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July 31, 2009


You can't loss this guy for nothing.

"Zherdev would be playing in a much higher-paced system under Tortorella, a role he could flourish in."

I don't think its that cut and dry Dubi.

I don't think Zherdev fits into Tortorellas system at all... which is why he saw little time down the stretch. He doesnt take the hard route to the puck, he wont pay a price to get into scoring areas and it seemed late in the season he was falling down a lot and not keeping up with the play.

He'll need to be in tip top shape this year if he wants to satisfy Torts' need as a top scoring winger on this team. He's going to have to learn to support his linemates better rather than floating into areas where he's looking for a perfect pass. Tortorella needs speed and a commitment to positional play - with the mindset that puck possession is the key both a good offense and defense.

Add up all of Zherdevs shortcomings and compound it with the fact that he gives the puck away routinely and you can't paint such a rosy picture heading into this new "higher-paced system". The system only works if you have the players to execute it, and this particular system is even more sensitive to that mantra. Regardless of the points Z puts up, he still might not be right for this team, even with the right salary.

And this is coming from someone who absolutely loves to watch this kid dangle.

I disagree with Roc. Last year he was just about the rangers only option and was smothered by double teams. Yes he has a bad attitude but we should at least give him the opportunity to proove he is worth a large salery. We need him to work very hard to make it work no taking shifts off. Personally I think he shouldn't be satisfied with his results from last season(as he seems to be in interviews) and just have taken the qualifying offer and play for a big payday next year.

Oh yea, nice article

agree..we cant lose this type of offensive talent...we need this kid on the pp...this is one of the best articles you've written, dubi, and i have been critical of your writing in the past...well done, sir!

Another dumb Russian with no heart and no clue how to play NHL hockey when the games get big. What a shock.

Just got awarded 3.9 mil.
I think they should do it for one year... he's a weapon and we don't have many.

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