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October 29, 2008


Dubinsky's two penalties and Zherdev's turnover are two very different things. Dubie's penalties showed lazy and uninspired play while Zherdev's turnover in front was just a miscue. If you watch the tape there's a Ranger player behind Zherdev whom he must have assumed was going to cut in front of the goal to receive the pass but never did. That play was a miscommunication and nothing more.

Big Deal out of nothing. Whocares its over. Dubi will be fine.

Well this is just peachy , Rangers are having thier best start in a looong time and people just want to pick and pick for what? Find perfection?...Aw come on , no one is perfect and if these player make mistakes it not the end of the world.

Back in the Edmonton Oiler days ..Gretzky , Messier ,Anderson and Kurri all made glaring blunders . Big Deal , Dubisnky got benched 1 period and the coach desided to send a message to the team and I feel it worked . Not benching Zherdev was wise , because of his past abuse and using Dubi was good because hes more mature.

The Team is starting to RoLLLL , lets remeber the team is slightly tired . Giv 'em a break and now that Drury has scored , it just makes the ball roLLLL faster ..

I didn't read the Rangers Report on Patrick Rissmiller, but my guess is he remains with the team because they probably would rather they get rid of him rather than burying him in hartford all year, and if he's forced to pass through re-entry waivers, someone can claim him and only have to pay him 500K, and we're stuck with the other 500K against the cap.

We have 5 UFA's; Betts, Orr, Kalinin, Mara and Vali. We will sign 2-3 of them, most likely, Orr, Mara and/or Vali.

We have 8 RFA's; Z, Prucha, Korpi, Fritsche, Sjostrom, Dubi, Dawes and Callahan. Most likely we will keep 4-5 of them.

We don't have a new CBA yet, so talk of cap or other issues are just speculation. I don't think Sather will have a golf filled summer however!

But right now we have a winning team, so I'm going to focus on our immediate future. This is not a cup team yet...

NEW YORK, Oct 29, 2008—The National Hockey League (NHL) today announced that on October 30 it will offer fans a free trial of NHL GameCenter Live(TM), a new online subscription service that enables fans to engage with live NHL games via TV-quality streaming video.

Why is Prucha benched again ... why do they not bench Betts or Orr ... they have done nothing offensively ... Prucha has to play to get better. Thoughts?

I'm tired of all this talk about "Henrik bailing out the Rangers". That is just a load of BS! Lundqvist has played very well, but he has simply done what he is expected to do. Sure, he has made a couple of great saves at critical times in a game. But that's what he is paid to do. Let me point out, that if the opposing goalies didn't make a few great saves, say on Drury's great shots, then we would have put those games away before Hank needed to do his thing. This talk is just more of the same negative attitudes of fans and sports writers who simply can't see past the fact that this is a good team. Positive journalism just doesn't sell. All 23 players are doing what they need to do to win. We have seen at least 3-4 games where we were up against a hot goalie. Everybody can see the package we put on the ice and everybody sets their crosshairs on the Rangers.

I'm pumped, bring 'em on. The saves we see from Hank, the good team defense we see, the solid forchecking and backchecking, the good passing we are now seeing combined with the speed the team is playing with...it's not Hank...it's 23 guys committed to winning.


"why do they not bench Betts or Orr ... they have done nothing offensively"

Betts= 1G & 1A 2 points
Orr= 0G &1A 1 point
Prucha= 0G & 0A 0 points

Maybe you should say Fritsche, Rissmiller and Korpi? They have also done nothing offensively, like Prucha.


I think both Kalinin and Mara are doomed for next year - if either or both play well then they will require more $$ than what Rangers would be able to afford. If not - then we wouldn't need them anyway.
It's almost guarantee that the same goes for Vali because he's been playing extremely well for two seasons now and might get a shot to be #1 somewhere. Also, it's reasonable to project that Wiikman will be ready to be a back up next year. Orr - MUST be signed and Betts is Renney's favorite so IMHO he's going to stay as well.

Just saw in Howlings with reference to Blue Notes that Korpikovski was sent down to Hartford which totally makes sense.


The Betts, Orr, and Sjostrom line is not really meant for offensive. The fourth line is typically the teams checking line and is used usually against the opposing teams first or second line. In my opinion, this is by far the most consistent line the Rangers have. Don't forget that Betts and Sjostrom are used on the penalty kill as well. So, lets leave those three players alone.

Why is Larry Brooks worrying about UFA's and RFA's in October? Let's think about the present and take this season game by game. He's talking about July and I haven't even hung my Ranger's ornament on my Christmas tree which I have yet to put up because it's freaking October!! We can't even begin to put price tags on any free agents this early in the year. So, Brooks, do us a favor, report on the games as they happen. There are plenty of distractions in New York as it is. Don't tell me now, today October 29, 2008 that Brandon Dubinsky will need to be offered x- million/yr to stay. Friggin tard!!

RB1994, I get what you're saying that it takes a team to win games but Lundqvist has been huge for us this season.

Of course he doesn't score goals (imagine if he could?) and he hasn't recorded a SO yet this season but the game against the Fishsticks the other night shows that he's the best insurance policy against mistakes made by our defense, and in the case of Zherdev, forwards.

Based on his performance this season I'd take Lundqvist over any goalie in the league.


From RFA list I'd like to keep at least 5 but I don't think it would be possible: Zherdev, Dubi, Cally, Korpi and Sjostrom.

It also means that barring any new signing will be done via trades only (or trading salary in anticipation of a new signing).

I have no problems with negative reports on the Rangers for one simple reason: Wade Redden. Not the man personally, but the Ottawa Senators of last season. Everyone was ready to hand them the Cup after the first 25 games and then.....

I think most people realize that the Rangers are a good team. However, there are serious questions surrounding this team (as there are every team). I see no problem bringing them up.

As for Lundqvist getting too much credit, think about the Rangers trend of starting games slow and coming on in the 3rd period. If Lundqvist doesn't keep them in games early, there is no 3rd period comeback.

When I visit the Blue Notes website, Zipay's live chats appear in a foreign language no my browser, I don't understand it, it looks like Latin... Does this happen for anyone else????

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get rid of Fritsche, just keep playing Prucha.

People thought I was out of my mind when I said I thought the Rangers might trade Dubinsky. . . . . I never thought they SHOULD, but now you can see how they COULD. I think they get a deal done, but the stupid salary cap should go away. I find it funny how a in a free enterprise system, COMMUNISM rules in the NHL. It's as absurd as lining the pockets of Wall Street pigs when their businesses can't compete.

since Korpedo got sent down, Shanahan say what??? just kidding. laugh a little.

Why exactly does Nigel Dawes continue to get a free pass? At least Callahan and Prucha make things happen on the ice, but Dawes just seems to glide around looking for a perfect pass.

Hi Dubi and all. I am thrilled with the direction and success of the Rangers. No critique needed. They look great. It's a team now.

It is probably a good move to send Korpi down to Hartford....he needs to play more and is only a bus ride away. Prucha's last two games have been good and if he can score a few goals to further impress the coaching staff he could land up replacing Nigel Dawes if he continues to struggle. It's pretty tough to get a gauge on Dan Fritsche since he hasn't played much. Keeping the rotation going in some form may be the way to go unless someone establishes themself. It's also a good way to keep the players fresh (including Korpi in Hartford) in case of injuries down the road.

>>Why is Larry Brooks worrying about UFA's and RFA's in October?

Because he spent the entire offseason and preseason trashing the team, questioning all of its personnel moves, its exhibition schedule, the Europe trip, etc., Now that the team isn't playing down to his expectations, he looks for something to criticize after every game. Since it was an off day, he had to come up with something else. He's become as insufferable as Everson was before he switched to the Devils.

well Shanahan is moving on.

Dubinski getting benched has really been blown way out of proportion. He's clearly fine with, he knows he made a few mistakes, now it's done. Obviously the kid is incredibly coachable, which is true of most great players. He's a young guy who needs a blunt lesson sometimes.

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