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September 21, 2009



I need someone to contact me about my 2009-2010 subscription and BB+ account access.



Along the lines of Hawaii_John's question do we wait for the re-design for renew our subscription? Or will there be a way to do the paypal thing directly from the new website without emailing as before? Let us know, that little bit looks great

Staal is out tonight with a bit of groin tightness ... guess it's a common issue among athletes, not just Gaborik

its nice to see we might have a power play this season

Okay folks...before I left for an extended weekend on Friday, the BB+ website was not working for me....is it me or is it still being updated? Since I can't get any of the preseason games down here in Florida, I am going through Ranger "withdrawal" with little info on this site and no BB+. Can someone let me know what's going on with these websites....or if for some reason the problem is on my end.....Thanks !!


I had the same problem, use this link to access BB+


We apologize for some of the headaches. We are trying our best to accommodate during this time of transition. The new website will have a function for renewal, however, you can still renew through Dubi Silverstein as you have in the past. We have also tried to do as much updates with Twitter during this time. Thank you all again for your patience.
- Dan

Thanks Jed Orts........

What is the password forBB+ I have not been notified of the new password.

Is BB+ even up and running. I haven't recieved the password either?

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