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October 29, 2008


a dispute between Shanny and Renney? How do we know this?

screw renney

It took this long for Shanahan to figure out that the Rangers didn't need him? I guess even that part of his game has slowed down.

I wish him good luck. He did come here and help build the team. I think he would still be here and contributing if it were not for the Knuble thing. That just took more out of him then he realizes. However, it was obvious to most of us during the playoffs.

It was out of anger. Leave it alone.

I love Renney.

No problem with Korpo. Get plenty of ice time, your time is next year anyway.

Shanny is one classy person and great player ... he just doesn't fit with our team anymore ... I wish him the best

Fire Renney. Bring on Shanahan. Let's see some exciting hockey . Stop relying on the King every evening.

rcm, i totally agree... lets rely on 87 yr old Shanahan every evening instead.

No biggie here. He was great but it's time. I hope Korpi plays really well and forces them to call him up. I wasn't a fan at first but ever since I saw him play last year in HFD, I've been rooting for him.

I hope Korpikoski had a chat with Dawes and Callahan before he left. They went through the same thing and played their way back up.

... I only wish Petr Prucha could do a brief stint in Hartford to get his confidence back.

well Shanahan would add some scoring to the third line but that ship has sailed

Chris Prucha just needs decent PP time & he'll score. And Shanahan should be an asst coach of that PP that has cost this TEAM over the last 2 seasons' playoff early exits. He could also serve as an eye in the sky during games. That's if all would be on that page, but there is a need.

i - Yea, I know. But I also think a two-week stint playing on Hartford's top line and top PP unit would do wonders for his game.

No surprise at all re: Korpikoski but why are we talking Shanahan here, when it's obvious that all these moves are designed to clear up cap room for Mats Sundin.

these moves?? so far only Korpi was moved Rissmiller is still here taking up cap space.Nobody talks about sundin no more neither should u

Bones, Sundin is only comming to broadway on some other team

i miss Shanny already.....

Shanahan isn't coming back so everyone just get over it.

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