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September 23, 2009


with Del Zotto, After 10 games he can still get sent down to juniors, its just that the clock starts to tick with his contract. after the first 10 games he plays in his contract kicks in.

Correct after the first 10 games, the first season counts for the full contract year regardless of how many games he plays. I don't think the Rangers would want to go that route.

If Del Zotto has looked this good, why not give him a 9 game audition to see how he looks. If he looks like he is holding his own, keep him up, if not, then send him back to the OHL and bring up Sanguinetti or a someone else from Hartford.

Sending Sanguinetti to Hartford AND Del Zotto back to major junior, both playing well enough to make it a competition, makes no sense at all when you have that 9 game cushion.

Ditto Drama

WHat happened to BB+? My password no longer works.

Will Redden actually improve?
Contrary to what many say, I thought he was simply okay during the very late part of last season, and not anything special.
The rest of the time, he stunk. He hasn't looked energetic or inspiring this year so far.

Does anyone think he will become a player worth even half his salary this year?

Dan, not sure we have been watching the same games. Del Zotto has been highly impressive. That's not to say he hasn't made mistakes, he obviously has. However, he is the best PPQB we have, already at age 19. His vision is excellent, his passing also excellent, not to mention his skating. He's more than made a case to stay with the team, at least for 9 games.

I'd keep DZ as the seventh D and use him mostly as a PP specialist and to spell other D off after a PK. Semenov has really impressed me BTW, he's solid as a rock out there. Forget about signing another FA D, bad idea.

I actually think Sanguinetti has looked pretty week in most areas of the game, so far. Del Zotto has looked head-over-heels better.

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