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May 20, 2009


I agree with most of your assesment. BUt weren't you one of the people that were lobbying for a coaching change and praising Torts when he arrived? Now you are giving him a D. That's interesting. I also diagree with Staal's grade. During games one and two, when Staal and Girardi were used against Ovie, the Rangers held him to 1 assist and blocked a rediculous amt. of shots - so yes, Staal is young and will make mistakes but I thought he deserved at least a B.

Very good, I agree with just about everything you said. Morris not only was out of position, he passed the puck like it was a grenade.

NYRfan, Game 1 was when Tortorella took Staal and Girardi off the Ovechkin assignment because they were struggling. I agree with Dan, Staal did not have a good series.

I won't speak for Dubi in giving Tortorella a "D" but the grade has nothing to do with the need for a coaching change back in February. No coaching change and there probably wouldn't be any playoff grading required. The grade is simply an analysis of the coaching job during the playoffs. Factor in the Avery benching, the coaches suspension, and blowing a 3-1 series lead and that gives you the low grade. "D" is a passing grade...but just barely...let's just say that there is room for much improvement. In my opinion, the Staal Grading was fair..still not bad for a second year player that's gaining experience and had at times the responsibilty of defending against the NHL's leading goal scorer.

We were better off missing the playoffs.

We receive a worst draft spot.

The Rangers will not win another cup for at least 20 years at this rate.

How can Betts possibly deserve a B?? He is the one player who plays his role it to the highest level. Grade the players based on what their role is!

I really don't see how you can evluate Redden so favorably. His play didn't really improve, and he did Federov the favor of screening Hank for the game winner in Game 7.

Too nice on Drury's part ... He should have been given a D- ... he hurt the team... do not play if you are physically hurt .. he was sad ...

Also, Redden was a B- at best ... played Fedorov like he played everyone else, back in, back in, back in ..

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