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October 14, 2008


Omsk coach Wayne Fleming told Eric Duhatchek of the Globe and Mail via cell phone that Cherepanov had a "previosuly undetected heart condition.

THATS BS AT ITS FINEST.My god the kid died the least they can do is dont lie about it.What kind of Sh***y doctors they have that they didnt detect it? Yeah my story proves my point (from last thread) but this are profesional athletes not 11 y/o kids.

All they do is admit that thats their fault and they dont even realize that they doing that.


No It is not BS as I know from my own experience covering the prospects (this is the 3 prospect in a single year with a heart issue) that it is very possible that you can miss a heart defect.

Mickey Renaud, David Carle and now Cherepanov

And Ant I am no fan of the KHL

I'm with Jess on this one. Also don't forget that he was tested extensively here prior to the draft and unless this condition develop rapidly in less than 2 years it shoud've been identified then also.

The other side of the issue is poor emergency response by medics over there and whether it would've made the difference if the response was quicker and the necessary equipment was readily available which we are now never going to find out. But then it goes much deeper because if this is what top professional athletes get what about the average folk? Scary. There should be new rules and procedure put in place that would have to be followed rigorously, but it's never going to return Cherry to his family and to us, his fans... One saying that I heard yesterday left a strong impression for me and it roughly translates as follows: "All emergency procedures and rules are written in blood." How true...

I'm glad the Rangers won last night but yesterday was a sh***y New York sports day. Z

very bad medic response. I agree with you Jess totally on that one. But nowadays there should be more caution.

Mike Francessa has a doctor on, and he basically said they screwed up but didnt totally say that.


Yeah maybe i was just really pissed when i typed that sorry.Im just in shock still thats all i couldnt wait for him to come here.

First time posting here. Its crazy when things like happen. We look at sports players as stats and post game remarks. This kid was just a kid. Makes you realize our heroes are mortal.

On a side note, i was checking out every hockey site i knew of to see if there was anything new. i happened to come across hockeybuzz... anyone see how eklund "broke the news" pretty much just saying that a video will be posted online soon. Really classless.


We can wonder if an ambulance on the scene would have made a difference.

Same for a working defib unit

But as much as I hate to say this I have to: Even under the most perfect of conditions the odds are good that Cherepanov still would have been lost to us as well.

I have watched hockey players, football players, basketball players and other athletes all young all lose their lives because as advanced as we are today the human body still remains the greatest mystery of all.

From the Omsk official web site, a tribute to Alexei (it's in russian):


A link to a video from "Russia Today" with footage from the memorial service:


I'm inclined to agree with Jess. No, I don't have a medical background. But from what I've read about the attempts to save him (and they were numerous), it sounds like this young man's heart just gave out. A working defibrillator might have revived him in the short term, long enough to get him to the hospital, but it sounds like his heart was done. It's very sad to say that about someone who's 19 years old. But it has happened before.

I think a lot is being lost in translation and what we think right now is the final diagnosis will change. No, this didn't happen at MSG, and he didn't get the benefit of a high-profile NYC ER hospital staff. But don't think for one moment that the doctors in Russia that attended to him didn't care about doing everything they could to save this young man's life. I can't believe for one minute they didn't do everything within their means to help him. I know we're all shocked and saddened by this, but I think it's wrong to cry "foul" on the doctors at this point.

my wife is an RN and I told her what happened to Alexie and she said if they had proper medical equipment and the EMS workers got there in a timley manner, 5 - 10 minutes instead of the reports of 45 he would still be living but probably not able to play hockey at the level he was used to.

R.I.P. Alexi

Tampa signs Malik... http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=252644&lid=sublink09&lpos=headlines_nhl

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