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August 05, 2009


You seem to have forgotten Brian Boyle, who more than likely will be the 4th line center. I think most people expect, barring a trade, that the 4 centers will be Dubinsky, Drury, Anisimov, and Boyle. I would guess Arnason plays in Hartford.

I would also say that Ilkka Heikkinen has a great chance to be one of the top 6. He has already played in one of the top leagues in the world and played very well. Also, he is a left-handed shot which would help balance things out (Sauer, Potter, Gilroy, and the unmentioned Sanguinetti all shoot right). Of course, there is also Del Zotto who also stands a chance of making it but, given his junior eligibility, unless he really impresses he will be back in London.

I was also going to mention Brian Boyle, who at I believe at 500,000 cap hit will be a better option for a fourth line center than Arnason, who I believe was brought in to be the first line center for Hartford with Anisimov moving up and Greg Moore moving on.
Also, as posted above, I think Heikkinen has a great chance of making the team, too. He's already been playing against grown men for a number of years. I think the only way he doesn't start the season in NY is if the team feels he needs to learn the North American game a little, as far as angles and rink size. I predict Gilroy Heikkinen and Potter as the 7th d, but I'd like to see Sauer given a legitimate chance, not glued to the bench because of a Paul Mara gaffe.

Don't forget, we'll need another winger to take Brashear's place after he gets suspended for the season. I shudder thinking about his name on a Ranger jersey.

Also, don't forget that Rissmiller is still under contract and that unless the team doen't carry Gilroy or makes a move with Redden, after they sign Dubinsky - they will bearly have 1 million under the cap to add a player.

I think it would be better for them to absorb the 2+ million hit by buying out redden in order to free up 4 million to apply to a quality center or defenseman.

Redden is a good player - but the Rangers still need offense. They only have five players who are 20 goal scorers - not nearly enough to compete with Penguins, Caps, and Flyers in the east.

Tomorrow (Thursday) between 9 and 11 PM EDT, I will be on Ranger Crisis Radio to talk about Ranger prospects among other things like the cap situation.

Please join me and the host The Mouth at http://www.rangercrisis.com/

I'll be listening Jess. Perhaps...I might even call in if things get interesting. I have tons of questions in regard to prospects.

I am almost positive that Rissmiller is no looking with us and is a UFA. I am not sure why I keep seeing his name.

And as Chris noted...Boyle and Heikkinen have great chances of making this team. I also feel that Arnason will be wearing a Wolf Pack jersey. I like Anisimov's chances with the big club as well unless they sign a center. Not sure if they would want to dress Anisimov for the 4th spot since Torts mainly goes with 3 lines.

Should be an interesting August and September as far as moves, especially at center.

We are still a Dany Heatley or Ilya Kovalchuck away from trying to compete with Crosby and Malkin.

Current line up still lacks the big, big goal scorer we need if you ever hope to climb out of the east and get past the Caps and Pens.

I agree with Bob M >>> grab danny heatly or trade for kovalchuk because thats the only way we are getting out of the east , let alone the atlantic

What about Betts??

Okay, picture this... Rangers let Zherdev go, allowing him to sign with Ottawa, then we swap up Rozy for Heatley... basically two for one. okay, I just woke up. but hey, you never know.

Sharks are trying to ante up big time.

From TSN a couple days ago:

According to a report in the Ottawa Sun, Senators GM Bryan Murray could have ''an option'' to move Heatley to San Jose but it would need a third team involved - possibly the Montreal Canadiens - to facilitate a trade.

The newspaper reported that the Sharks have shown interest in the two-time 50-goal scorer, but what they're offering isn't intriguing Murray. According to the report, the Sharks have tabled a package that includes winger Jonathan Cheechoo, along with defenceman Christian Ehrhoff and a first-round selection.

''If the Sharks don't have what the Senators want, then (GM) Doug Wilson might have to go get it from another team,'' a league executive told Sun Media on Saturday. ''The Senators want a proven scoring winger in return and that means you might have to get a third team involved.''

So now you may ask, what do the Rangers have that will be more than the Sharks offering of Cheechoo, Ehrhoff and a 1st rounder?

Plus the Sens want "a proven winger", don't think we can fill that need for them either.

Blueshirts16, Rissmiller signed for three years last summer, not one. I know a the salary cap sites had him listed at one year for a long time, but the local beat writers all confirmed it was three:


(This came up so much I finally bookmarked all the links. ;) )

unfortunately the Rangers dont have the cap space to get a star player right now. We will have to wait until Redden's contract is off the books until we bring in another top line guy.

The best thing to do for now is to give the young guys a chance for a year or 2 then bring in another star to reinforce what we have now...

kill wade redden. problem solved!

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