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November 21, 2008


(i'd like to preface this comment by saying that I have no affiliation whatsoever with BB)

I've been a subscriber to BB+ for about a year, and I can tell you that it is DEFINITELY worth the price. If you visit this site daily like I do, the least you can do is show your support by signing up for the premium service. Dubi & company devote endless hours for our Rangers addiction --- and without they probably could not continue....

stop bitching and insulting us with ur rant about bb+. be happy that people actually come here to read for free.



Let me start by telling you that you are a complete stain-blaster. Let us examine what you wrote. "be happy that people actually come here to read for free." Firstly I would like to state for the record that you are obviously brilliant. Secondly, Dubi is producing a product. Consider BB a "free sample" and BB+ the product. I will put it in terms you can understand. If bottom feeders such as yourself go to an ice cream shop and continue to ask for a sample of a flavor, you will eventually be expected to buy a serving. Should you not purchase a serving, eventually the free samples will not be offered to you. Thirdly, BB is Dubi's site, and if he decides to throw in a plug for his pay site, he is fully within his rights to do so. If you don't like it, then take out a subscription or find a new site to mooch off of. Lastly, I would like to remind you that you are a tool, and most likely a fair-weather fan. Grow up and don't bother the rest of the BB community with wasted space on the comments section.

I've been with BB+ for a good few months now. Great info, enjoy it thoroughly. I wont blame people for reading for free since it is a public website. However, no need to attack Dubi for trying to sell his product.

Keep up the great coverage.

I've been a subscriber for a couple of years now, and I love the product. I appreciate the effort that Dubi puts into getting us something daily to argue endlesslessly about (Sundin, Rozy, Shanny, Jagr) so it's no probs for him to try and make a freaking living once in a while.

So Mike, quit chewing on those crayolas and let me offer you a big steaming bowl of shutthefuckup with a nice cold glass of bitemyass to wash it down.

BB is selling a magazine and updated news on the NYR for a fee, plus a free site. If you can't afford the subscription, you can't afford it. But why complain about the owner of this site trying to make a living? Does anyone here work for free?

Hi, I'm Cutter, and I approve of Brett's message. Well done, Sir.

Everybody do yourself a favor and spring for a subscription to BB. Put it on your Xmas list. Completely worth the price for reportage you don't get anywhere else.

Thanks Dubi!

my take, i have a subscription to bb and bb+ plus but prefer the 'free' blog to read and comment in. don't like to 'log in' and all that exclusionary stuff, but hey, that's me.

back the rangers, so still no change in the pp management or coaching ranks. so i expect no changes on the ice either. call it 'lowered expectations' i suppose. if slats can't make an immediate impact on the chain of command then what the heck is he doing these days? daily calls to matts? wagering on-line? perusing his favorite nyc cigar shops? who knows, but i do hold him ultimately responsible for the woeful pp.

sens lost another close game last night to habs. they'll be unusually ornery tomorrow. expecting some nastiness early on. rangers better double up on their caffeine intake before tomorrow's early game. another late start won't cut it, i'm expecting the sens to come out hard and fast for hometown fans and media. hope rangers can do the same!


Really truly appreciate the support but we do have kids coming on here so can we please not act like Mike and watch our choice of words please.

As for Mike congrats you got your 10 seconds of fame and now will become an afterthought thanks to the folks who help Dubi (and myself as well as the other Blueshirt Bulletin sites) keep our heads above water.

Nobody is looking to get rich doing this but when you folks subscribe then someone like me can afford a trip to the NHL draft.

We are all a team in this effort, your subscriptions becomes the coverage you the Ranger fan want.


Perhaps a premium membership to BB+ could be purchased without actually buying the Bulletin itself. In Canada, it is closer to $5 a month due to higher shipping and exchange rates. I would be interested in a BB+ only rate, and am sure many others would be as well.

Just a thought.....

Dubi, you're forgetting those of us who check BB religiously, multiple times a day XD Or are these 7,000 unique visitors? If all BB subscribers are as nuts when the hockey season starts as me, I'd say it's a fair bet that 10% number is pretty skewed.

Matias Ohlund... on this team... now !

with afinegenov struggling I wonder if the Rangers could trade Prucha straight up for him. Prucha has no future on this team and Afinigenov could use a change of scenery so it couldnt hurt to try.

It would be cool to see Afingenov play with zherdev but i dont think we have the cap space

Speed like that together on one line usually doesn't agree.

I just bought a two year subscription this summer and I must say it is definitely worth it. I wasted more money than that last night at the bar.

I love your coverage, and have to come here first everyday to find the Ranger news and links.


Hopefully Gomez will skate today and add that missing spark.

I don't live in NY so my support of the team is done through NHL CenterIce and BB+. I figure if I were in NY I'd go to 2-3 games a year. That's about $120-$150. I spend that on the center ice package and the subscription. Fans should support their team, so if I can't be there then I do the best I can to bring it to me. Fans need to "step up" as well as the players do.

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