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August 12, 2009


Ok now this is the type of stuff I like to read on your page. Thanks for clearing up what you meant.

That is weird... No news and the Rangers site is quite about it... but Francis Bouillon's Wikipedia site says he plays for the Rangers now, even though I can't find a single artical or report about the signing.

"Will this tremendously impact the talent pool of the NHL? Perhaps in time, but not for the foreseeable future." seems to be rather different than "the KHL is offering big money and the natural allure of playing at home which is enough to keep many European players from the NHL." Your more recent quote seems more reasonable in that the KHL and other leagues pose no short term threat to the NHL and probably not the long term either. However, your subsequent line is pretty ridiculous, "And with the overall world economic instability, things can change on a dime." Really? Perhaps in that the KHL may collapse, but that is about it.

Essentially it comes down to what I was saying before, you really have no good reason to think the KHL will start siphoning off talent except for wild speculation.

As long as Sather is in NY, there is always a potential for another bad contract. Just cause he didn't bite on this one doesn't get him off the hook for Redden, Gomez, Drury, Holik, Lindros & etc. or any future exorbitant salary offer for injured or over the hill players.

Fire Sather. Lyin' for a day...

Dan, agree with you on those points. Russian hockey's focus on offense and scoring. Russian players are tough. Fights happen, but they are not in a game plan. My cousin was a "professional" hockey player in mid 80's. He is as tough as a bull. He will fight anybody and anything. But on ice, his focus is scoring and tactics. Politics? Sports been always (still is) a big part of politics in USSR and Russia. "We are better then them" is still in the mix of politics and sports. Especially national sports like hockey and soccer, or Olympics. KHL is under governments supervision. IMHO, KHL vs. NHL is a spots version of a cold war. But many will disagree, I know.

Bouillon rumor is just that a rumor as it was a bad translation of a French Canadian report that Bouillon was talking to 6 NHL teams including the Rangers.

Sorry Dan but a 33 yr old 5'8 defender who does not fight and is a waste at 1 million.

Corey Potter gives you a younger and less expensive option at just 550K

An idiotic signing if true. Rangers have deepest, most talented defenseman prospect pool in hockey. They won't even have room for all of them.

Potter has no future here. He should have been traded last year. Sauer is a lock to make the team and my guess is that Sanguinetti or Gilroy will make it to work on the PP. Then next year you are looking at adding possibly Del Zotto and McDonagh. In other words, we have too many defenseman prospects.

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