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October 27, 2008


With a couple of nice bounceback wins this weekend I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the camp that was saying the Rangers were tired due to their compressed preseason schedule and heavy early season schedule.

I agree that the loss against Dallas was due to the Rangers not taking advantage of a modicum of chances early in the game and then not being able to bust out of the neutral zone clogging game of the Stars after they tied the game. However, as for the Buffalo game I think they simply outplayed us. It's going to happen from time to time and given that the Buffaslugs haven't lost in regulation this year it's not like we lost to a team we were supposed to trounce.

As for tonight we can't have any letdowns against the Fishsticks. Since it looks like it will be another long season on the Island I'm willing to bet that they'll be more than eager to play the role of spoiler.

I love how the coach is named Gordon it's really fitting

did anyone else see the quoe form Dubi (the player not the writer) that going to the masalium is like another home games, thats pretty funny.

With any luck this game won't be blacked out, I watched the 8-1 drubbing the Sabres put on the Islanders a few weeks back, even though this is a team that'll play their best against us I think if we score early it can get similarly ugly. Joey Macdonald has been really bad, and I'm surprised because back when he got some time in Boston he looked solid. I guess the defense in front of him has to do with it, but he's let in a lot of soft goals, he doesn't look comfortable.

Tonight the Rangers have to forget that they are in first place and take nothing for granted against an Islander team that will be chomping at the bit for the first bragging rights of the season. What the Rangers need to do is to come out early and dominate. I think what everyone (coaches & fans) would like to see is that the Rangers can put together a "complete 60 minute" game. Both Drury & Dawes need that one breakout game to get their confidence back. Just got this feeling that Drury's night is coming....hopefully it will be tonight in front of a Rangers filled crowd at the Mausoleum. Lets go Rangers !!

Is Valiquette in net tonight?

...it's a good night to play him.

I heard Vali has some unspecified injury, and maynot even be the backup ronight

why would he be on the bench, is he pulling a DP?

Oh really? I did not hear that about Valley....

I'm feeling a big night from Dubinsky tonight. He hates the Islanders and seems to play well against them. Hopefully a good night from Dubi would translate into a good night for Petr Prucha as well.

On the lighter side, here's a gem from Newsday on DiPietro: http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/islanders/ny-spjim1028,0,7195409.column

I remember the last regular season against the Islanders last year, when the Rangers were definitely in the playoffs and the Islanders didn't have a chance of making it. And the Islanders won. For some reason this game is always a toss-up. I wonder if anyone will plaster Weight after his hit on that kid on Carolina on Saturday.

what do you think about gomer with Z and prucha? i think after the first game that gomer played with cally and dawes, the energy they showed has dissipated and they seem not to be able to keep up with him. and after dawes' first goal, he's sort of settled back again. and the two SO attempts were pretty lame. cally should not be on anyone's first line.

then i would play dubi with voros and naslund, third line would be korpi, dru and sjostrom and cally with betts and orr. it's not like cally's gonna score anytime soon and he's our best hitter and might be better suited for the betts line.

i'd keep the first two lines intact for the PP also.

ok, rip me apart :-)

Chris QCT, that article finally says what most people outside of the Islanders "brain trust" realized a few years ago when they first announced the deal, any contract that long will more likely than not hurt an organization.

After going through the dark period of the late 90's and earlier this decade it's pretty hard for us as Rangers fans to be overly critical of how another team's management runs/ruins the franchise, but the Islanders handily beat us in that department.

As a Mets fan I am used to seeing my fair share of front office ineptitude, but I'm certainly glad that I chose to limit my affiliation to one disaster in orange and blue (I don't like basketball so I'm not going to count the Knicks).

"The stats also suggest that the Rangers as a team have been beaten in those three games, but anyone who saw the losses to Buffalo and Dallas knows that it was the Rangers' failure to capitalize on good scoring chances that cost the team those games and it was officiating that cost them the overtime loss in Detroit after they roared back to overcome a rocky start and take the lead."

I'm sorry, but this statement is just ridiculous. Why is it so hard to give the opposition credit? Believe it or not, teams do outplay the Rangers from time to time and deserve to win games.

NTB Deebbies trashed Stars 5-0 are u saying debbies are better than us?Last time i checked we beat them 4-1

As Buffalo have u seen the game? Rangers played like crap and lost.

As for DET they got a PP that never shouldve happened and the game shouldve never went in OT


All I am saying is that people seem to think that every time the Rangers lose, it is because they beat themselves. If you carry this logic out far enough, the Rangers should go 82-0. I just don't buy it. The NHL is filled with parity and most teams are very close talent-wise (NYI, TB, Atl, LA, StL excluded). Some nights, the more talented team is outplayed by the weaker opponent and deserves the win. To me, consistently denying that opponents can or did outplay the Rangers is wrong.

I wonder if anyone will plaster Weight after his hit on that kid on Carolina on Saturday.


Why would the Rangers do anything to him? They don't care about Sutter ...

Is there any way I can watch the game tonight?? I'm on a business trip in Chicago and I don't want to miss the first game. Thanks!

Jed Ort check this links.

Thanks a lot, kogan.


thats called Karma, the kid on Carolina is Brandon Sutter (Brent Sutter's kid). During World Juniors he lunged at Cherepanov with his elbow up and gave him a concussion. I wonder if his dad told him to do that???

LGR BABY!!!!!!! lets do work.

Renney sending a message to Dubi - I can't recall such a tactic. Knowing Dubi's character, he probably score. Prucha, please net one. You're so close.

Isles are playing hard, we have to rise above them. Henrik has us not down. Let's go boys.

Fishie we sure are

Gomez, 18/25 faceoffs.

Drury 2 goals.

I knows its the fishsticks, but the team is coming around.

hey ntb, st. louis is playing pretty solid this year, i think this might be the year they actually make the playoffs.

nice nice

Oleo, I was fully aware of who Sutter was and what he did to Cherepanov at the World Jr's, but again ... why should the NY Rangers players care about what did or didn't happen to him? That was my question ...

When I saw what happened, while you never like to see anyone get hurt, it was hard to get much sympathy from him as that play is the type of play that he himself likes to deliver and that his father endorses

From what Sam reported that Renney said

“I just wanted to make sure that Dubi understands there’s a way we have to play and at the end of he day, the guy behind the bench is a boss. He knows that. He’s a good kid. He’ll learn.”

Excuse me coach, you never ever had the cajones to challenge Jagr when he did things like that.

Where was the "boss" when Zherdev giftwrapped (with a bow and card) the puck?

Yes Dubinsky took a couple of bad penalties tonight but the wording from Renney flat out is bogus.

Gomez who can turn over the puck a ton every night but never ever has to worry he will take seat.

And what would a Ranger game be like without a Kalanin turnover or 2?

Yes I fully acknowledge that when it comes to Dubinsky that I have a major bias but how bogus was Renney's statement after 3 seasons when he never showed the players who was the boss.

Where is the "boss" when the Rangers do not show up ready to play?

Maybe that stick to the head did more damage than I thought.

Rant over

Jess he has them getting the points, but his words, actions, and non-actions tend to annoy. Too bad he doesn't believe many of his own words , someday he'll understand his double standards.

The message wasn't to Dubinsky alone -- it was to the whole team. It would be counterproductive to bench every guy who makes a mistake. Better to show that it can happen at any time to anyone, even your leading scorer. Renney was smart to choose a player whose confidence will not be adversely affected, as Zherdev's would have.

Anyway, it's not a double standard -- he benched Drury and Naslund during the third period of a game a few weeks ago when they were struggling.

I'm in complete agreement Dubi. Renney's not as thickheaded as you guys think and he time and time again proves to know this team a lot better than anyone on this board does or any fans do for that matter, he's not afraid to do something that might seem like a bad idea at the time but ends up working out. No one here was happy when they heard Voros was on the 2nd line with Dubinsky and Zherdev, that seemed to work out. People were skeptical about taking Zherdev off that line to put him on with Drury and Naslund, now it seems both Dru and Naslund are coming around. I'm gonna trust Renney's decisions, and if a few don't work out it's fine, no one's perfect.

What Jagr has to do with this?
Dubi was the right choice to "teach the lesson". This wasn't one of his strongest games of the season. It was for his own good as well as for Zherdev, Dawes, Cally, Staal etc. Did you see how scared Zherdev looked to go back to the bench? That was enough of the lesson in itself. : )

And why mention Kalinin? Maybe other than Mara he's got to have the lowest number of turnovers this season?

What Jagr has to do with this?
Dubi was the right choice to "teach the lesson". This wasn't one of his strongest games of the season. It was for his own good as well as for Zherdev, Dawes, Cally, Staal etc. Did you see how scared Zherdev looked to go back to the bench? That was enough of the lesson in itself. : )

And why mention Kalinin? Maybe other than Mara he's got to have the lowest number of turnovers this season?

I know the rangers have had a great start,but to treat one of the finest players & of course a fine gentleman,called brendan shanahan the way they are is a disgrace sather is a complete as--ole as is renney ,too bad dolan the rich kid see's through his ass--le,,dolan ,sell the franchise to someone who cares,or dump the friggen guitar & sunglasses,grow and become a man!!!

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