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September 25, 2009


The Media disrespected Brashear? No Coach, Ranger fans are not stupid as you and the Rangers continue the pattern of thinking they are.

Brashear's actions earned him the response not anything anyone in the media said about him.

But no rather than say that those who pay top dollar for those tickets have a right to voice their opinion, Tortorella took the lame route.

Oh and coach if you think smattered boos are bad just wait until the team does not work hard.

Ranger fans are a whole lot harsher than what you experienced.

I know Torts is defending his player, but he has to know better that a coach (or player) can't take on the fans and the media expect to win.

Give Brashear credit, he is taking the high road - for now.

I just can't get on the bandwagon for Brashear.

The first "attempted" fight lastnight was a joke... and the second fight was a hug fest... not to mention he should / would have been given a game misconduct for not having his jersy tied down...

I don't see him as any better than Colton Orr... and I know we could have found a better "Enforcer" at a cheeper price than Brashear... It still boggles my mind that we signed this guy...


C'mon folks, Brashear is a Ranger now, so forget about last year and give him your support. Booing him is just plain stupid. And yes, he is better than Colton Orr who quite frankly sucked. Better skater by far, and better hockey instincts and a very fearsome dterrent to say the least.

I agree booing Brashear is quite immature. What is is supposed to do? Make him feel shame for hurting Blair Betts? Distract him from his game so he thinks more about that than making the best play on the ice? How does that help the Rangers?

I'm more excited about the play of Dubinsky and Gaborik. Dubinsky playing in his first game in how many months, was one of the most dominant players out there and got second star.

Gaborik has a nasty shot and he is a good skater too.

Would you start to like him if he took out Crosby, Malkin any Flyer islander or devil....I think so...get over it and root root root for the home team!

let the coach and the players ' shut up and play ', but not the fans. Enough with trying to tell fans and the media what to think or feel. Fans are fickle, shut up and deal with it. The press has a job to do, which is not a pr excuse machine nor a mind controller . Don't want to hear boos? Work hard and smart, and WIN !

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