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October 24, 2008


I thought Fritche didn't look bad in his last appearance on Drury / Naslund line. But I want also to see what Zherdev could do on this line as well because maybe his creativity is what these two have been missing.

I hope so but if gomezs creativity didn't work I doubt NZs will.they need to break them up

Gomez's creativity didn't work with Straka and Jagr, we didn't break them up.

We need a W tonight big time!

cause jagr and straka had chemestry and goals between each other/

I don't know why (maybe it's because I don't like Renney) but I have a very, very bad feeling about tonight's game. Rangers always don't give their 100% against crappy teams.

Well win tonight, we just gotta get drury and naslund going which will happen eventually- but we have to play the hockey that won us 6 games thus far becasue we can win with out the big guys going so when they do get going well be even better

I tend to agree with you. For some reason, the Rangers always seem to play at the level of the team they're playing against. It's always a struggle for them- even against crappy teams. I'd love to see them just clobber one of the lesser teams once in a while. If they can skate with Detroit, they should be able to beat Columbus 5-1.

Godwin/Eddie J... I don't know. I'm with the other Chris. I have a good feeling about tonight. They're coming off a bad game, they're rested, and they're going to some teammates former City. Zherdev and Fritsche are going to be pumped up, that's for sure. Drury is due for a big game also.

I'm thinkin' Zherdev nets 2 tonight...

rangers win 3-1...drury nets his 1st

Personally I think we should just hit the panic button and waive both Naslund and Drury.

Oh and Jamtin sure got a lot of hype this off-season to be sent down to the ECHL.

That dubinsky segment was hilarious, all the kids wanted to fight and then when he said no they ALL said "but you get to fight!" hahaha and then he said they had to win all their games.

And when like 10 kids ate it at the same time "Oh my god, yardsales" hahaha

my game-time predictions: nikky zee aka 'nik quick' will light it up tonite. also, paul 'mad' mara will iron a few blue jackets out. looking like a ranger win to end the string of the latest tired and terrible games.



Re: Jamtin

He got a lot of hype but here at the Blueshirt Bulletin the signing was questioned as a suspect move.

That he is headed to the ECHL is no shock to me as in everything I saw of him there was little to get excited about.


If Renney had left Zherdev with Dubi and Voros then I would have picked him for a monster game tonight. Playing with Naslund and Drury I get this feeling that their play as of late might hold him back.

I am pretty sure that Zherdev is very motivated to play tonight.

Loved Hitchcock's comment about Backman and why he did not make it with the Rangers. That Backman did it to himself escapes him.

I bet that Backman is so pumped up that he puts at least 2 pucks behind whoever is playing goal for the Bluejackets

Tough break for Kalinin, cant really blame him...

Man, I love watching Ken Hitchcock hockey. So exciting! Rangers stink against defensive minded teams, especially falling behind early. This has all the makings of 2-1 nail biter in which no team plays more than 20 minutes in either offensive zone.

By the way, where is all that speed we kept hearing about this off-season. It was evident in the first 4 games but has disappeared. I guess 3 days off were not enough. Good to see Naslund in and Prucha out.

Jess what's stopping Renney from putting them back together for the 2nd period? He needs to adjust before this game is over.

everything the rangers does looked so rugged, sluggish and sloppy. When will we have fluid defense and offense...

Even with the 5-0 season start, this team failed to get me excited. The "five men in the picture" style of Renney is suffocating our offence. It's going to be a long season unless we do something drastic personnel-wise.


Vlo - I agree with you and others. Against these defensive minded teams, we haven't shown that we can penetrate or generate any offense. Really shows are weaknesses.

If teams study film of the Sabres game and hopefully not this one, it's a certain game plan to beat this current roster. 4 in the neutral zone. Clog it up. If Renney is trying to make adjustments, this team doesn't listen.

We'll see...

Hope the coach is alright...stick blade to he head..ouch..

o man i got scared with Renney too many bad thoughts got thru your head right away

to the*

with Renney off the bench the teams play looks alot better. maybe he sits out for tomorrow to rest his head

Ok so it was a 3-1 nail biter. Thank goodness the Rangers came back! Obviously for the two points but most importantly I don't think I could watch a 1-4 shut down one more night. Give me Wings-Rangers any day of the week!

I still don't like the line combos. Naslund is invisible and it's not like he offers a physical presence and there needs to be some size on Gomez's line. If Naslund was making 1 million a year he'd be in Hartford right now, lets not kid ourselves. Dawes is an AHL All-Star.

In a perfect world the players that make up the best possible lineup would be in there. Unfortunately Markus isn't going anywhere with 4 million on the books.

How about:





Just some food for thought.

Shanny wont eb able to catch up to gomer

Shanny would look great on the 3rd line wing.

I find it funny that people are complaining about Naslund, but are fine with Shanahan (who is even slower).

how about tonights lines with korpo stepping in for dawes? i think he and gomer could mesh well

Did anyone else get a really ugly feeling with someone lying down behind the bench..?? Haven't we seen something vaguely similar to this in our recent past..?? I'm really glad he was alright..!!

yeah, that scene brought back images of that disturbing video, glad the team came back and won it for Renney. all the complaining i see you'd think we were under 500 my god people we're doing well guys a couple stinkers but I think we will be ok.

If Dawes is an AHL All-Star Shanny is a Nursing Home All-Star at this point, "lets not kid ourselves".

I liked the lines last night.

Why does no one mention that Korpikoski has been just as "invisible" as Dawes? Korpi had a great pre-season but when he's in the lineup, I dont see much out of him either. And he makes more than Dawes. You all wanna free up caproom for Shanny so bad that would mean sending Korpi is a must.

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