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October 25, 2008


Dubi there are plenty of positives, with underlying negatives. Why else would Renney keep changing his lines? I don't think he's a Herb Brooks Roger Neilson follower. Is he? Good to see them gathering points, as they try to find yhe right formula & chemistry. I'd like to see him give Prucha a try with Gomez.Otherwise release the kid already.

I would rather we trade prucha before we waive him!

i love the karma being generated by the hockey mom - gets invited to philly to start a huge losing streak for that team, only to have it lifted last night as it dropped the puck at the st. louis game and manny legace tripped over the carpet where ms. laska and her neiman marcus self stood, and manny had to leave the game as a result of being injured. and btw, the blues lost too.

Well, Mara took a 5 minute fighting major evening the score a few games ago, now will he get Gino, the slewfooting Pizza delivery boy? I'll bet you see him going after Gino every chance he gets.

I miss the energy that Prucha and Korpi bring to the lineup. They need to play...Z

oh yes, alan, i'm sure both those events are intricately tied to the karmic presence of the governor of alaska. i love how supposedly intelligent individuals -- and heavy emphasis on the supposed when it comes to you -- will search out any nonsensical reason to slight someone personally they disagree with politically. how pathetic.

^^^^^ SHUT UP

is alans last name colmes?

more importantly can we fire perry pern? this pp hasn't been effective no matter who's on it for the past 4yrs

Did Prucha get any powerplay time on that 5-3?

ZERDEV!! when's the last time the rangers scored with an empty net?

THAT was an awesome game

What more can you say? WOW!

what an amazing game (well from the 3rd period on)...

btw props to Sjsostrom he's been one of the best Rangers this season...

Prucha DESERVES to play another game in a row and if he doesn't well ... #%$^&! Yeah ...

Wow! What a finish! Good job guys.

I agree. Prucha earned a spot in the next game with his effort tonight. He played well. If Renney doesn't start using him then he should trade him. It's not fair to Petr. He could be playing regularly with another team.

I got to say last minutes of OT Gomez lost the puck 3 times... and gave it away to Crosby... It was despicable...

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