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October 25, 2008


Perhaps the boys are just trying to do way too much at home as the new guys as well as some of the returning players try to put on too much of a show in front of the home crowd which isn't the case on the road ...

In any case, I didn't think they would tie things up in the third when the puck was deep in our own zone with about 15 seconds to go, I loved that Z proved me wrong because it was a pleasure to watch a Rangers team get an improbable victory being only seconds away from losing

Now onto the Islanders

We're 8-2-1, don't care what anyone says. We win.

I think the Rangers showed great persistence tonight. They came from behind late in the game and were able to get two points. I don't know if the Rangers from last year would have been able to do that.

that was simply the best game I ever attended.

btw I still stand behind what I said earlier- can we please fire perry pern? this power play isnt getting any better regardless of players on it becasue it is the same uncreative setup as always that results in no goals for the past 3years

I like the fact that Drury is not giving up. He is just keep on trying, and not showing frustration on his face. I keep going back to Jagr, although i like the guy, but I remember how he could bring down the whole team (and fans) with his about-to-cry face when he couldn't score. Jags was showing way too much negative emotions. But Dru is different, he is a good leader.

Did anyone see NHL's 'Game of the Night' featuring Pens and Rangers? They showed total domination by Pens with all those 'graet' moments with Sid the kid. And somehow, just somehow, Rangers were able to score and win. It is very frustrating to watch, but not surprising...

I don't care what anyone says about anything...this game was a blast to watch. There is nothing like snatching a win from the jaws of defeat. And the fact that the game literally came down to Crosby v. Lundqvist and Henrik came out on top was simply the best. There are always improvements to be made after a game but go watch Rangers in 60 and relive how much fun it is to steal not just 1-point, but the whole game. It's games like these that are going to define this season.

I was one of the most vocal voices of displeasure with the moves that were made this off season and I am extremely happy they are making me look the fool.

I still think they need more muscle but for whatever flaws we all perceive...they keep accumulating points and that is all the matters.

Man, I was hoping Orr would have lumped up Godard like the good ole days.

Does anyone know why Rissimiller is still on the roster? Y bother having him clear waviers?

I got to say last minutes of OT Gomez lost the puck 3 times... and gave it away to Crosby... It was despicable...

So glad today after a MONSTER of a win versus the Frozen Chickens and the whiny Cindy Crosby. I keep hearing that the refs are talking more to the players this year. I guess that means they'll be telling the Igloo-dwellers to stay on their feet!

Wow! Zherdev paying dividends on a blistering short-side riser past Fleury's glove. Wow! With eight seconds left! And the reign of the King is secure, throwing his stick into the crowd after throwing everything back at the Penguins in the third and OT and the shootout. King Henry for Mayor. Heck, for President! for Supreme Ruler of the Universe!

If we're in for more games like this this year, I say bring 'em on! I even checked the standings. I know. That's a worthless venture in October, but that game got me psyched.

As for Drury, relax. Just watch him. He does everything for this team, blocking shots, making the touch pass, taking faceoffs, skating hard, picking up trash--the man shouldn't be measured on scoring alone. He is already ok.

And Naslund continues to look more comfortable. The only concern here is that he won't take too long too completely immerse himself in the new setting. So far it looks like he's adapting better and better.

And as for Sundin, I gotta say that it's hard not to want him. The man always was a pleasure to watch because he could get the job done. It'd be hard to pass on such an acquisition if we could get a hold of him for the stretch run. On the other hand, too much money spent at the expense of a younger player would certainly be a detriment. I like what I see from Dawes and Callahan and, yes, even Prucha. And even the new faces are all being played off one another, which should build that good work ethic and loyalty to the team. Choosing Sundin over all of those contributers would be a tough call.

even though Prucha didn't score last night he played really well and I think he needs to come out of th dog house and start for a couple nights he looked really good, Hank was his normal superior self, my wife who doesn't know jack about hockey was watching and said she wants to go back to the garden again, with better seats. I don't know if this was answered in the last thread but rissmiller's contracts is for 1 year, accoring to NHL number and Voros is for 3 years. this off season I don't want to go after any free agents just resign our RFA's and there are a few.

Last nights win was awsome and I love how it all came down to the great white hope and Hank and Hank WON awsome!!!!

And my mom just bought my son a Lundqvist jersey, if anyone here wants to get kids jersey's kinda cheap look for a store called Dennys not the resturants there is one in oceanside right off of long beach road.

I am pumped for this season how long did it take last season to get to this point level?

What a finish to last night's game! Gotta love 8-2-1. Now if only we could get Dawes/Prucha going, I would be completely happy. Come to think of it, if our 16th highest scorer to this point is Nigel Dawes, that can't be too bad. Imagine if he wakes up scoring wise? Just a measly 3 additional points would have him 7th on the team in scoring!! Get to work, number 10!

I went to Madison SG last night and notice that yesterdays crowd was more vocal than in the last 15 years.

Besides what everyone else said already I really like what I see offensively from the 4th line. They really are trying to score, not just skate and bang.

I'm not concern with Drury's scoring - its going to come eventually. What I'm concern with is his face-off loses, especially in key situations like PP, PK and late in the games.

Besides what everyone else said already I really like what I see offensively from the 4th line. They really are trying to score, not just skate and bang.

I'm not concern with Drury's scoring - its going to come eventually. What I'm concern with is his face-off loses, especially in key situations like PP, PK and late in the games.

I dont think i can be satisfied until we beat the islanders

Well it looks like they are going to playing MacDonald so DP can't channel Brodeur so lets see what happens tomarrow

well if we don't beat the islanders tonight its probably because we put forth a piss poor effort...the islanders are horrible this year.

No matter how horrible the Islanders are they almost always bring it against us which is why we cannot let up and have to take it to them ...

I went to Madison SG last night and notice that yesterdays crowd was more vocal than in the last 15 years.


I noticed that watching from home. I was almost shocked that Crosby got as severely booed as he did whenever he touched the puck ... usually that doesn't happen in MSG, at least not in recent memory ... well it was to one of our own players IE Malik :-P ...

We're not the only city that boooos Cindy. I think he's just developed a reputation of a whiney, diving, crying, NHL diva. It got so bad last season that Bettman had to address the perception of Penguins favortism. He did it to himself...

No one booos Ovechkin.

Great game last night! I think this team is showing a lot of charachter this season. I for one am a little bit surprised by the tone of the NYR message boards. We're 8-2-1 and off to a great start. But the fans seem to be complaining and griping about anything they can think of. Naslund, Prucha, Dawes, Drury...blah, blah, blah. I prefer to enjoy Dubinsky, Gomez, Zherdev, Staal, and of course The King. They're playing up-tempo, the PK looks great, the PP is much better than last year, and they're winning.

Boooooing the powerplay anytime they do not score is more of an embarassment than any "Potvin Sucks" chant to me.

Chris AMEN


some fans just boo for the sake of booing but the Ranger PP has its problems. The 5 on 3 PP is way too predictable, How many times are the point men gonna pass back and forth??? They keep the puck on the outside the whole time and they shoot when they should pass and they pass when they should shoot.

I thought that would change with Jagr's departure. Maybe Perry Pearn just coaches the PP poorly. While its too early to make any changes, if the PP continues to look this bad, maybe they need to draw up a whole new PP because he's going nowhere.

Very satisfying win both last night and today...Pittsburgh loses twice to N.Y. Z

Dru wanna come over for a night maybe you will get a goal the next game haha.

Great win. One of the best come from behind games.

I apologize if this dead horse has been beaten too much, but Gomez got jobbed out of PP goal on the 5-on-3...the puck was never covered up...the refs are simply whistle happy whenever any goalie appears to have covered it up...

same goes for the next comment, but my, how far have we come from Rozsival's disallowed goal in the playoffs against the sabres for kicking it in to Dubinsky's goal the other nite? as you might imagine I don't think either was "kicked" in...

Everything Chris QTC said!!!

WOW !!!! What a game. I still can't beleive we won. That takes the sting out of the Detroit game, and 3 out of 4 points playing last years "top two".

For the most part this is a "copy-cat" league. If one team can make a system work, soon others are adapting to that style. What are you astute Ranger fans finding on another teams power play that the Rangers are not already doing? Outside of scoring. Is there a dominate power play out there? Detroit's is solid, but I don't see there system as being any different than ours. Help me out.

Our powerplay percentage last year was 16.4%

our PP percentage this year is 14.8%

Numbers dont lie. Please dont let our 8-2-1 record overshadow the fact that our PP is horrendous and needs to be changed.

We need to convert 5v3 PP's. We cant rely on a last second goal to force overtime all season. The PP is bad, and we shouldnt chalk it up to "oh well they are at least getting good chances."

Scoreboard only shows goals, not opportunities.

Jive the PP may kinda suck but lets revel in the fact that we're 8-2-1 thats a damn fine record, no matter how you slice it!

Do you put Voros in front of the goalie, instead of Drury?

You have to have Gomez bringing up the puck, and Zherdev as one of the snipers. I think Redden has the best shot from the blue line. Do you change the guy next to him?

I'd be curious as to what our powerplay percentage was at this point in the season last year. It was so bad it might've been a negative percentage. Our powerplay moves the puck better and shoots more this year, goals will come.

Actually the booing of Crosby is about as ridiculous as chanting Potvin Sucks in the year 2008.

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