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November 22, 2008


Dubi - I know I'm gonna get blasted for this but... I love everything you do for us NYR faithful especially since you're my only lifeline to true Rangers info here in Denver. However, with all you provide, i.e. BB, BB+, the coverage from Europe etc., are you biting off more than you can chew at this time. You are a small business and economic times are tough. Although some might want to subscribe, their finances might dictate otherwise. Although you want to provide everything you can, possibly your finances are dictating otherwise. Like the car companies and other businesses these days, maybe BB needs to restructure and concentrate on doing less better. You're doing great with BB, maybe you should rely on that. BB+ is wonderful too but might be a luxury at this time, don't know the finances involved there. Just some random thoughts and suggestions to keep you more solvent in the Spirit of helping BB be the best it can be. OK boys (and ladies), fire away.

Denver - no need to blast your post it was very well done. can certainly cut back a bit on the links if that is very time consuming as an example.

Dubi - it is a day game not night game today.


Subscription is only $30.How many times have u wasted $30.For the same $30 that all of us wasted for some stupid garbage you can get 10 magazines and access to bb+.I know economy is crap but come on $30?? Its not even a half tank of gas.

I agree. Ive been coming on here for a while, and I'm a subscriber of BB and BB+ - I dont think firing away at the potential customers out of frustration is the way to go. Things are tough right now, and I was fortunate enough to survive a mass layoff at my job last week. Things are really screwy right now and while you need to do what you can to stay afloat, I don't think conveying your anger and dumbfoundedness on the issue really helps, even if its just 2.50 a month.

But I can say that you do a heck of job and there really is stuff on here you can't get anywhere else. I would take Denver Franks suggestion of maybe scaling back a bit, or quite possibly taking this advice: I work for a printing company and I know the cost involved in production, shipping, etc. Maybe start an online BB for the BB+ members. Just post the whole magazine online. Maybe you'll get a return on that since there is a lack of interest in actually getting the magazine in their hands. New members can sign up for the actual magazine or the online version with prices figured accordingly. Just a suggestion. Regardless, keep up the great work and good luck.

Ant - I agreed with Frank and I am a subscriber. businesses need to look at both sides cost and revenue. Do we really need 30 + links for each article or would 15 suffice. And instead of (example) 50 pages would 40 suffice.

and maybe if more was on bb + and less was in bb (including no ability to post comments, and more of the links in bb +) more would subscribe.
that is what many thought was going to happen last summer. could generate more sunscriber interest.

I think the problem with that, HBNYC, is that for all we know, there are many BB subscribers out there who *gasp* don't use the internet. Or they're like me, and want a print copy because it's more portable than a laptop (I read on the train).

Frank, the economy works both ways -- my costs are going up and my assets are going down. I cannot keep putting in this much work and losing this much money -- your mind would truly boggle if you knew how much I've sunk into this.

I can double the price for those of you who have been good enough to subscribe. Or I can cut the coverage, as you suggest, in the very ways Joe has correctly identified, which is a necessity immediately at this rate.

Or 600 of the 6,000 people who visit this site each day just for the basic coverage can choose to subscribe and get a top quality magazine and premium online content in the process.

If the message is that Ranger fans don't need, want, or care for the coverage, then so be it. At this point, I'd rather switch than fight. I just figured I'd give it one last try before crying uncle.

I'm not a subscriber but to be fair and unbiased; $30 is nothing for most of us suburban/urban hockey fans who can afford to go to games and have HD LCD TVs. Just don't go out to the bar one night or don't eat out with a g/f, wife, etc. one Saturday night and you're set.

As a subscriber and avid fan, c'mon guy's, ante up. It's not that big a deal really, we all come here to see what our Rangers are up to all year long, where else can you get this? When its gone, how do we replace it, who else has the access and know how, how do we satisfy our cravings for all things Ranger related? I'm in Fl., great place, far from hockey central and although our local rink supports my ice habit, there is not alot of coverage even for the local teams. Think about what Dubi is asking for and see if you can do without or do right and subscribe.

With a reduced rate to see the entire paper online. I would sign up tomorrow.

I have no interest in reading any published items in print. This is probably related to having a 27 inch monitor and easier reading.

unless he produces offensively, i think Redden will hear less boos in Ottawa than he will in NY

Marty u probalby spent around $3000 for your 27 inch and you need a reduced rate?

curious to see how valiquette does today, will it be the guy we see against philly or will he show us why it took so long to get to the NHL...

hopefully Renney keeps dubinsky off the ice when ruutu is on, b/c hes gonna take some dumb penalties today

Aside from the ones where we give up short handed goals, does anyone else think the powerplay we just had on Ruutu's penalty was by far the worst of the year?

The first 10 mins of that period made me almost wish I forgot to remember it was an afternoon game.

Well if Vally wanted to know what Henrik goes through on a nightly basis these days, his wish was granted. Good thing that in almost every way he's the next best thing.

dawes misses open net.horible horrible horrible. dubinsky looks like the scarecrow in the wizard of oz. horrible horrible horrible. maragets sucked in by rutuu. horrible horrible horrible. rosival on the ice again for the pp goal. and so much getting out of the gate early. horrible horrible horrible.

Man if it wasn't for Vally the score would be worse than the Vancouver game. We're simply getting outskated for the second game in a row.

they look tired, and look like they'd rather be someplace else

Still plenty of individual positives so far:
Mara, despite the penalty that lead to the goal, is definitely the second best if not the best defenseman on this team. I will argue to the bitter end that he IS the physical crease clearing defenseman everyone claims we need. He may not be one of the best but they're not easy to find. He's got good offensive skills and has just really grown as a defenseman and a leader since he got here.

Betts is having a great game. He's had a lot of good backcheck plays and he had the one scoring chance in where Auld robbed him on the stuff in try.

Zherdev plays with great energy, he's had a few solid hits and he backs down from no one as you saw him step to Ruutu after the whistle when he got laid out by him earlier. Not someone you'd expect to be making good hits but he's a next generation russian player, they don't just dangle they hit and even fight on occasion.

Renney needs to be fired. This team hasn't played well all season. His style of play just doesn't go with the players that are on this team. I'm sick of this them underachieving. Get rid of him. We can't ride Lundqvist forever.

I dont think I've ever seen this before...the rangers spotting another team a 2 goal lead??

this game is tough to watch. they are getting beat to every single puck. do they care about winning or at least putting up a fight? do we have an offense on this team? gomez cant make that much of a difference. does renney have any control of this team? do they listen to the coaches? UGH!!!

Calling Mats Sundin...

vallys played well so far but those 2 goals should not have gone in

went down way too early on the 1st, and 2nd was just horrible. although refs blew third one

its the same crap every game. they sustain no offensive pressure and the d is horrible at the offensive blueline. your glass half full garbage is for the birds. there is nothing positive about anything im watching right now and your fooling yourself to think so. and its against an ottawa team thats in next to the last in the conference with 16 points. they should be ashamed

paging shannahan....

we need him back

although before ppl start blaming the refs this game was over at 2-0 anyway, the Rangers minds are elsewhere today.
i hate to admit but the Rangers surely could have used Gomez today...he'll be back on Wednesday.

Cab someone please take a run at rutuu please.

does anybody else not realize that they aren't even close to as good as their record? They'd probably be 5 under .500 without lundqvist playing out of his mind.

The refs might have missed the Ruutu interference but the puck should have been out of the zone already.

No excuse for this uninspired play, they haven't played since Wednesday and with the embarrassing performance they put up against the Canucks plus with what took place against the Sens earlier this week they should have come out flying.

No efforts, no results simple as that. It probably would have helped if they played like they were down a goal with 2 periods to go rather than up a goal with a minute to go because Ottawa got an easy out from their end of the ice every time, and there weren't many, the Rangers had the puck in the attack zone.

and this one will last a lifetime

the thing is ottawa is going to probably protect the lead and the Rangers are going to score a goal or 2 and make it look like the Rangers "fought back",

say what you want about this team but last year the Rangers managed to outshoot their opponent almost every night. if the rangers keep playing this badly i might have to start watching the knicks...

I just don't understand how they can spend so little time in the offensive zone the past 4 games and think that is ok.

I'm expecting this game to be 3-2 so they can tease us but stil lose.

Jameson: We're getting out skated for the second game in a row? How about the last month. What has happened to the first week in Prague where speed, forecheck and puck possession were supposed be the staples. Listless, uninvolved and soft. That's how I would describe this team. The fact that Mara is our second best defenseman, Betts is the dominant center and Zherdev is our physical presence isn't positive at all. It's downright scary. The question is does our beloved team mirror our economy and recess or is the last 2 weeks a blip on the radar. I vote for the latter. Our defense is horrendous and we have absolutely no finishers. Usually a bad defensive team compensates by having a run and gun offense. This is outright boring to watch. Thank God Leafs-Hawks are on later.

There again seems to be no accountability. Our captain is a great player and wonderful teammate but definitely not the in your face type and this is compounded by a players coach. Now I'm not saying Drury should lose the C and Renney should be fired. I'm just wondering where our stimulus package is going to come from?

If they do this against the Sens, then what happens against Detroit? All the bench minors (almost one a game), the crappy power play, and the insistance to let players under achieve with no consequences is all on the coaching staff. I think its time to hold someone accountable while the season is still early. I still don't know why they wasted so much money on a few crappy dmen, when so much more quality was available for less. This team is way too soft, and slow on D period! The last 2 games is proving this beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it also shows that the current coaching staff is unable to fix it. I wish they would give someone like Tortorella or Schoenfeld a shot. So much for my rant...

I do. your right on good teams dont lose to bottom level teams. good teams dont give up 7 shorthanded goals in 24 games. good teams dont play games with absolutely no sustained forecheck. good teams dont have 20th rank PP. good teams dont have at least 4 players that worthless. dawes, prucha, fritzhe, rismiller. 3players underachieving in dubinsky, redden and rosival. I said it last month that if Henrik dosen't shut them down they will lose and that if he gets burned out by christmas we will be looking at last years ottawa team that got out of the gate real early in the year and tanked by the end.

I'm a Renney fan and think he has do a very good job. I have defended him for a long time. However, it is the coaches job, all the coaches, to be sure the team is ready to play. We have heard "let's get off to a good start" from the coaches, the players, the anouncers, the fans and nothing has happened for the last 3-4 games. I don't know who to go to, but if this LAZY attitude continues it can only mean one thing: THE TEAM HAS TURNED OFF THE COACHES.

the Rangers need a go-to-guy on offense and Sundin is the only one available. Hopefully they can bring him on board and give this team some offense.

amazing what happens when you shoot.

anyone thinks dawes is any good needs glasses

anyone who thinks dawes is any good needs glasses

if orr can't smackdown rat-faced ruutuu in a game like this, what's he good for? generating "energy"? haha. i expect renney to try the 4th line on the pp again today. usual desperate moves from the pp coaching staff.

oh yeah, nice to see rangers show up for the 3rd period.

final thought, time for dawes to watch some action from the seats, let prucha get more chances to shoot at the empty net....

I see the team has really responded to the random benchings. What a dumbass move

dawes needs to watch from the seats at another arena

rangers always help teams on losing streaks

How do you follow up such a god awful performance against Vancouver with a stinker like this?

aren't you watching!!!! Thats how

If I was the coaching staff I'd have the guys keep their equipment on after the game ends and do wind sprints until they collapsed and then have them skate some more.

amazing almost 5mill wasted between rissmiller, dawes, prucha, and fritshe.... we certainly didn't need avery or shannahan

the glass still half full jameson? if so ,i'll have two of what your drinking

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