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August 03, 2009


Let him walk...the money could be much better spent elsewhere.

Try the sign and trade... Don't think he'll fit here next season so try to get something in return

def sign and trade for heater...no brainer...hes not worth 3.9 mil but as trade bait, id give it to him and kick him over to ott send redden instead of rosie...do either of them have no trade clauses?

Sign and Trade sounds nice, but why would any other team trade for him at that amount?

look at this Blue Shirt Bulletin has free comments again. Does Dubi still run this????

anyways Heatley is not happening, Zherdev wont demand much of a return but Toronto can use him, has the cap room and has a surplus of d-men.

Zherdev straight up for Exelby would be amazing for us...

He's not worth the money since he makes way more than Calli and plays half as hard. If they can save some cap space by doing the sign and trade thing. Then I say let him go and see whos out there. I would love to have Heatley who has much more talent than Zer.

Sign and trade for anyone or anything you can get... I doubt we can get Exelby, so take Ian White, or draft picks, or prospects, or a coupon for a free ice cream cone... something.

hahaha yea ice cream would be better than nothing but unfortunately it looks like we're getting nothing, I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY! Could he have wanted a no trade clause? Why would Sather just let him walk???? I agree that he's not worth 3.9 but someone will be willing to pay him that for 1 year via trade! look at redden, he bamboozled Sather for 8 mil this year...how do you get nothing in return and Columbus keeps Tutyn...its not right...sorry I'm a long time Rangers fan but I'd be nice to have some kind of explanation.

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