out there to report (close today, far apart tomorrow).

>the paranoid people feeding them press releases.

If this is true (and I'd argue that it is less true of mainstream reporters than it is of you because they apply some journalistic standards to their reporting), what's the difference between them and you? You print everything you are fed (if it fits your slant) with no standards, they print whatever they deem is newsworthy after running their information through their standard tests, regardless of slant, even if it is a known plant (in which case they tell you that).

>Everytime I attach a date, I cringe knowing that even if my sources are giving me
>that date, they aren't the decision makers.

Which is why you shouldn't publish the information! What kind of world would we live in if every reporter wrote a Chicken Little Cried Wolf story every time someone E-mailed him that there was a bomb in Penn Station? There is REASON these journalistic standards have been put into place, and if you were the journalist you claim to be, I wouldn't have to tell you this.

>This is a business deal being reported on in the
>press like a sporting event.

You are wrong about how it is being reported, and you are especially wrong if you think you are giving people the real business scoop. Constantly whining "they wouldn't walk away from this much money" does not make you business savvy.

You had no clue why the NHL could not declare a drop-dead date (impasse case), you had no clue that they were opposed to revenue sharing let alone why (franchise value), you have no clue why it was senseless for anyone to ask for or agree to a no-collusion-suit clause (salary cap).

The words impasse, decertification, related business entities, good faith bargaining, franchise value, anti-trust, labor exemption, NLRB, or banks never once appeared in your posts. The mainstream media consistently present us with stories centered on subject matter experts -- attorneys, professors, arbitrators, economists, etc. -- who tell us what is going on, why, and where it might go.

Just the other day, an article revealed to us for the first time that it might be the banks that are driving this lockout by threatening to call in loans they have handed out to owners. So much for why they would walk away from so much money -- because it would jeopardize even greater sums of money. Did you report that or comment on that? I doubt you even knew about it until I just wrote it.

Fans need to be educated about stuff like this to understand what is going on, not given a placebo to make them fell happy while the Titanic is sinking into frigid waters.

>Accountability is the one thing people in this new century have given up on.

I just held you accountable for your actions, told you the harm they were doing. I can't stop you from doing anything. I can only ask you to stop deluding yourself and others and do something constructive about this situation. Like, for example, if you are as independently wealthy as you told Off Wing, stop this silly rumor-mongering, hire out of work writers to do real reporting, and make a difference.

you're right on abotu this eklund character. give 'em heck!!!

Thank god someone finally exposed this person for the fraud he or she is. I have found out this info from another chat room, not to sure of its accuracy, but oh how I wish it were true.

The inside source reports that "Eklund" who actually goes by the name Trevor Whitley is no more than a postal room worker for The Hockey News.
"Trevor is a good kid, he has good intentions and probably never meant for this to grow to this extent, but what he doesn't realize is that his shenanigans are effecting a lot of young hockey fans who are buying into his lies" said the unnamed source. "What makes it worse is that now it has apparently spread to legitimate news sources"

Federal investigators have been contacted about the allegations; however they fear that not much can be done. "The web is a completely free source of information" said Doug Janney, Director of Internet Investigations. "It's unfortunate when you have someone twisting the truth in this manner, but unfortunately, that is their God given right. If people choose to believe the rumors, that's completely on them."

Eklund posts oh FlyersPhans.com from a PA IP address and the Hockey News is located in Toronto. That's one hell of a commute.

I agree with bingham -- a guy from Toronto can't be the guy. The article Ken quotes was briefly online and then pulled, probably because they did a little fact-checking (something Eklund could learn from). BTW, bing -- great avatar!

poor kid...I live outside of Philly...

The plot thickens.....

He does not work at the Hockey News, he works for a Company is PA associated with the Hockey News, where they apparently so the printing or distribution in the States.

Eklund has been told to cease all rumours on his Blog, he apparently had named inside sources within the Flyers and now the Flyers are considering legal action. He also apparently has admitted to being Eklund.

There is also apparently a CDN reporter that is drafting up a story on this blog and Eklund, the article is expected to out Eklund by naming him as Trevor whatever.

It'll be interesting to say the least what will transpire, I hope the guy does not get sued for fooking with all these people.

The Hockey News' parent company is called Transcontinental Direct in the Philadelphia. If "Trevor" is really not Eklund than he's in for a lot of trouble.

EKlund, you better run for high ground, a cyber tsunami is coming.

Great job of summing up the entire Eklund debacle. I followed his site for a good laugh and was waiting for someone with enough time and boredom to finally expose this guy.

I'm still waiting for Eklund's "article" to hit major publications as he claimed on his blog a while back. Funny how he never brings that up anymore. lol

I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. It's so disturbing to me that anyone would act so maliciously and in such a cowardly manner!

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