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October 15, 2008


this is just so sad. a kid just starting out really. full of energy and hope for the future. and an infectious smile. God bless you Alex and watch over your family.

Prucha getting showcased tonight?

I feel terrible about this news. But I don't know if I like hearing how blame seems to be getting passed around. The main witness (Jagr) said that as far as he could see, the medics did their best. People tried to save him. It's a tragedy. How could someone be at fault for a heart attack?

God bless him.

It's ironic that Jagr mentions Cajka, who was also a Ranger draft pick - I remember Christer Rockstrom talking glowingly about him after that draft.

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A kid with that type of a heart condition should never have been in the Hockey loop like he was . He was touted as the next top line forward completeing the likes of Grachev and Amsinov . How could a kid with that serious of a condition be in a situation like he was in ? knowing once he finished his Russian contract he would be flown up here to train hard to make a fast hardworking Ranger team .

If he got by that Omsk hockey game with no heart problems who is to say he come to Newyork the next year and it happens here . Russians would cry foul but the truth is how come no one detects this before it happens?

Cherapanov as good as he was , should not have been playing hockey . How many more kids are going to " pass through" the combine and givin the green light to rigorous playing and training. To not detect something like this show error and false passes of physicals and doctors should rethink certain ideas .


Bob McKenzie has a nice piece on the whole situation. He talks to the Red Wings doctor who helped save Jiri Fischer. Basically, the doctor says that if Cherepanov had the same condition as Fischer, there is very little one can do to detect it, until a person collapses.

Here is the link:

ron i just paid $80 for 411 :(

Well if Jagr says he thinks doctors couldve done better he wouldve got himself in a lot of you know what.

He said i cant comment on that AS FAR AS I CAN SEE that is usually used when u cover something up or not sure well atleast i think

Where'd you get this idea that he had some obvious heart condition? He was perfectly healthy (obviously if he's playing in the superleague) as far as I can tell from the news and just common sense.

Sadly, everyone has an agenda when it comes to the events surrounding Cherepanov's death. The medical examiner in Checkhov wants to blame the team for missing a pre-existing condition in order to protect the local doctors and paramedics who were involved. The team wants to blame the paramedics to protect their own asses in the event their own doctors did miss something. The NHL and North American press wants to turn what happened into an indication of systemic problems in the KHL to discourage players from going to play there.

The bottom line is, the full investigation is expected to take 3 weeks, so it will be awhile before we get the full story. There are good people involved (Igor Larianov, Jaromir Jagr) with the power and influence to make sure the truth, whatever it is, comes out.

I also want to emphasize that testing for banned substances/doping is part of standard procedures in situations like this, and that there was no specific reason to suspect it in this case. The way Dubi phrased it sort of made it sound like there was (to me anyway). Cherepanov's goal for the year was to make the national team -- which he did, sadly, the day he died -- he'd have been stupid to have gotten involved with banned substances in the face of IIHF drug testing. Not to say it couldn't have happened, but as of right now, there's been no reason to suspect it.

Prucha, Dawes, Fritsche, Rissmiller.... All have to pay attention to Freddie Sjostrom and the way he has elevated his game when there was competition for his roster spot. Someone has to step up and grab that 3rd line spot by the throat and run with it.

At this point, Freddie should be given a shot at the 3rd line. Renney seems to be more comfortable with him on the 4th line. But I think Sjo has earned at least a game in that spot. The other 4 have gotten one.

I also doubt that Cherry would use illegal substinces and that's how I read Dubi's post also.

It's just not a good (dirty) feeling to see something like this in print. I hope the words were chosen more carefully especially since it's been less than two days and a full blown investigation has just started.

Also, It's a given fact that Jagr and Cherepanov had had a special relationship. I just don't see Jagr's mentoring and doping be a part of something even remotely "connected". Look at Dubinsky - a big part of his accelerated maturation is a result of being under Jagr's wing for a year. Look at Prucha too - both of these kids are class acts...

No, this is not a reprint. He did it AGAIN...

TORONTO -- Toronto Maple Leafs left wing Ryan Hollweg received an automatic three-game suspension from the NHL on Wednesday following his fourth game misconduct.

Hollweg got a game misconduct for a boarding penalty on rookie defenseman Alex Pietrangelo in Monday's 5-4 shootout loss to the St. Louis Blues. It was Hollweg's fourth game misconduct within 41 games.

"Basically I was just following him pretty much shoulder-to-shoulder, kind of angling him towards the boards," Hollweg said after practice Wednesday, according to The Canadian Press. "I felt if he had continued to skate forward it would have just been a rub-out play and play would have continued. I felt he turned back and with that kind of speed and momentum it's hard to change gears in a split second like that.

Playing himself right out of the NHL. . . . .

I hope Prucha plays a great game tonight. If this roster move is to impress scouts in the seats, I hope he passes his audition.

Ntb thank you for your insight on this issue , Jameson I found out through the autopsy that he had a oversized heart . Laurie I realize it will take time to get all the facts straight . I don't expect any doping either .

Petr Prucha 's being show cased tonight!!??
I like Prucha's speed and nose for the net but i don't like seeing him knocked down all the time ...it's gotten to be a joke with anouncers saying ...we see Peter get flattend at least once in a game !! He does get pounded and it picks up the other team !!! Thats the only thing that I don't like about him.

I hope the Rangers honor the memory of Chery in some meaningful way. Maybe a tournament of some kind, or a scholarship. Do we still have the Lars Erik Sjoberg award for top rookie in camp? How about an award in Alexei's name, for the top prospect in the organization each year? What do you guys think? Jess any ideas?

I hope the Rangers honor Chery in some meaningful way. Maybe a tournament of some kind, a scholarship? Do we still have the Lars Erik Sjoberg top rookie award in training camp. How about the "Alexei Cherepanov Memorial Top Prospect Award." To be given to the best prospect each year in the organization I wish we could have had the kid over here this year instead of that f'n Russian league.

sorry for the double post.


i think the Rangers prospect of the year would be a nice tribute but I think the KHL Rookie of the Year would be a fitting rememberence...

btw Sjostrom, Betts and Orr should get a lot of credit for the way they have played. I thought they played outstanding the last 2 days.

Now if the 3rd line could get things going offensively we'd be clicking on all cylinders...

[Playing himself right out of the NHL. . . . .]

Yes, he it. At this rate, Hollweg will be reunited with Chris Simon in the KHL where they can resume their "pleasantries". Fortunately, he is no longer the Rangers problem. It's obvious now he never got it, (what he was doing wrong) and he'll never learn.

There was a big outpouring of Omsk's fans at a memorial for Cherepanov. I agree some sort of award or foundation should be set up in his name. But perhaps it would be most fitting in Russia and the Rangers could sponsor it? Maybe a program for early detection of heart problems in young athletes? I'm not sure how to word it but something along those lines.

what a joke 5min and a game misconduct???

and no charging penalty on buffalo to start the incident??

I am neither a doctor or any sort of expert on heart conditions but I can say this, I have now covered 3 stories in the last 8 months of players who either have passed away or had a heart condition.

As Laurie pointed out there has been a lot of finger pointing so people can cover themselves.

I have gotten lessons in an area that is a sore subject for me since my own father died when I was 20 of a heart attack.

In talking to a lot of people I can say that sadly it takes a Mickey Renaud and an Alexi Cherepanov to die in order for more information to become available to prevent future problems.

In a way Mickey Renaud dying saved David Carle's life because people became more aware to look for things about the heart.

Teams are now looking for certain keys (remember AC went though the combine in 07) regarding the heart so the testing has gotten more enhanced.

Forget those who want to hang someone for what happened to Cherepanov and realize this: pick up a phone call a doctor and get your own heart checked out.

Those who want to point fingers are afraid to talk about solutions to problems.

Jess I agree with you. I've already made my appointments.

I really think MSG has done a great job covering the Cherepanov tragedy. I really think the rangers should have worn sometime on there jersey. I hope they are planning something.

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