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October 22, 2008


Rissmiller's contract is for 3 years.


you can't put him with Callahan and Dawes and expect him to produce at the level he is expected.

Uh Oleo they produced during the playoffs as a line last year which is why people are wondering why they have not been kept together.


Geeze guy let me at least have my morning tea before ruining my day.

What are you going to tell me next that Rich Pilon is coming back being drived to MSG in a semi full of donuts?


The Rangers should be sending Tysen Dowzak back to the juniors not down to the ECHL.

The ECHL is not the right place for project players like a Dowzak.

At least with Kelowna in the WHL, Dowzak would be working with former Ranger Jeff Finley who is the main reason for Dowzak turning himself into a prospect

ou oh dubi said battle ground state how many complaints of politics in hockey will we hear this time??????

I said that Redden looked ordinary because he isn't playing like a 6mil dollar player. Unless he does something really excellant on the ice you don't even know that he's out there...Then again maybe that's not such a bad thing...Z

Jess no kool aide? ;-) He's waiting in the wings , and Sather has not said no.

Rissmiller's contract is not for 3 years, where did this info come from? Nhlnumbers.com, check it out. And the initial report was always 1 year 1 mil. He was signed about the same time as Voros to the same amount per year so I kind of get the confusion, its just lazy journalism.

and for all those that are dreaming of Gaborik in a Rangers uni...apparently he's already being shopped by the Wild

while Gaborik would fill a tremendous need for the Rangers, the price is too high.

the Rangers would have to give up something like Sanguenetti, Dubinsky, Prucha and a 1st rounder

Say no to Gaborik and his oft-injured groin. C'mon people; you're better than that, we've been through this road how many times with Ken Hodge, Bobby Carpenter/Marcel Dionne, Guy LaFleur, the dreadful UFA class of 99, Eric Lindros, Pavel Bure, and Alaxei Kovalev 2nd stint.

For everyone saying Trade [insert name here] for [insert name here] -- please remember the NHL has a salary cap which makes it very difficult to move players, especially this early in the season. It is not like the old days, where teams could just pile up salaries if they so desired.

Can anyone find out if Rissmiller is signed for 1 or 3 years? Shanny is garbage, but he is no worse than this guy. Maybe Shanny slides in? Yuck.

And with DelZotto in the fold, and Sanguinetti not looking like the next Brian Leetch, maybe Sangs does get dealt in a package with Prucha. . . .

I hate this mentality of trading person x and person y who is not performing well for a superstar about to be in a contract year. Let's develop our own stars here like we did with Leeth, Richter, and Zubov and also Graves via a young FA. Will most of the picks pan out? Probably not as is the case with most teams, but hopefully along with Dubi, Dawes, Cally, Girardi, Staal, Korpo, and Lundqvuist, Anisimov becomes the playmaker who can also pot 30, Grachev is the 30G-30A power forward, Dale Weisze becomes a 20G-20A Holmatrom type and either Del Zotto or Bobby Sags becomes that number one D guy.

Jess - You had it right with Rissmiller when he signed. It was an unnecessary and highly questionable signing.

An earlier post I made was in response to Renney saying that Prucha "has to get the ice time this year" to get him back to the player he was. It was Renney's pre-season stated goal. I questioned this statement because I knew he wouldn't back it up.

If a major stated goal was to give him ice-time to rejuvenate his career, playing only three games (not consecutively even) does not back up your words. It doesn't increase his confidence, his contributions to the team, or his trade value. I don't know what is more painful a dilemma, Shanny or Prucha?

Instead of Drury on the PP, play Prucha on the PP top-line minutes for 20 games straight through. It can only be productive moving forward. He proved he could net 30, not to mention in his rookie year. Who else on this team can claim such an accomplishment? Who on the team is capable of netting 30 this year? Not many.

Stick to your original game plan. He came in as the most impressively conditioned Ranger "ever!" Give him a deserving shot and back up your earlier convictions. He's a finisher which this team sorely lacks (ala Shanny). I know Shanny is not in the picture now, but if Renney is not willing to follow through on his earlier goal of rejuvenating Prucha and following through on his goal, then make a decision already with these guys. They can help, especially the PP, but ... are not a part of the team. Outsiders looking in. Makes no sense. **** or get off the pot...

I have to agree with puluche, we do not need sundin or sorry to say shanny, give prucha chance and lets see what happens.

Mike A

When fans wonder why the team goes after name players they need to look at the stuff you see several fans sayings.

The Dolans have said that Ranger fans demand star players and witness the calls for wanting this player or that player and you see truth in that statement.

Let the kids have a chance first.


You know I know we have had disagreements but cmon PLEASE NOT Richie "2 dozen donuts for here then 3 more to go please" Pilon. My word man I was never that cruel to you ;-)


Rissmiller never made sense once they signed Voros (who I still am not sold on because he started hot last season too and then clunked out).

Naslund has not been the same since he stopped having Bertuzzi as his protector.

As for Renney, I can not help but wonder if he is being set up for a fall if this current roster does not mesh.

Every year there has been a different excuse as to why the team did not do this or that.

If it was me running the show then I would swap Schoenfeld and Renney out in a heartbeat. Forget wind sprints, there would be Rangers who would be looking to remove Schoeny's foot from their rear end if they played like they did on Monday.

We keep wonder who would be the best Ranger coach and he has been with the Rangers all along.

Jess now you're off the renney-aide? I have to give him some rope, with the patch quilt roster Sather has handed him. But that should be the last wind sprint practice. He needs to start benching & skyboxing if he expects them to get the message. You don't punish the good guys with the bad guys. And I really don't get his stance on Prucha. The words and actions are miles apart.

Shanny is garbage? nice on a little harsh. I am hoping that Drury starts scoring soon.

I know this is going to start a storm but what the hell Ill go and say it.

With the waste we have right now with prucha/dawes/fritsche/rissmiller(now gone)/and whatever is going on with korpikoski(notice how we started doing poorly when he was removed from the lineup)we probably could have worked out a contract with avery some how for around 3.5 mill.... Atleast we know what we were getting with him 18goals and protection for which ever top 3 line he is inserted in.....

also whats up with the pebble looking full tonight for the dallas game?

Right now they should be looking at parenteau in a wing spot on a top line being as there is now a spot for him to be scratched assuming he can clear waivers.

actually u wont get a storm from me. I love Aves and i miss him. Still wish we had him i could care less what he did.

can someone remind me again why the Rangers didn't sign Blake Wheeler? or did he really want to go to Boston all along?

The Rangers can't just sign every guy that looks like he might be promising. I don't understand the wishlist kind of talk that goes on around here, I really don't.

Wade Redden makes us wayyyyy better. Just ask Ottawa how they feel losing him? The Senators just can't get the puck out of thier zone like they used to . Redden is good and he will get better for us .

Naslund is struggling bad , does anyone hear Sundin calling around xmas time , when his salary is chopped in half!!

Dubinsky helping out Hank , when Avery was yappin at him was great . Next Captain of the Rangers , Drafted and brought in through our system . A perfect role model and just think this kid gonna get tougher!!!

Win on Friday boys and 2 more points will be ours!!! This season is still starting out beutiful , just need to win !!!!


It is not as if I am Anti-Renney as the criticisms I have of him have been the same all along.

Renney is a great teacher but he is too much a thinker which makes him very slow to react to in-game adjustments that the other team does.

Renney is at times too soft on his players, almost too forgiving as I am old school Army where there is only one boss and that is the NCO. I expect the same from the coach.

I have always gotten frustrated that Renney would not "lose it" once in a while when the Rangers got screwed on a bad call. Sometimes you need some emotion from the coach to fire up the team during the game.

I also have known who Renney was from before he was the Ranger's coach as he is one of the main reasons why Canada has returned to the top of the Hockey World over the last decade.

Renney deserves the lion's share of the credit for turning the Ranger's prospect program around especially his work during the lockout.

I just think Renney is best suited to be behind a desk not a head coach. I would have no problem with Renney as a GM but as a head coach he is just so frustrating

Jess I agree for the most part. And he's not really going to change, no matter how much he talks about learning from experience. It's his style. I would think he's too wordy for his players. He needs to add more nerve to his brains approach. Part of the reason for all the line combos is from over-thinking, and maybe reading the blog suggestions. What is your take on what he's done & doing with Prucha? And why didn't he rest Naslund & others, but talks about his team being tired while carrying 3 extra forwards? There's an inconsistency and double standard to some of his words and actions, even though he is usually saying 'quite honestly'. And he does not know how to work over the refs, a little more vinegar instead of mostly honey talk, would go a long way in getting more respect and less calls against.

jess and i

i agree with you 100%

renney is on the softer side and sometimes his line combos make no sense but he's the best option we've got right now.

Renney has gotten the Rangers to the 2nd round of the playoffs and in each of the last 2 seasons and in both cases the Rangers lost to a much more talented team.

I believe that this team is very capable of making it to the 2nd round again but i dont think they have the weapons to be serious cup contenders...


"What is your take on what he's done & doing with Prucha?"

Since we do not know if Renney has said anything since the original statement, I am not sure.

If I was going purely on the promise of the first statement then I right now am wondering where Prucha's confidence level is at the moment.

To see a public promise of PT and then to get no legit chance has to be extremely frustrating.

I had this evil thought a second ago I; wonder what Marek Malik would say?

And why didn't he rest Naslund & others, but talks about his team being tired while carrying 3 extra forwards?

AH but you don't healthy scratch your team leaders would be the response from Tom Renney.

We keep hearing how physically fit the team is so again the Rangers paint themselves into corner with their words.

There's an inconsistency and double standard to some of his words and actions, even though he is usually saying 'quite honestly'. And he does not know how to work over the refs, a little more vinegar instead of mostly honey talk, would go a long way in getting more respect and less calls against.

I would just settle for one screaming session where the team would see his emotion in public. At times I think Renney forgets that the team is a reflection of his personality.


The Rangers though their talking heads have basically said that now that Jagr and Avery are gone that Renney is free to lead this team to the next level.

I have my doubts about that just like you do only I really hope I am wrong

Jess -
At some point, please can you comment on Didiomete? prospect? or suspect?

Schoenfeld is 'muscling up' Hartford, not sure if its smart - between them Sugden, Soryal and Didiomete had 18 PIM in the first 2 periods last night - and 'Pack had just 1 goal thru 2. In the 3d, 3 'Pack goals, no muscle-head nonsense.
Pyatt and Jamtin "healthy scratches" - but are they healthy?
HOWLINGS listed Barnes as healthy-scratch, but isn't he still post-concussion?

I agree about Dowzak. With similar logic, should these F's also be better served in Jr?: Weise, Hillier, Didiomete.
Hillier's a Jan'88; Is birth-year the calendar cut-off for over-age?

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