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August 30, 2009


These are exactly the line combinations I foresee, except for Voros. I see him being moved or sent down to Hartford for cap room. They can fill the 4th line right wing with a kid who is at minimum salary. Of course, that all depends upon any last minute additions through trades or signings.

I see the lines being the same as you stated. I do hate the Brashaer signing and don't think he will be a fan favorite. He probally wont last the season with the Rangers. Too much of a distraction!!!!

As for Heatley. I believe that Ottawa is looking for too much from the Rangers to warrant a trade. He would be a huge asset though.


Where was it reported that Dubinsky accepted his qualifying offer? I haven't seen any other media source report on that. Thanks.

how about Dubinsky and Sangs for Kessel. We can get under the cap while giving Kessel 4.5 -5 per year and he is certainly the number one center we r looking for.

Sangs is behing MCD and DZ so doubtful he will find a home in ny anyway......

I am a big Dubi fan but also don't live in a fantasy world like some....have to give up some talent to get some talent in return.


Why would Aaron Voros earn a spot on the Ranger’s roster and not Enver Lisin??? Lisin scored 13 goals in about 45 games last year (for the Coyotes no less). If he plays a full season, he can easily score 20 goals! The Rangers have to enter the season with either Kessel, Heaters, or Richards. That’s what it boils down to. I have no problem trading Dubinsky for Heatley, although few may have a problem for some strange reason. I do however, have a problem with them potentially trading Marc Staal. Everyone is also forgetting about one important thing called DEFENSE! The Rangers lack veteran defenseman and need to seriously consider signing a low cost, experienced defenseman like Marc-Andre Bergeron or even Chris Chelios for one year. Michael Rozsival is earning $5 million a year for some outrageous reason. Putting him and Dubie in the Heatley deal would make sense but the Rangers would also have to chip in someone like Voros who makes $1 per year because Heatley makes $7.5. The Rangers have to come out of the Heatley deal with Dany Heatley and more money in the cap than they have now (which is almost impossible). The way I look at it, Phil Kessel seems like the only option for the Rangers right now. He is a great player who can score and costs less than Dany Heatley.

A couple of problems with all of this:

-Brashaer is making $1.4 not 1.6 million.

-Prospal is making close to $3 million with the buyout

-The Rangers can't take on Kessel unless they give up $4 million in salary and Boston has no cap room; if they traded just Rozi for Kessel, Boston would be MORE over the cap than with a Kessel holdout; Dubinsky and a pick for Kessel (I say NO) would put the Rangers WAY over the cap

-Lisin and Boyle have played in over 50 NHL games and would be subjected to waivers. Translation: Sather is not going to lose these guys he traded good stuff away for notihng.

-Voros is Gaborik's best friend so he'll be on the team unless he has a horrible camp. I'm rooting for Dane Byers to outplay him but realism will win over idealism in this subject.

I think Dan misunderstood what the Qualifying Offer means when he wrote what he did.

The QO is done so the Rangers can keep the rights to Dubinsky, it does not mean that Dubinsky has accepted the offer.

the buyout money for prospal does not count against the cap - just the 1.1 he signed for. Paying Kessel 4.5 and having Gilroy and say "sauer" rounding out the d they would be under the cap.

Kessel will be a few mil cheaper than Heatley and fills the void at C.

The deal works for the Bruins because they can get Dubi for one year at less than 800k and sign him to a new deal next year.....

Blue-I know Prospal's only having $1.1 counted against the cap but he's making about $3 million with his buyout money which is one of the many reasons he's making less than Brashear and other people.

Without Dubi and with Gilroy and say...Sauer, the Rangers have $3.1 million of cap room left. Kessel will cost more than that (looking for $5 million) and since the Bruins are in worse shape cap wise than the Rangers, they can't take a Roszival or someone like that back.
There's not much logic in any of this unless a third team can complete this trade which seems very unlikely.

I'd still sign Betts for the 4th line center/additional forward (which would be at an affordable price due to non-interest) as the Rangers will be looking for a veteran checking type/faceoff center come the deadline.
Also...I think Byers will outplay Voros for that spot, but Voros may stick around as an additional forward or possibly traded or demoted.
Also, I am hoping Grachev could make this team but with the Veteran presence on the Wing it will be tough for him to win a spot.

Clarification on Dubinsky: Jim Schoenfeld was on XM Home Ice this past week and clarified the Dubinsky situation. While I only heard the report via snippets, he said that Dubinsky is under contract for the coming season and would be signed to a longer term deal.

I'd be angered with the Brashear signing even for $.50. The ridiculous amount for him just makes it that much worse. He has no business in a Rangers sweater. It's not just last year's cheap hit in the playoffs. It's the entirety of his career -- he's a thug and should've been kicked out of the league years ago. Frankly, I'm embarrassed to have him on my favorite team.

I hate to break to you guys, Kessel maybe considered a Center, but he really isn't. He's been converted into a Winger in Boston and rightfully so, he is a terrible centerman. Dubi, Drury are both better at Center then Kessel is.

Steve Zipay reporting today that Dubinsky has not accepted his qualifying offer yet:


Vaclav Prospal - Brandon Dubinsky - Marian Gaborik

Chris Higgins - Chris Drury - Ales Kotalik

Sean Avery - Artem Anisimov - Ryan Callahan

Donald Brashear - Brian Boyle - Aaron Voros

Rangers are bumping up against the Cap ceiling and the roster looks good enough for 10th place. (13th, if you believe the Hockey News). And Brashear is an embarrassment to the Rangers Jersey.

Rangers will never win a Cup with Sather and Dolan running things. Dolan! Sell the team!

No, Wait! Fire Sather, THEN sell the team.

-If Lisin is a scorer I don't see how he fits on the fourth line. If he can't crack the top 3 lines than he needs to be sent to Hartford. Can he even play a checking role?
-I don't see Boyle winning the 4th line center role. He is big but isn't a very good face-off man.
I agree with Rangers9. Even if you could make the dollars work against the cap, Kessel came up as a center but was moved to wing b/c he is not defensively responsible despite his impressive +/- and thinks shoot first.

I'm actually excited the Rangers are getting no press and just ignored; the spotlight and pressure will be off them. Remember 05-06 when it was Jagr ad friends and some rookie named Prucha scored 30 goals?

Keys to the season:
1. Gaborik stays mostly healthy (minimum 65 games)
2. Vally has to play well enough to allow Henrik to save his energy for the post-Olympic break.
3. Drury has to play like he did in the final stretch
4. At least 20 goals out of all the guys who are around 20 goal scorers (Drury, Cally, Dubi, Higgins, Prospal, Kotalik, and even Mr. Avery)
5. Anisimov and Lisin can give a realistic around 30 points each (10-12 goals for Artie and 20 helpers and 15-16 goals for Lisin and like 12-14 helpers)
6. The special teams have to be consistent.

Thanks for updating your post Dan. Good stuff.

What happened to Blair Betts? Poor guy was the best PK man in the entire league last year. I can't believe he's not signed...with anybody. Sather should give him $500,000 per year for 3 years and lets call it a day. We won't regret it.

At least an invite to camp ??

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