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July 28, 2009


I like Pyatt. He is a big strong kid who went through hell last year...he is worth a shot.

I also like williams for his versatility.

No to everyone else.

NOne of the above....other than maybe Zubov.
Chelios? Are you kidding me? maybe once he turns 50!

Schneider proved he can still bring it on the PP. If they think they have that fixed, no. Otherwise, maybe yes. I think given the fragility of Gaborik, I'd bring in Bertuzzi to ride shotgun on him. If Dubinsky can handle the first line, they don't need Lang. If he can't, he may be required.

sather needs to suck it up and sign Z after the arbitration. Send Redden to Siberia.

Simply adding another possibility: Tampa Bay reportedly intends to waive or buy out Vinny Prospal.

Someone not mentioned in your post was Petr Sykora. He was a Ranger once, is 32 I think and has always had the ability to find the net. Not sure if he's a center or a wing but he's quick enough to fit into Tort's system and, if converted to center, could possibly be a good center for Gaborik. Comments?

Denver Frank

We need a centre for sure and Sundin can still play but he will command too much money. If we coukd sign him for 3 mil for 1 year I'd do it,not otherwise. He'd be good with Gaborik for sure. The others--nyet!

It's about time BB updated their sight. I understand news is slow, but come on man us hockey fans need our hockey fix THROUGH OUT the summer.
My Opinion we do not need any more big buck old men signing. Lets move on someone younger We don't need wiser we need speed PLEASE.

Sundin and/or Chelios and/or Zubov and/or Bergeron (for the pp) for one year are all fine with me ... Sauer, Sanguenetti, Potter all need to start playing some NHL minutes though....

I might take a chance on Chelios as my 7th defenseman, if he plays for minimum and has a good attitude about sitting out. I really want a 7th defenseman and I have a problem with a young defenseman not getting ice time.

I think Sundin lacks the speed to play in torts system and definitely lacks the speed to play with Gaborik. Something tells me the idea is gabby and lisin on the first line with dubi, grachev or AA depending on who can keep up. Let them all walk, I would rather see the youth play and if injuries happen then we can call up more youth there are a bunch of players close to or are ready in the minors time to give them a shot. Hell we can't do much worse than a 7th seed.

I was putting some lines together for next year and on offense the rangers are pretty solid, I don't think they need more.
First Line- Higgins, Duby, Callahan
Second Line- Grachev, Anisimov, Gabs
Third Line- Avery, Drury, Kotalik
Fourth Line- Brashear, Boyle, Lisin
Although I would love to see Betts resigned, I doubt that will happen.

Defense, I say go with the youth have confidence in them. Look at Staal and Girardi, they were put into major minutes when they entered the league and handled it fine. It would be interesting to see how the others handle it

Dude, Gabs is def on the first line...

1: Cally - Duby - Gabby
2: Higgins - Drury - Kotalik
3: Avery - AA - Lisin
4: Brash - Boyle - Voros
Grachev stays down for now

Staal - Girardi
Redden - Roszy
Gilroy - ???

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