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October 30, 2008


ive been wanting renney to switch back to those lines, and it should be interesting to see how fritsche does at center since we havent seen him there yet. the only thing id rather see is prucha in place of dawes. while neither has been piling up points, the difference is prucha is noticeable on every shift, while i sometimes forget dawes is in the lineup.

Now that Drury has gotten a few goals, Gomer is playing like Gomer, and Naslund has picked up his game, the reinstatement of this line could have real good results. All three players have picked it up a notch since they were last together.
I think it also is a good idea to put Dubinsky/Voros/Zherdev back together to see if that chemistry still exists. Hey, you can always go back if things don't work.....can't really hurt to give both lines another shot.


Is the Soup Spot still on that block (between the church and the parking garage). Great lunches!

agree with you, baals, about pru and dawes.

dubi - can dawes be sent to hartford without waiver exposure? i think he needs that as cally did last year to work on his game. and pru should be in the lineup instead.

I like the line change from two perspectives:

1. Top 6 forwards have to be on the top 2 lines. Maybe this time this 1st line would work. If not I'd switch Drury and Zherdev.

2. Props to Renney for not getting complacent due to recent wins. These were pretty sloppy game and mixing line now instead of after a possible loss to lowly Atlanta (as Dubi noted above - see last year) makes perfect sense.

Also, I hope all Prucha fans would be fair to Fritsche - he played at least not worse than Prucha, he's more physical and it's not his fault that they are fighting for the same roster spot.

Ah Cosby's, my former favorite meeting place before games. They were always a bit inflated on the price, but given how hard it is to find hockey equipment and apparel in Manhattan I suppose it's par for the course.

Let's hope the Rangers treat the Thrashers like it's the 2007 playoffs. They seem like a team that's on the verge of a franchise-wide collapse, particularly if Kovalchuk forces his way out of Atlanta which seems to be a very well discussed topic in Atlanta and throughout the league. Maybe for our sake he pulls a end Manny Ramirez (end of his Red Sox tenure behavior).

Line changes again? I confused... I thought Renney broke up those lines for a reason.

BTW - I am glad to see Fritsche get some icetime, especially center on the 3rd!

I think he broke them up to get everyone going. If they click tonight, then it all worked like a charm.

I hope it works, I'm going to my first game of the season tonight...

I think he wants to see Fritsche at center and that has a bit to do with him switching the lines up too...

i still want shanny back.

According to Zipay Renney will stick with the same lines as Monday, not the ones that practiced this morning ... at least to start the game he said


AHL says Jessiman was recalled by the rangers.

Going to my first game tonite (Even tho I'm a season ticket holder, the 5 Ranger fans i raised of course get to go before I do.)

Time for me to personally wake up Nigel cause I want him to remain a Ranger and I expected big things from him this season. Hope he gets on the scoreboard tonite.

Jessiman traded to Nashville for future considerations.

The Rangers have traded former first-roud draft pick Hugh Jessiman to the Nashville Predators for future considerations.

The New York native was the Rangers' first-round draft choice, 12th overall, in 2003.


Preds Make Two Trades; Add Jessiman from NY Rangers, Ramholt from Flyers
Press Release | Nashville Predators
Oct 30, 2008, 3:43 PM EDT
- Preds deal Josh Gratton for Ramholt, get Jessiman for future considerations. -

Nashville, Tenn. (October 30, 2008) – Nashville Predators President of Hockey Operations/General Manager David Poile announced today that the club has acquired forward Hugh Jessiman from the New York Rangers in exchange for future considerations, and defenseman Tim Ramholt from the Philadelphia Flyers for forward Josh Gratton.

Jessiman, 24 (3/28/84), was the Rangers’ first pick (12th overall) in the 2003 Entry Draft held at the Sommet Center. The 6-6, 231-pound right wing has spent the past three-plus seasons with Hartford (AHL) and Charlotte (ECHL), amassing 119 points (57g-62a) in 217 professional games. A season ago, he posted AHL career highs in goals (18), assists (24), points (42), games played (71) and penalty minutes (154) with Hartford. The New York, N.Y., native played three seasons at Dartmouth (ECAC) before joining the Rangers.

Ramholt, 23 (11/2/84), was also selected in the 2003 Entry Draft, being selected in the second round (39th overall) by Calgary. The 6-1, 195-pound blueliner played his first two North American professional seasons in 2006-07 and 2007-08 with the Flames AHL affiliates in Omaha and Quad City, and appeared in one game with Calgary on Nov. 29, 2007. The Zurich, Switzerland native was traded to the Philadelphia organization on June 30, 2008, and has played seven games for the Philadelphia Phantoms in 2008-09. Prior to playing in the AHL, Ramholt spent three seasons (2001-03, 04-05) playing in Switzerland, and spent the 2003-04 season with Cape Breton of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Both players will report to the Predators primary development affiliate in Milwaukee (A

Good thing we drafted Hugh instead of Zach Parise or we would not have been able to get NOTHING today.

Zack Parise? You kiddin', we could have drafted Dustin Brown, a fabulous hockey player. I remember how mad I was when Jessiman was drafted, told my son-in-law it was the stupidest pick ever!

Yea, I know.... or Getzlaf, or Corey Perry, or Mike Richards.

I was furious that day. I'll never forget it either.

LOL Chris - to bad the Ranger didn't grab Parise. What a dream that would have been. I watched Parise, Toewes, and Oshie, play for the Fighting Sioux in North Dakota. He is still one of my favorite players to watch, just don't want to see him succeed against the Rangers.

Cosby's is my least favorite par of MSG: it's overpriced and the staff are generally rude. It's good for a meeting place and sometimes they have funny nostalgic jerseys.

Stinks about Hugh but the NHL is like a mini version of the NFL now. A lot more player movement and no time to keep someone if there's no future for them in the top 6 or bottom 6 forwards.

ahh i went looking for cosbys a couple times on my lunch break but couldnt find it. i guess because it wasnt open yet. i talked to the guy in font of the church and he didnt have any info, he thought it was still in msg.

Jessiman to Nashville for future considerations. Couldn't we send Sather to complete the deal?

Prucha out of the line up again. I can't recall a player being so mismanaged/utilized. Rosival on the PP would be up there too.

BTW - Fritsche giveaway leads to goal...

Did anyone notice the end of the last game? We had a 2 man advantage and everyone, even Orr, got a chance on the PP, except Prucha. 4-1 lead - double shifting lines, and even putting 4th line out at end. No Prucha. Highly questionable! Anyone agree?

Could there have been a better time to put him out there to get off the shnide? I hate what there doing to this kid. I like Renney; a class act who turned the culture of the organization around, but I don't like his stubbornness/mismanagement with Prucha and Rosival on the PP.

P.S. we should win the next 4 games - what a great start that would be.

Zherdev great play to break up the breakaway at the end of it. just woulnt give up. we need to get him and dubi signed and build around them

Can anyone say asphrytzin?

I know I misspelled that but hey, nostalgia ...


You're leaning on the "Send" button!


Maybe you could ask Renney why when it's time to bench Dubinsky "he's the boss" but when the PP tanks he's completely useless.

I don't understand the new rules about kicking a puck into the net. How was Dubinsky's goal last week not a distinct kicking motion, but Naslund's goal tonight was? Eh, it doesn't matter. The Rangers still won. Now if they can just get that power play sorted, they'll be unstoppable. The whole team is looking good. Dawes is ready to break out for real.

Had it not been for our PP futility then this game wouldn't of been close because Atlanta took so many stupid penalties and we could've had 2-3 PP goals HAD they played the PP as they did early in the Season when Voros was getting his PP goals ... they are so stagnant and SLOW on the PP which makes it predictable to the opposition ... they just take forever to make the decision to finally shoot the puck ... they need to make quick passes, use Voros to have him plant himself in front of the net and make chaos ... the unit that does this most is the 2nd PP unit but they only get about 40 seconds or less of PP time because even though the first unit isn't getting it done they are always out there first in nearly every situation ...

However, other than the continued PP woes and a couple of defensive breakdowns, the team once again did what they had to do in order to win ... they got stronger as the game went along ... Henrik made the saves that he needed to make ... Zherdev was everything tonight ... That beaufitul defensive play in that breakaway was awesome ... his goal was amazing ... his penalty made you want to slam your head against a wall ... then his awesome hustle and creativity which set up the GWG was just pure hockey love! I loved it! 4 wins in a row ... 10-2-1 ... GOOD TIMES!

I'm glad we won tonight, but should it have been that close? That 2-man advantage was dreadful. Nobody skated. And how can we just barely beat a team that got trounced by Philly the other night? This infuriates me!
What's up with Prucha? In Dubi's article in Blueshirt Bulletin titled "Spotlight Shines on Czechs", he quotes Coach Renney as saying,"Petr can score, there's no doubt about that- what he needs is opportunity, and he needs it on a consistent basis." C'mon Coach- Put your money where your mouth is. Give him a more consistent opportunity. He's worked hard for it.
I realize that I'm dwelling on the negative here. I'm thrilled with their record- I really am. I guess I just want to see them dominate in a couple of games. It seems like they have to do everything the hard way.

Renney line management is terrible....Superstar Gomez with the minor league line of Callie and Dawes....Zherdev not with Dubi until the PP goal. The zherdev goal was a highly skilled goal that we could never get last year. It had a Sykora like feel with that sick backhand that sent the peanut butter flying....Go rangers!

get prucha in.....

Just finished watched the tape of the game.

I had watched the Flyers destroy this very same Thrasher team last night and the Rangers made this into a game? The Rangers had 2 days off and looked weak here.

I think it is official that I have detoxed from "Renneyade" as you use Rosy and Kalanin on the PK??? Are you nuts coach?

That the Ranger game turned when Voros/Dubinsky/Zheredv were reunited should send some kind of message to the coach to stop screwing with these 3 once and for all.

You see the chemistry, you see the way each supports the other and you can see some genuine friendship on this line SO LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Just give Prucha away already if you are not going to give him a real chance, I am sure someone is going to find a way to get him going if the Rangers can not.

What was that about Jagr being the problem on the Ranger PP? I must have missed it as where was #68 on that 2 man advantage.

The problem is not the player it is the system being used.

(And "I" please make sure you sign the response "My name is I and I approved this message LOL)

Well, here I thought I was going to come under fire for being too negative, what with the 10-2-1 record and all, but I can see I'm not alone. Thanks Jess.

thanks jess.

Like I said earlier in the week, not sure what people were seeing in our PP this year. Its awful.

5 on 3's are especially awful. True story, at tonights game we had better scoring chances on our penalty kill than we did on our 5v3's.

I'd like to point out that it seemed Betts and Sjos did a great job on the PK again tonight, generating some break out opportunities, getting some good shots on goal, and killing off a lot of time.

And yea, we need to re-sign Zherdev if he can keep this up for a prolonged period of time. All the rumors about him not being a 2 way player, and then that breakup of a breakaway...wow.

Anyone seen Aaron Voros lately?

And to end my rant, if someone could explain why Nigel Dawes is still playing, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

time for Sather the Great to give Prucha the same treatment he just gave Jessimen. His coaches are clueless as to what this kid could do for their PP.

" Jess ..." And "I" please make sure you sign the response "My name is I and I approved this message LOL)" sorry I missed that, but "I" do approve. Rozival does NOT deserve PP time since he still refuses to shoot. A 5 on 3
doesn't need 2 D men. They just need to watch tapes of their PP when it scores. Until the PP clicks, they will never bury an opponent.

Jess - Some guy actually yelled out "When did Jagr get back?" on that 5-on-3. It got a good laugh. That 5-on-3 was pathetic. Who runs the PP? Perry Pearn? Enough already. I even saw that lame play where they went down low and try to pass out front from behind the goaline. The same play that has not worked in 4 SEASONS now!

What happened? In the beginning of the season they were shooting the puck, they had a different looks, they had guys in front, they moved the puck quickly, and (most importantly) they SCORED PP GOALS! They were even running these formations where Reddedn would shoot down the slot to open shooting lanes for other guys up top. Where has all of that gone? They do not even try that anymore....

WHHHAAA WHHAAAA PP this PP that enought already!!!!!!The team is 10-2 they scored a PP goal in 5 games in a row what do you people want.Stop complaining already.What does this team got to do for all of this to stop and accualy see a comment that says they played great or great play.3-2 or 7-0 no dofference u wonna know why because they both wins so enough already

Dawes and Cally should not be playing with Gomez.

Drury was invisible last night again. Dawes should be scratched the next game.

Fritsche, Prucha should be given a chance the ice together (with Cally).

Ant - they have PP goals because they get 7 chances a game. Zero shots on goal on 2 5v3 powerplays.

A 14% Powerplay scoring percentage.

We are 10-2-1 now, yes. It will not continue if the PP doesnt turn around. Hank cant save the defense mistakes, and if we dont take advantage of more powerplays, you will be posting about how bad our offense is and will be complaining that we lost 4 games in a row.

Its nice to enjoy the wins right now, its another to think the PP is nothing to worry about.

where is Aaron Voros? did he get stuck on that bus they took those garden of dream kids.

I wonder how long before Prucha asks for a trade. I normally do not complain about this sort of thing, but the way Renney has been jerking this kid around is totally unfair. How is he supposed to regain his form and confidence if he doesn't get playing time?



Best start in franchise history, I don't really care what's wrong with the team, we find ways to win even when we don't play well. This team seems to play down to opponents.

This has to be the most ridiculous answer I have ever seen:

Sindy Crosby was asked what he injured in last nights game:

"Honestly, I don't even know what happened," Crosby said. "I have to look at the tape. I haven't seen anything yet."

This new injury policy is making the league look like clowns.

Some of you think Petr Prucha is a young Bure......He's not! 15 of his 30 goals that season were tap-ins on the PP playing with Jagr....Move on!

It's good to see Tom Renney have the team all to himself without distractions....Everyone on this team has a voice and that is the way it should be!


Chris QCT,

Sidney should've just declined to answer because hello to claim ignorance as to what you hurt in your own body is really stupid ... like "Hello, what do you think our intelligence level is?" just say "I can't comment" ... like the Islanders, some teams take it too far ... say I have a lower body injury, or we'll know more in a few days, ect but enough already with the injury mysteries ... I don't care to know WHAT the player injured ... just say the player is injured and how long they'll be out ... there, done!

Also, while Naslund has gotten going since Zherdev was moved to his line, that move has greatly impacted Dubinsky's line ... whenever Zherdev is put back on that line during the game(usually the third) that line shows once again why they should've never been broken up ...

Personally I fail to see and understand why Nigel Dawes is getting consistent ice time, game after game, with Scott Gomez when he routinely A) fails to hit the net B) disappears for long stretches of time during the game

Petr Prucha, while he doesn't have any points draws penalties, keeps the puck in the offensive zone, and sets up scoring chances for his linemates ... the effort he gave in the two previous games should not have gotten him a seat on the pressbox, that should be where Dawes should be ... Also put a finisher on Gomez's line ... now that Naslund is scoring move him there so that someone can finish all the great plays that Gomez starts because Dawes just isn't getting it done ...

Now don't get me wrong ... While I love Petr Prucha and will pick him over Dawes most days, if Dawes was scoring and/or getting assists and/or being at the very least VISIBLE out there I wouldn't have much issue with his ice time .. but as it stands it makes no sense that he is playing so much

However ... I am not down on this team as some here obviously are ... we are 10-2-1, and from our coach to our players they all recognize that they aren't playing great ... that they have moments that have been great but other than the PK, the record, and the Goaltending that the team as a whole still has a LOT to improve on ... I think fixing the line combos is the first step and then obviously the dreaded PP

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