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September 24, 2009


I agree with you mostly, the only couple of things I can say I do disagree with you are:

1. I don't believe Staal should play with Gilroy. Torts has expressed a need for Staal to jump into the offense more. It would not make sense to pair two offensive guys together. Somebody has got to defend Lundqvist.

2. I do believe it is going to end up, Gilroy-Semenov, Staal-Girardi, and the two knuckleheads together.

3. Anisimov will get more then 4th line center duties if he makes the club, Torts has showed that he will play him on the penalty kill, and he has showed more skill then Betts on the 4th line & PK.

4. I like Grachev, but I think he would be better served in the AHL. He is the one that would not benefit from the 4th line. Also, torts is known to run more 3 lines, but maybe if he has more punch on his 4th line he will be more inclined to use it.

id rather see the Grachev-Anisimov- Lisin line stick together as the 3rd/kid line. they looked decent together and if left together at their age could gel into a nice scoring line for years to come

I thought that too, but they can't do that either.

If they put Anisimov on the third line that would mean either prospal, dubinsky or drury would have to play the 4th line and I don't think that is going to happen.


I agree with you, just because Anisimov is the 4th line center doesn't mean that he will play 4th line minutes ... Torts loves the way he has played in camp and has given him PP and PK minutes and he has done well in both areas ... I see no reason why this wouldn't continue and even why he can't slot Anisimov with other linemates as the game progresses depending on who's playing well, which Torts is prone to do ...

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