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July 30, 2009



Dubi is loved by the fans or at least by the fans who really understand hockey.

Dubi can center the first line and he will be good at it.

If Brad Richards heads this way...Sather should be slapped and then fired...it would be almost as bad as signing Redden to Pronger type money.

I had read earlier that Dubi didn't have the option for arbitration

JohnOC is correct in that Dubi did not have arbitration rights. So Dubi's lack of filing for arbitration was neither classy nor a sign of devotion since he had no option. Perhaps you should research a bit more before writing articles as this was a fairly well known fact. I'm guessing Dubi would have filed if he could have (like Callahan did).

"dubi is loved by the fans or at least by the fans who really understand hockey."
a condescending comment designed to suggest that you, indeed, really understand hockey.
"dubi can center the first line and he will be good at it."
an idiotic comment with no evidence to support it that proves that you have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to hockey.

cold hard truth: dubi right now is at best a 3rd line center that has had a few streaks where he looked like he has some scoring touch. we cant count on him to center the 1st line. smarten up.


Let me guess, we should trade him for Nylander, because he is a number #1 center.

No evidences tool...he played with Jagr as a rookie.

You are a typical Ranger fan...always looking at the outside for the answers.

Gabby played with James Sheppard and scored 40 goals.

If Dubi is not the answer then give the 7 million dollar man, Drury a chance or even Artie.

Go back to sleep!

no we should not trade him for nylander. i never suggested that. i dont think we should trade him at all.

he played with jagr as a rookie out of neccessity. gomez and drury didnt fit with jagr and admitedly, dubi had a streak where he played well on the first line. it was short lived, however.

im not looking on the outside for answers. i think we should let drury play with gaborik. he is more of a first liner than dubinsky.

dont put words in my mouth.

learn the game. smarten up.

On a side note. Anybody see that the clueless, know nothing hockey posters at HF are at it again. Having no clue what an outstanding prospect Dupont it. I love how every time those incompetent morons over there put newly drafted prospects who have proved nothing, over prospects we have in the AHL who are getting better and better. That board should be shut down.

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