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March 26, 2009


Anyone know the official ruling of pushing a defenseman into a goalie? Is that really interference?

Who wanted to trade Zherdev and Rozsival to sign Morris and Gaborik?

Good 'ol Kari Leht-one-in.

So dependable.

I think Gaborik an injury away from ending his career & not worth the risk. But I think any decent return is worth to move Rozsival & his moster contract... he's just not worth it.

(ignore the terrible spelling)

I'm kind of surpised to see Sauer on the kill, from comments and the fact he's on the ice during the kill, I guess Torts is pretty impressed.

Is it me or do we get better chances on kills than PPs? At this point I get excited when we commit an infraction. Ooh! 5 on 3 and what should be a double minor. And no shots on goal for the two man advantage and a penalty to draw even...you've got to be kidding me. Maybe they'll commit another and we can score short handed 4 on 3.

Wow! 2 PP goals in a row? I need to gripe about the PP some more, it seems to help. That and a replacement goalie. Wow, Valiquette with an assist!

Does Markus Naslund lead the league in the "taking penalties while your team is on the PP" category?

Not that it's a bad thing most nights...

Crap! A power play! Why couldn't Avery retaliate and take one for the team so we wouldn't have to spend time on a PP?

On the first half of the home and home vs. Philly a couple of weeks ago the Rangers kept giving up odd man rushes...the next day they locked it down and played the system well. I can't remember where I heard/read and which player, but someone had said the difference was that the game gave Torts a perfect example of what happens when a foward doesn't come high when a d-man digs low.

I'm hoping that 5 on 3 gives Torts a perfect example of what happens when you stand around on a PP even when you have a two man advantage.

um, do we put Hank in now?

S***T! As I'm answering this question, another goal...crap. Anyway, they probably need a quaterback type of dman at the point, but I think they can at least be a little more successful if they move around a bit without the puck. At least tonight they weren't gun shy with the shots, but they didn't make the D work at all, couldn't manage to break it down at all.

i think Torts would expect the team to play well enough not to have to depend on Hank to steal one against a fairly bad Atlanta team.

And who would have thought it wold be Girardi/Stall at -4 tonight?

Are the Atlanta fans booing or cheering for the wrong goal tender?

Battle of the backups. Should be interesting.

Thrasher shooters out of gas maybe?

thats was terrible

Just plain terrible. No excuses tonight. This is crushing...these Ottaway, Atlanta games are the easier ones left on the schedule. Not looking forward to the hard ones.

No Zherdev in the shootout? Odd.

Absolutely right Vince. And LW3H, I question that as well. Ros, I feel your pain! Thanks again for stopping by tonight!

I can just about understand Drury in the shootout, as he has scored a couple (despite being horrible on breakaways in games). But Gomez in the top five? Does he even know you have to shoot?

At least the Rangers usually play much better against the better teams and divisional rivals than against the cellar-dwellers. Not that comforting, but that's all I've got. They're due a win in Pittsburgh, right?

vally let in 2 bad goals...armstrong goal was bad.

the rangers think they are better then they are..

this is the 3rd or 4th meltdown this yr. on the road...tonight, toronto, dallas, etc...

Valiquette should have definitely saved that wraparound goal. Honestly, who didn't see that coming? He did well in the SO though, but none of the Rangers could score for him. It saddens me that they couldn't score more on the 9 or so penalties that Atlanta had too. This is not the first time he has blown big leads, I don't think. Blowing a 3 goal lead and not managing to get even one goal in the SO...wow. This was overall a very disappointing loss. :-/
I thought it was very strange that Zherdev wasn't in the shootout too, considering he scored the first goal and is one of the top goal scorers of the Rangers (as sad as that is).

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