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September 12, 2009


O lawd Sather is smoking crack

They gotta sign this kid!! Other than Callahan he has the most energy out of everyone. C'mon Sather open up your wallet and sign him. Why pinch pennies now??

Can we clear something up here?

Dubinsky is not a holdout, according to NHL rules he is not allowed to attend camp unless he is on an invite.

We have been watching this nonsense with the Rangers so would it be fair to say Dubinsky is being locked out under NHL Rules?

Just curious as to why they didn't bring Colton Orr back, instead of signing Brashear...
Anyone hear the "Official" reasoning???

So what's going to happen?

Dubinsky has no leverage ... I love him and want him to play but his agent has to know the cap position that the Rangers are in, which of course is no fault of Dubinsky, but that's the reality still ... so unlike other playes that a lot of people keep bringing up that do not deserve what they get paid like Voros, Rissmiller, Brashaer, ect ... those players, along with Rookie Gilroy and Callahan, had something Dubinsky doesn't have ... Leverage ... they were either UFAs or RFA's with arbitration rights ... Dubinsky doesn't have that luxury ... The Rangers were competiting with other teams for their services, other teams aren't even willing to give up draft picks and sign Dubinsky to an offer sheet thus forcing the Rangers hand in the matter ...

So really what is Dubinsky and his agent going to do? Lose an entire year because they don't like the contract being offered? I mean the Rangers are offering a one year contract and a multi-year deal ... they don't like either but take the 1 yr and then next year when you have arbitration rights you get paid ... that's what all RFA's do ... they either force the team into giving them a big raise/long term deal to their liking or they get an arbitrator to get them a short term deal ...

I just don't understand why they don't sign and play their cards next year because this season their options are extremely limited

Ben -

Orr wasn't brought back mainly b/c Torts & Slats view Brashear as having more than just fighting ability. Also, Torts noted the other day that Orr didn't handle reduced ice time so well and he also mentioned Brashear would handle limited ice time well.

Orr lacked speed,couldn't shoot straight, and was uncomfortable on the bench. And how much and how long can you sign a guy with those credentials? And Torts doesn't care who wins the fight.Just team toughness.

b/c Orr is one of the worst skilled hockey players i've ever seen. I mean he couldn't even control a pass. He had one nasty right hook though...

as for Dubinsky, he must be asking for way too much...

sather is an idiot...look at our potential 4th line and tell me they are better than keeping prucha dawes sjos and betts to do that job for the same money...thats why he cant sign dubi, because he throws money at players like brasher that can handle a pass...btw he better hope the young guys on d step up this year in spots 5 and 6 or he'll look even more stupid for letting mara go for 1.6 that they gave him in montreal.
btw does any one remember who we got for dawes and prucha...that would be morris for 3.75 million and he played a whole 20 games...way to raise youth and pawn them off to your pals in pho, i mean hamilton...;)
messier, nod your head and take control of this as soon as possible, please...and also ticket prices went up this year, but the suits wont mind.
thanks again slats, how do you do it

Joe, Rob, Oleosmirf,
Thanks for the info about Orr, that's what I figured.
Will, GREAT post also!

It's a shame they had to give-up such an age difference between Orr & Brashear though.
Also, I read that the Brashear hit on Betts, will NOT be a factor in the Dressing-Room but we'll see about that one...

Hopefully, they have someone capable of filling that role, once Brashear hangs 'em up...

PS: Hey Slats, sign Dubinsky already would ya!
Just find a way to get it done!


Will - Sather may be an idiot but you know the story, people in glass houses, etc . . . Your use of especially Prucha and Dawes to demean Mr Sather erodes your credibility of judging hockey talent. Both those players were going nowhere with the Rangers. They were 1) physically challenged (aka small - although Prucha seemed to think he was much larger to the point one had to be concerned about him being seriously hurt or nuts, 2) defensively challenged and 3) had minimal offensive upside. Sjos was a fine defensive player with speed, a great role player, but this type of player is replaceable. Of all the players mentioned Betts is the biggest loss since we seem to be a tad short on reliable centers but I will be willing to wait to see what 'Team Torts' is going to look like through October before making any emotional comments.
I am certainly not drinking the Blueshirt Kool-Aid you have seen here and at other sites about how this team on paper seems to be better than last year. The only thing I agree with with the Ranger turnover (personnel, that is) strategy is that we were not going to be Cup competitive with the lineup they had. I also believe Torts thrives on the competitive nature of this camp. Whether it amounts to a truly better team is anybody's guess

the 4th line is not supposed to be a scoring unit. Name one team in the NHL that relies on their 4th line for any offense???

I do agree that Betts should have been retained for the PK but the Rangers want a more physical and intimadating unit rather than a defensive one...

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