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October 23, 2008


No to Sundin.

I still love Aves i could careless what Clarke says about him.

Really?? I was *sure* Bobby Clarke could change your mind. lol

I think Renney had to mix up the lines, Voros-Dubi-Zherdev may have been our best line but it's not as though they have even been scoring a ton of goals the past few games. Zherdev is an exciting player, this could work out. These lines are really balanced too, makes it even easier to roll all 3 lines and give them equal ice time, and give the 4th line a little less than the first three. Dallas has given up the most goals in the NHL so far this year (29) and we only scored one. I saw what New Jersey did against the Dallas defense, they pretty much walked right through them. We should've had a much easier time creating chances than we did.

Stan Fischler asked Brodeur if Avery said anything to him when he was in front of the net during the Devils-Stars game the other day. Brodeur said Avery was quiet, but I really doubt that.

On Sundin, Stan thinks his chances of landing with the Rangers are pretty good.

Personally, I don't want him. I like the Rangers relatively young nucleus without an overbearing superstar presence (i.e. Jagr).

Stan also said Gretzky wouldnt last in the NHL but we saw how that worked out

malik signs with tampa, should be interesting.


At some point, please can you comment on Didiomete? prospect? or suspect?

I wondered why he was signed as the Pack already had enough guys who were bigger and much better fighters than Didomete.

Oleo (no offense) would have been a better scorer if he had Stamkos as his center.

I would not have signed him as Didiomete does not offer potential in any area to make him NHL viable.

Pyatt and Jamtin "healthy scratches" - but are they healthy?

To be honest I leave Hartford for the most part alone because Mitch and Bruce Berlet already cover the team so I do not have an answer for you.

HOWLINGS listed Barnes as healthy-scratch, but isn't he still post-concussion?

Again not sure.

I agree about Dowzak. With similar logic, should these F's also be better served in Jr?: Weise, Hillier, Didiomete.

Yes on Weise because Swift Current is in a position where he would be playing on a playoff contender.

Hillier no because Halifax is a bad team this season, cut Hillier some slack because he lost the very important off-season workout time.

You know what I think of Didiomete.

Is birth-year the calendar cut-off for over-age?

That is where life gets confusing so I am going to take your question and send it to one of my contacts in the CHL and get an official response for you.

Regarding moving Zherdev to the Drury/ Naslund line...just think about that...moving Zherdev to get the veterans Drury & Naslund going...WOW...think those two guys better start smelling the coffee? No knock on Zherdev intended here....hope it works.

Zherdev is just like Gomez in the sense that he plays a very up-tempo game, great stickhandler, great hands, great offensive player. There's nothing wrong with calling it that.

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