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October 31, 2008


I'm watching the replay of the game, how about Nigel Dawes' chances at the start of the 3rd???

Whoever said Renney is an idiot for putting Gomez with two "minor leaguers", ignorant statement..

For those who are reacting to seeing so many people not happy with the level of play then maybe people need to stop for a second and ask why there is so much concern.

The Rangers are off to a winning start but 8 of those wins have come against teams that are in 8th or lower place.

There has to be some concern when you see a team doing "Just Enough" to win against the bottom of the NHL.

There has to be some concern when the Rangers can not figure out ways to score during 2 man advantages and we are not talking about a new problem but rather a problem that has existed for several years.

The Rangers struggled to beat a tired team that had just gotten their butt kicked the night before has to be a reason for concern.

It is not about being negative it is about seeing a team that has potential but they need a serious kick in the rear end to get going, the sooner the kick the better


While I agree that our boys give us plenty to be concerned about I think most of the people who are annoyed at the ones who are not happy is that ... most of the people who are not happy post all the negatives and yet fail to acknowledge the positives too ...

I am not happy with the PP which if it were scoring as it should against some of the worst teams in the League then those games wouldn't of been so close ... I am not happy with the lack of a 60 minute effort ... I am not happy with certain players in the lineup who show up for 1-3 shifts per game and then do nothing the rest of the game ... I am not happy with some of the defensive lapses ...

However I am beyond ecstatic over our goaltending, our PK, our grit and determination, our work ethic when the team is clearly outworking the other team, our resiliency and refusal to give up in third periods when they are either tied or behind, with the awesome play of several key players ...

So yeah, while there are quite a few things to be concerned about and worried over there is a whole lot of awesome on our team right now and a many things to be happy about and proud of ...

So that's MY issue ... feel free to be concerned and point out the negative, but also acknowledge their record and the good/great things that they ARE also doing in spite of the negatives that have to be addressed


Right on!!!!

Renney said that he's going to make PP changes and so I trust him to fix it (playing Prucha reqularly and having him play on PP should be the right start).

While I'm far from calling Cally and Dawes "minorleaguers" (hello, Avery) I'm firmly believe in the top 6 players playing together. The way Rangers are structured this year we clearly have at least top 5 players (+ Voros for now). Dawes, Cally, Prucha & Fritsche should make up the "energy" line until they prove to be better than any forwards ahead of them.

I think playing to the level of their competition is going to be Rangers trademark this season (due to their system). That means in the very least that they're almost never going to be out of it. And having Lundqvist also means that they are going to win quite a few of them.

I am starting to think that Dawes and Prucha are both getting shopped. Prucha has atleast 1 successful year. Dawes still has to prove himself which could be the reason why Prucha has been sitting more. He has definately been effective in the few games he played. Just hasn't been able to convert. But it leaves everyone with the question, can he with more time.

I don't see the problem with rolling three lines and spreading the talent out, as long as you aren't shorting your top 5 or 6 players' ice time all that much then all the better. You have 3 lines that are threats to score everytime they get on the ice then why not? This isn't the old NHL where your 3rd and 4th line is just players that put up OK offensive numbers and go out and bully the other team or play tight defense.

While I realize putting Scott Gomez on a 3rd line, if that's the line to be considered the 3rd line, not sure, wasn't everyones idea when they meant the 3rd and 4th lines need more offense, it's something that has been a huge critisicm around here. The 3rd and 4th lines don't score enough blah blah blah it's a broken record. But when they go out and overload on improving 3rd and 4th line players, the organization is at fault. And when Renney tries to balance out the talent, everyone is up in arms. That's what I don't get, I feel like some of you guys won't be happy until we go 82-0 and win the cup going 16-0 in the playoffs.

I like what I see with the Rangers so far. tough to complain about best start ever. Prucha had two good years 30 goals 1st year, 20 second year. since that time he hasn't played with jagr or nylander or on 1st PP to put up those numbers. Has been the odd man out far too much, this year at the expense of Dawes who is too soft on the puck and can't finish(1 goal in ten games is not good enough), Maybe he's pressing a bit but I think he's awful. Plus you can't be waisting your best playmaker(Gomez)playing with two average players in hopes they get going. At least when Prucha plays he attacks and tries. I feel that dawes skates in circles and is always late going to the net. They both however are lightweights and in order for lightweights to succeed they need to be able to score,which neither are doing.

I'm not sure what Renney means by making PP changes. I'm sure it doesn't mean just switching players around. The year Prucha got all those PP goals we were still playing a system that fed JJ, however Jagr was very unselfish (as he normally is) and fed Pru many centering passes. Everybody would attack Jagr and he made great passes. This year we seem to be using the points more, not so much for blasts, but to re-gain control of the PP itself. Mara, Redden and Rozsival each have good, hard shots. Girardi seems to have that ability to get pucks through. I would like to see more shots from the points, especially intended as tips and re-directs from the high slot. Those kind of tips make it difficult on the goalies and can result in rebounds, for guys like Prucha, Dawes (who tips very well), Z, Drury (also very good at tips) and Naslund to pounce on.

If Renney is going to change the PP system I think it will happen over time. As soon as one PP unit feels comfortable with it, then we may see it implimented. Maybe in another 3-4 games.

i dont think the Rangers PP will get better unless they change the entire gameplan. The 5-3 PP is a joke. All they do is keep the puck on the outside and keep passing back and forth. Attack the net already!!!!

kovazub and al

i think the Rangers need to have Gomez on the line with Dawes and Callahan b/c if you put anyone else on the team on that line there will be no offense at all b/c if it wasnt for Gomez, Dawes and Callahan would not be producing anything.


Fritsche has not done much of anything so far so Prucha should get the majority of the minutes. While I personally don't believe he'll ever approach 20 goals again, they might as well let him try. He's the best option they have anyway.

While the Rangers have a great need for another goal scorer, this team has showed they can win without one and if the Sundin rumors are true (i doubt it). I would welcome him with open arms. Although one of Dawes or Prucha would have to go, his leadership, class and high level of play would make this team trully dangerous.


i never called renney an idoit...just horrible line combos....gomez needs a skilled finisher not 'cement in my skates' dawes....gomez played with skilled players like Sykora and Elias...Dawes is a special minor leaguer..he lacks the speed for today's NHL. I was posting on here earlier this year that i loved the moves the team made. Gomez is a superstar, and should be treated as such. Giving him 3rd liners as wingers is renney's fault. Gomez' ability to breakout the way he does is equivalent to an top notch offensive D. Why give him an impediment? I like Callie a bunch. Dawes is a skilled player, but his lack of speed will always haunt him. If u think callie and dawes are in his class, then we need to redefine 'ignorant'.

Since when do wingers have to be in the same "class" as the player their center?

If I'm not mistaken McSorley was on the same line as Gretzky for years. There's plenty of other examples, in Pittsburgh I'm pretty sure Jagr and Lemeuix both had their share of 3rd line talent on lines with them. You put a guy like Gomez with energy players like Daews and Callahan and they become better, Dawes had a few really nice chances last night, two in particular at the beginning of the 3rd. If the other lines work, I see no reason to change it, Dawes is going to score about 20-30 goals if he's with Gomez all season. He's also not Marek Malik slow, lets not over-exaggerate. He'll never be a 1st liner because he's small and not the fastest guy on the ice but he's got enough speed to play in the new nhl, not sure why you think he's THAT slow.

i miss shanny.

"He'll never be a 1st liner because he's small"

Gionta and Stlouis are short but they 1st line players.Hes lacks the skill not the size

Col. Vladimir Karpenko said on state television that the 19-year-old Cherepanov should have been serving his mandatory military service at the time of his death, not playing for the Siberian team Avangard Omsk.

anyone see this garbage?

its gonna be in the daily news tomorrow morning

Epic fight? I wouldn't go that far.

The Rangers HAVE been in EVERY game, regardless of the opponent. I just don't get the claims that the Blueshirts are only playing "lower 8" teams. We took the Stanley Cup champs Detroit RedWings to OT (on a questionable "too many men" penalty) and we beat the NHL's second best team from '07-08 Pittsburgh Penguins in what was arguably the most exciting finish of the season so far. Even the loss against Dallas, the Rangers outshot and outplayed the Stars but ran into a hot goalie.

As for the power play, the Rangers simply need to be quicker and they need to take more risks: make that tight pass, make a quick one-on-one move, shoot from the wings, etc. And, oh yeah, crash the net!

I'm still looking for more offense from the backline, especially Staal. To me, he has shown glimpses of his ability to jump into the attack and make a play. I hope this aspect of his game is encouraged.

Jameson , To think dawes will score 20 to 30 goals is fooling yourself. this is his third stint trying to make it in the nhl and except for a few shootout goals last year has failed miserably. I agree a guy like gomez will only make you better but dawes only asset is scoring and if isn't than he is dead weight. 1 goal in ten games equates to 8 to 10 on the year and that is what he is on pace for now. as for Mcsorley with Gretzky, he was there for protection. and even our beloved Nedved scored 50 goals with Jagr & Lepew. Dawes is just not good enough and Prucha has a better track record of finishing when given a more even chance. And Gomez is as good a passer as Jagr was.If Dawes can't finish( 1 goal 0 assts in 10 games) you gotta get him out of there.

Gomez needs a finisher...Enter Sundin announcement sometime next week.

There is a reason that Shanny moved on, He found out the Rangers were getting ready to take on Sundin which puts him on the out.

Expect Prucha and Frische to be on the move for picks. I haven't found out who the 3rd ranger was being moved but a Dman for a cheaper Dman...(could be Bieksa and Rosy but that is just me and not source)

This is a rumor but a reliable source over the years

Sundin 1 year between 3.5 & 4 mil pro rated.

Enjoy your weekend :)


according to NHL numbers the Rangers are 1.87 million under the cap. If Prucha were to be moved the Rangers would then have 3.48 million in cap space.

If Sundin were to sign a pro-rated deal (assuming the Rangers had already played 14 games) at 1 year for 3.5 mil, the Rangers would be 574,560.97 under the cap, enough to recall Potter or Fahey if needed so theoretically no other player would need to be moved to accomodate Sundin.

I don't really know how the bonuses work but if the Rangers could move around 600,000 of his salary to the 09-10 season, the Rangers would have plenty of cap flexibility.

Marty brings up a good point regarding Gomez needing someone to finish. The speed and play making of Gomez is his strength, but if your making plays to guys who can't finish you are taking away from the strength of Gomez. That so called "third line" definitely needs someone to put the puck into the net on a regular basis. I've been saying that it would take 15-20 games to see what this team is all about. We are approaching that point and I think we are starting to see what makes this team click. After some "tweaking" the top two lines have been coming together over the last 4-5 games. The fourth line is doing what needs to be done by a fourth line. The defense has been "adequate" and "hangs in there" night after night. The goaltending has been excellent and backs up some of inadequacies of the defense. The penalty killing, which is almost by committee because the Rangers have the luxury of some every skilled players, has been excellent. In my opinion, what is lacking is the play of the power play and a scorer on the third line. The power play just looks disorganized and no nobody running it. I believe that Wade Redden was brought in to "quarter back" the PP and I don't see that...yet? While the players on the point on the PP have "heavy" shots, they frequently miss the net...sometimes by miles it seems. So can the Rangers "kill two birds with one stone" by finding a way to get a bonafide scorer for the third line who can also play on the power play? If those two areas can be addressed without disrupting what's already in place I think the Rangers can continue their success and be a top contender in the Conference.

amen to everything you said paulinflorida

"I don't really know how the bonuses work but if the Rangers could move around 600,000 of his salary to the 09-10 season, the Rangers would have plenty of cap flexibility.

Posted by: oleosmirf | November 01, 2008 at 09:18 AM "

i dont think there is a cba still to be able to move any part of a sal to next year. id rather not have any part of a contract pushed to next year on an already tight cap when were going to need to get players like dubi and nz resigned. id rather see them get the money they deserve rather then be lowbaled by slats because he dosnt have that much to offer because he brought in an aging vet

I read that Mike Fisher is available and the Sens want a puck moving d man...Trade Rozy...he is the worst D man we have and he makes a boat load...works for me.

Dawes scored 14 goals in 55 games last year..if he played all 82...I am sure he could pump in 22-25 goals.

Prucha is done in NY. We should trade him for a pick or a project dman.

Redden invisible and I know that is supposed to be a good thing on Defense...but when you are making 40 million...I would expect a little more.

The scary thing for me is...we have so much money invested in marginal players that the guys we need to keep might be traded away because the cap space will be too tight.

For that reason alone...I would love to kick Sather in his kibbles & bits.

St. Louis and Gionta are the exceptions not the rule, and the combination of not being that fast and small is what will do Dawes in, if you're going to be that small you've gotta have the speed of Gionta and St. Louis.

As previously stated, he scored 14 in 55 games last year, good players go into funks and all of a sudden they're incapable of doing what they did a very short time ago. Can't begin to understand that one.

And you can site 10 games all you want but less than half of those are on Gomez's wing..

Jack...Rozy is going nowhere and this season Nigel Dawes has one goal in 10 games played..that's a pace of eight goals in 80 games..not going to cut it. Things can change of course, but right now he is hurting Scott Gomez. You have to play off the strength of Gomez which is his speed and play making. Ryan Callahan's style of play compliments Gomez, but the line needs a bonifide goal scorer and right now there is no proof that Nigel is "that guy".

Trade for Mike Fisher ... great all around player who will help this team out

watching dawes for 3 years not getting done. gomez needs better toplay with

What are you talking about 3 years? Did you miss last year? Dawes got it done. There was a huge rejoice moment at this very blog, everyone was screaming praises "FINALLY RENNEY AND CO ARE KEEPING DAWES UP FROM HARTFORD!!!"

they said the same thing about prucha with his first two years at 30 and 20. How quickly that faded.only thing more quickly fading is dawes ability. couldn'teven muster up a decent shot on shootout the other night. If you watch closely he plays solely on the perimeter, is soft on the puck and has been late to the shooting spots on the ice. Keep dreaming he will have 20 or 30 goals. maybe in Hartford

they said the same thing about prucha with his first two years at 30 and 20. How quickly that faded.only thing more quickly fading is dawes ability. couldn'teven muster up a decent shot on shootout the other night. If you watch closely he plays solely on the perimeter, is soft on the puck and has been late to the shooting spots on the ice. Keep dreaming he will have 20 or 30 goals. maybe in Hartford

does Gomez need better linemates? absolutely

but Gomez makes his linemates better and Drury does not so until the Rangers can acquire someone better or someone steps it up the line of Dawes-Gomez-Callahan has to stay put for now.

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