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April 28, 2009


The Rangers will win IF the refs call a fair game.

The Rangers will win IF we score the first goal.

The Rangers will win if they play like they care and actually have some talent. We all know they have it, but they have to step up there game big time. Naslund must go to the net!!! Antropov needs to skate stronger and go to the net, and we need to not be afraid to lay down some serious hits. If we can do anything tonight, it is to show that we are not "winey babies" and the capitals AND their fans are acting like dirt bags!!! Hopefully the refs call a fair game for once!! Lets go Rangers. Its now or never!!!

Yeah if the Reffs call a real game and Doc Emrick doesn't do the broadcast. Weird feeling Anisimov scores the game winner early in the 3rd!

The Rangers win if and only if the power play steps up. It hasn't as of late and for pretty much the entire season, so if there ever was a game to start, this is the one. Avery need not be afraid of the coaches and just be himself. He knows what to do. He just needs to control his emotions. He has done it before. If the refs just let them play and not call iffy penalties, we may have a chance. Keep Alex O in check like they did in the first 2 games, we may have a chance. Crash the net, shoot from everywhere, aggressive forecheck, and stay out of the box, we may have a chance. Lots of if's and as of late they have not done any of them. Tonights the night to change it all!!! GO RANGERS!!!!

The Rangers win IF Jose Theodore starts for the Caps.

All of the above are correct. IF the refs call a fair game. IF the Rangers go to the net. IF the point men don't waste time holding onto the puck. IF the Rangers keep their emotions in check and just get down to business. IF Lundqvist plays like he played in games 1, 2 and 4. Then MAYBE the Rangers will have a shot. It's possible. Hopefully it will fall into place.

The Rangers Win...

IF Callahan skips the post and finds twine
IF the defencemen stand up
IF Drury Plays more than 7min
IF Henrik stays sharp
IF we score first

I Believe we can drop the IFs


The Rangers win...

IF hell freezes over.
IF pigs suddenly take flight.
IF the IRS decides no one has to pay taxes next year.
IF Messier comes out of retirement, and no Russians are allowed to play.
IF 1+1 equals 17.

I believe totally we can win. Let's not get insane: AO is that damn good, but the rest of that team is NOT. I'm not sold if going to the second round is the best for the team, but tonight, I don't care. I want those cheating garbage throwing Caps shut down.

Do it for the fans, we've been supporting you. The last two games sucked, but we know we can do better.

Common guys, we trust you. LETS GO RANGERS.

/just gave final presentation in 125+ hour grad course in a 99 Gretzky Rangers jersey

To Ovechwin: True caps fan fashion. Go write on your on blog! Lets go Rangers!!!! We can do it!!!

Rangers...in seven!

My only comment is that the Rangers will win because, from the start of the year, this has been one of the most unusual seasons of the 46 I have followed the Rangers. Specifically, I cannot recall any other season where the Rangers led the entire league after 13 games, had the best goals against average, the lowest goals for, and the best penalty kill--all within the same season. Accordingly, this team is totally unpredictable. They often surprised us this year when you least expected. They lost an extremely gifted youngster in October from heart failure at age 18, only to see the emergence of another Russian rookie, aged 18, as the best rookie in the OHL. So I'm concluding that, just about everyone is writing off the Rangers, so I'm predicting the Blueshirts win. And I "we don't need no stinkin' reasons", but blind faith! (and a vintage Henrik Ludqvist performance.)

Same prediction that has been the benchmark. Whoever scores first wins the game and the series. Just something I believe is true.

Rangers will win if they can continue to play like this for the next 30 (or more, gulp)

After 40, I can't be more proud in this group.

Nor can I use proper grammer.

Ugh...think I'm logging off for a while.

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