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October 17, 2008


Anyone else extremely upset we will not be seeing Ryan Hollweg tonight? I still blame him for changing the momentum in Game 3 against the Penguins with that stupid boarding penalty he took in the 2nd period.

I read an article somewhere, I forget where, praising Renney for controlling Hollweg for as long as he did. I thought that was pretty interesting.

I'm kind of happy we are not seeing hollweg, less chance of anyone getting injured.

im upset because i wanted Orr to rock Hollwegs world.I also hope Avery will drop gloves with Orr.Hel probably puss out tho

I guess Pruch is going to be Renney's whipping child this year. Not a single mention on how our 1st line isn't putting the puck in the net either.


What you want Renney to say?I know my 1st line sucks because they gave me 2 centers and a 35 y/o to work with.The 2 choices for Renney right nwo are keep them together and hope they click or move 7 million dollar man to the 3rd line and make yourself and Sather look like the biggest dumbasses.Unless you willing to move red hot dubi to 3rd line.

Makes u miss Jagr doesnt it right now??

But no reason to go into the panic mode when the team is 5-1

"move 7 million dollar man to the 3rd line and make yourself and Sather look like the biggest dumbasses"

According to Ranger's Report, that is exactly what they are doing. The opening line combination sure are interesting.


I see that lol.i hope becasue of that Dubi line wont get their time cut

Anyone know where you can watch the game on the internet? For free?

I'm in Florida now and cannot get it....

Valli Valli Valli!


1 goal in 125 minutes of play, however tonight it wasn't for lack of trying. Hopefully the bounces go the Rangers way sooner rather than later.

1 goal in 125 minutes of play

and the team is 6-1 so chill man we still good


Make me miss Jagr??? Are you kidding! I guarantee you we would not be 6-1, and don't give me the 7-0 story.

We played 5 periods of poor pass and catch hockey. It seemed as though most of our passes we behind or just ahead or in the skates of somebody. And when they were on the tape, we couldn't catch them cleanly. This is a very fast team. Screw up the passing and this team comes to a complete halt. In the third period, for some reason, we started making better passes and far better catches and the flow returned. Toskala got the Leafs a point tonight. We should have put this game in the bag in the third. Valli was great and deserved the #1 star. Zherdov, Dawes and Sjostrom will be a formidable trio and we haven't even gotten to the team leadership!

I do think they were looking a little bit ahead last night, what with Renney saying he wanted Hank to get a win in Detroit. Renney is thinking about the playoffs already, and that's a good sign. However, it took the focus off last nights game. Still, we got 2 points and that's all that counts.

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