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Sunday, September 26, 2004


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Why don't we produce an ad with clips from the speech Bush gave at some "roast" a few months ago - remember, while our precious ones were dying in Iraq, he was making fun of not finding the WMDs? If there ever was a disgrace...well, with all the other disgraces this administration has pulled, that certainly was a highlight, in my opinion, and shows the extent of his concern of the war...

Another thing - why don't you be straight with Bush voters - we know that the BA figures their voters have a 10 year old mentality - I wonder if his voters mind that they are thought of that way, that they will accept anything the BA puts over on them....whereas, Kerry voters really care and have pride in thier intellect and choosing facts and truth, over lies...

And, is it going too far to let Bush voters know that they will be reponsible and held accountable at some point for all the destruction that the BA has done by attacking Iraq, the environment, creating more and more enemies, the lack of investing in our own people and building jobs and homeland security?

The RNC kept Clinton on the hot seat towards impeachment for two plus years (and many, many million $ more) over who he did or didn't have sex with.
1. It's nobody's business (except Hillary's).
2. Nobody cares.
3. It had nothing to do with his running the country, in fact it just made the USA look like a bunch of dummies to the rest of the world.

Bush, however, has told lie after lie after lie. He has about bankrupted our country and everyone hates us now. Because of the lies about Iraq, our soldiers are getting killed and I'll bet that the majority of the ones that are wounded probably wish they had been killed.

And he lies on a daily basis. Why haven't impeachment proceedings started against him? (Because Cheney would be "it" and that would be worse?)

It's always a double standard with those Republicans. Why can't regular Americans see through them? They are the "axis of evil" in this country!

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