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October 19, 2008


i watched the highlights on nhl.com...the arena seemed pretty empty for the game.

yeah thats because a lot of the people who live in detroit live and die with the car industry (hence the name Motor city) and as the economy tanks so do red wings ticket sales

I don't know if either Drury or Naslund are holding each other back. Both of them are having trouble receiving passes cleanly, passing the puck cleanly or relatively anything that involves with puck. They did played better during the 3rd period when the rangers were forechecking hard as a whole. I'm thinking Tom Renney should stick with Dru with Korpo (played much better as wing than as center) and Naslund for couple of more games. Gomez, Dubi and Betts line were good yesterday, so there shouldn't be much of a change for Monday's game.

There is no doubt that it is Naslund holding back Drury...atleast Drury has a few scoring opportunities a game and being the kind of leader and veteran he is..he will rebound, a LEADER will overcome adversity...Renney must make some tough choices, what I see as a fan, a hockey die hard is the lack of team toughness and a power forward that can score the rebound goals, though Aaron Voros is doing a great job there. I would bring up Corey Potter and Dane Byers and trade for a power forward who is a goal scorer netting say 20-30 goals consistantly and change the D-pairings...unite Redden with Girardi keep Mara and Staal get a tough stay at home D-man and pair him with Roszival and play Potter as the 7th D-man consistantly..Trade away Naslund and Kalinin...Prucha and Rissmiller and let this team grow now...We should be a team that at the trade deadline..has no reason to upgrade..do the work now..not later Mr Sather

Almost got it right but other than that first game where he was dreadful, I like Kalinin better than Roszival and his cap defeating 5 mil. I agree, Slats should get on with trying to make some tweakse and there. And Voros is a revelation, he's playing way better than I thought he would. In fact, he's making me forget about Avery.

Leatherneck -- It's eight games in...do you think teams would be lining up for a 36YO winger, making $4 million/year, that's struggling? With another year on his contract. Let's see what happens before the knee-jerk reactions start.

if we play the rest of the season like we did the last 57 and a half minutes (i'm including the over time) I think we'll be brutal to the competition.

does anyone know if avery has endeared himself to dallas fans as he did NY?

I hate Hockey Night on MSG. Taking Cherepanov situation and using it in the NHL vs. KHL context? Even after the investigation that would not have been completely appropriate. But at this point? Totally classless and low...

That's beside the fact these inarticulate and full-of-themselves personas should be required not to share TV time...

I get this sense that Voros is playing better than he actually is. I hope I'm wrong. He's an easy guy to root for.

Kalinin on the other hand is play how I remember seeing him with Sabres.

It's not like Voros is getting lucky, a lot of it has to do with him knowing where to be, but his stickhandling, passing, and shooting has been much better than anyone including myself expected I'm sure. I don't see him all of a sudden playing tons worse than he is playing now.

RE: Drury and Naslund, this really is worrysome but I don't think it's time to hit the panic button yet, I thought Korpikoski made that line look a little more energized, and Drury back at center was refreshing as well. I think it'll work out but that's just me. Korpikoski at center, not that he played bad, in my opinion had a bit to do with Dawes being "invisible" on the 3rd line. We all saw what Dawes could do last night with a natural center on his line.

I am only commenting on my observation...a lack of team toughness..i guarantee you..if hossa was getting pounded...instead of being stick checked...he would not have crashed the net like he did on the OT goal...that has to be addressed immediately...besides Mara and Orr and to some extent Dubinsky and Staal..as he is smart in his checks...when was the last time anyone saw a devastating check from anyone other than those 4?

If you took the time to realize what kind of player he is, he is exactly what you're describing Drury as. He's a leader, a veteran, he has all it takes to overcome that adversity too and rebound. He was the Canucks captain for years. He's wearing the A on his chest for a reason, it's not just out of respect, there were plenty of guys that were here last year that could've gotten the 2nd "A", but he did.

Kalinin has been playing great, a lot better than he started out.

And I don't know if you heard, but there's a salary cap now, and Naslund makes $4mil a year, Kalinin makes $2mil a year, Prucha makes $1.6mil a year, and Rissmiller makes $1mil a year. That makes trading those 4 away a little complicated. And I'm not sure why we'd trade 3 guys we just signed as free agents either. Good thing for us you're not the GM.

And for Voros..we need him on the ice..not taking penalties..so exclude Voros..that line of Dubi, Zherdev and Voros is a keeper as is the 4th line of Sjo, Betts and Orr...that 4th line on numerous occasions swung the mommentum back to us so far into the season..they have chemistry as well..those 2 lines should be untouchable..no tweaking..no changin of parts

If i were the GM..I would not have signed most of those we did sign..in fact..I would have been salivating at the thought of signing or trading for Kommisarek and look into a Marleau..not sign fill ins and has beens..and put the team in bondage as it is now by the cap..That is not how it is now..so what NOW requires is to solve the issues..about Naslund..yes he is a leader as well..I do stand corrected there and i do pray that both of them,,Drury and Naslund will gel and start scoring

We got a good measure of what this team can do. Spot, arguably, the best team in the NHL 2 goals, fight back to get the lead, have the refs award a penalty where none was (except the game was played in Detroit on Ted Lindsey night and the home team was down), have a shot defect off a defenseman directly to one of the beest scorers in the NHL and have Lundqvist make an almost impossible save...just to tie the game? I'd say we are there! Could you imagine 7 games like this one? Drury and Naslund were on the bench and we outplayed the Wings...and they know it! This game showed me how we can step up. I'm happy with what we have, I would like to see some depth on the backline, that is the one place the depth issue could be a problem.

Great game. Now we need to get past the Stars...do not take the day off, they are ripe. Don't let the Avery "return" play any role except that Voros gets under his skin and we take advantage of him.

does anyone know if avery has endeared himself to dallas fans as he did NY?


Not sure most of the stuff that I read from their fans is that they don't care for him one way or another ... he's certainly hasn't been a difference maker on a team that's 1-3-1 to start the season ... the most he's done on the ice was in the pre-season when a player got suspended for taking a swipe of him from the bench ... once the season started it seems that teams have been wisely ignoring him and as it happened here when Avery was ignored by the opposition he becomes just an average player 80% of the time ...

I was watching the Stars game yesterday and while Avery got a lot of top PP time here and key situation minutes he doesn't get that in Dallas ...

Also I'm amused by the about face Avery has done with his latest press release about his reasons for not wanting to do any interviews while the Stars are in the NYC area this week ... it's a complete 360 from when he took shots at the team and the new players we signed this past summer when the Stars introduced him ... he compliments the Rangers, the fans and hopes that the Rangers do "great!" ... Me? I'm amused because had the shoe been on the other foot and the Stars had the start that our boys have had(6-1-1) and Avery would've been an integral part of that ala Voros then he wouldn't be putting out press releases he would be talking and tauting ...

Tomorrow will be interesting ... Brenden Morrow is frustrated and is taking the types of penalties that a frustrated player takes ... the Dallas media seems to think that our team is the type of team that is trying to win 1-0 per their preview of what might happen tomorrow ... I doubt the Dallas coaching staff thinks so but if they do then better for us ... I'm looking forward to it and how the MSG crowd reacts to Avery


As a GM you would also need to know how to add. Bouwmeester and Marleau cost their teams about $11.2 MM and it would have been a lot higher to get them out of FLA and SJ, respectively. The Zherdov deal was almost break even, from a cap perspective. Naslund cost us $4.2MM and Redden was about $6MM. So you're telling me we would be a better team with Bouwmeester & Marleau then we are with our current lineup? Can't be, because we would be over the cap. Naslund hasn't helped the team yet and we are 6-1-1. That's just over 81% of the available points...how much better do you think we need to be? That 81% translates into a 133 point season!!!! Boumeester is not known as a offensive D'man, so I doubt that he would have put up the points that Redden has.

This team is just fine. The key is to make good passes and catch the puck in full flight. This is a very fast team and that speed and crisp passing will prove too much for most teams...and as we saw last night, even the Red Wings needed help to get a win in OT.

Not Bouwmeester..Kommisarek and yes on Marleau..first off not sure why we signed Rissmiller, Kalinin and signed both Roszi and Redden to such contracts..there was a purpose to the Voros signing..as he was to replace Avery.. and he has surpassed that..there was a purpose to the trade for Zherdev and Fritsche..those were moves with intent..the others I dont understand..they were fill in..Naslund was a good signing that went bad just as Voros was a good signing that surpassed expectations...what I have seen as a team need for a couple of years now..is the overall team toughness and imposing D-man..last great hitter on D on the Rangers was Kloucek and last all around tough D-man was Rich Pilon...Seriously..between Girardi, Redden, Roszival and Kalinin..dont you see a one dimensional defense?.. Player will crash the net no matter what..but with a hitter..they will think it over twice...


what makes you think the Canadiens would even discuss trading Komisarek. He is a fan favorite and a great physical defenseman.

The Rangers have the most points in the NHL without the help of Drury and Naslund. Now obviously Voros is going to cool off but if he can play well and Drury and Nasland get their act together, (which they will eventually) the Rangers could remain atop the conference.

he is an unristricted free agent at the end of the year..so..he can be had

is like going through a revolving door .... over and over and over and over and over and over and over ....

Like oleo said, Komisarek wasn't available. He will be a UFA next year and if he has a good year, the Habs can only loose him to a crazy contract. The game has changed. A Pilon or a Beuk will have problems in the new NHL. You just can't clear the crease like you used to. The new defensemen need to have good offensive skills or need to be mobile, pure defensive defensmen. The Rangers have decided they want more mobile D'men, that's why Malik, Tyutin, Backman, Strudwick and Pock are no longer here. Mara has been a pleasent surprise. His physical play is just what the doctor ordered. I've never been a Mara fan, but he is making me re-think his place on this team.

I'm sure Rissmiller was an insurance signing. Between he and Voros and Fritsche the Rangers were looking to replace Hollweg and Avery. Mission accomplished. Rozi was a no-brainer. You may not like him, but he had a career year last season, finished in the top 10 defenseman, led the Rangers D'men in goals and played hurt with no excuses. That's a guy you want in your lineup. Redden was a gamble, but we needed a solid, puck moving defenseman and neither of our young offensive D'men were ready for the NHL. So far, he has played well. Kalinin was another gamble. He played well in BUF for quite a while. Then he fell into the doghouse. IMO, the jury is still out on him. I want to see another 10-15 games before I'll claim Sather made a good purchase. Right now, he looks serviceable. He seems to have some good hockey sense, which I saw in BUF. As a fill in for this season and maybe next, he looks OK. As soon as Del Zotto or Sags looks ready, he may be the odd man out.

too much is made about Rissmiller, when and if the Rangers deside to make a move or another d-man is needed Rissmiller will either be traded or waived.

why not make drury center naslund instead of playing them both as wings on their lines


I agree on Rissmiller. Only if somebody gets hurt before any teade would he stay. Renney has already primed the pump, declaring all his wings as "NHL quality". The fact that he plays each of them confirms his opinion. The thing that most people in the organization didn't realize is that Colton Orr has made some real improvements.

I think Mara's only a surprise to some of the fans. I don't know if I just appreciate the guy because I've always seen him as a gritty player who's always busting his ass out there and may be partial to him, but the coaching staff has loved him since he got here. His play is exactly why he was re-signed (well, that and he liked it enough here to take a paycut..)

RE: Kalinin, he was playing great with Buffalo but was bothered by injuries, that's got a lot to do with him getting in the doghouse there, he was still being nagged by those injuries I'd assume. He started out slow but the past few games he's looked really good and him and Girardi seem to be getting comfortable with each other.

I agree about Rissmiller, I really think that we didn't expect a ton out of Voros going into camp either ad that he was a pleasant surprise. I think initially the plan was probably for the first 3 lines to be pretty solidified...Naslund, Drury, Gomez, Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, Prucha, Zherdev and then one open slot for Sjostrom, Voros, Korpikoski, and Rissmiller to compete for. Hasn't exactly unfolded like that.

Anyone know what line or with what players Voros played on last season with Minnesota? Looking at is average TOI last year of around 9 minutes makes me think he was a 4th liner.

Think people are being way too hard on Kalinin, people in the pre-season (both in forums and at MSG) were tabbing him the next Malik and booing him but he's maybe had 1-2 bad games and has not nearly been as difficult to watch as the Malik/Backman corollary of last year. Hopefully he'll be able to maintain this consistency throughout the year.

Also Paul Mara has been awesome so far this season, his physicality has made him much more exciting to watch and he is not getting beat as much as he did when he was first traded here two years ago. Honestly other than Roszival's consistent need to take dumb penalties i've been very thrilled with the defense so far this season. Even with Redden's insane contract he has been a positive addition and i'm hopeful he'll start lightin up the power play real soon.

As for the offense i've got mixed feelings. Glad to see BB pointed out the the increasingly disturbing cold streaks that have fallen upon Drury and Naslund this season. Let's not forget this is what happened to Drury last year and i'm starting to wonder if maybe his career years with Buffalo had much more to do with their system than his individual talent. As for Naslund- considering his declining numbers over the last 3 seasons i think it's safe to say that we may be looking at a 50 point season with him. Though my somewhat negative expectations may enrage rangers fans i just don't see him picking it up anytime soon.

Finally, even though they haven't been lighting the lamp a ton, has anyone else noticed the improvements of the 3rd and 4th lines this season from as recently as two years ago? Need I remind you that in 06-07 we were banking on the likes of Hollweg, Ortmeyer, Hossa and Isbister (along with Betts, a much less talented Orr, and an inexperienced Callahan) to help maintain us on the 3rd and 4th lines.

Nowadays Korpikoski, Sjostrom, a rejuvinated Orr, Callahan and obviously a bunch of others just seem to be so much more talented, with speed, a more impressive forecheck, and eventually some more offense. Really excited about this season, as long as injuries stay down Rangers have more than enough talent to be a top-4 team in the Eastern Conference

I am surprised no one here has commented on Redden's uninspiring play. Hard to believe that Sather signed this guy for 6 years at $ 6.5 mil.per
Redden, plays with zero passion/intensity and is not committed to playing strong hockey game in and game out.
His role in the OT goal for Hossa was primo example of lazy/ lackadaisical hockey.
He tried to stick check the puck twice and failed each time. A decent body check on the Wings player would have thwarted their attack.
He is playing like a lazy dog and needs to be benched by Renney to deliver a message.
Wake up and play with some heart and desire to at least try and earn part of your $ 6.5 mil per year salary!


Voros centered the line with Gaborik when he scored 5 goals against us. I believe Demitra was the other winger.

Dubi - Zherdev - Voros
- Working because they have 3 different types of players each responsible for bringing something else to the table. Also knowing if they aren't responsible, the line will be missing something.

Betts - Sjo - Orr
- Working for same reasons. each bring something different to the table and realize they all need to do their part.

I would like the other lines to also be constructed like that. Gomez needs a shooter on his line. He is a pass first player and at his best when thats what he has to do. From what we have currently Prucha would be best option. Also I think if Naslund has any chemistry with anyone its been Gomez. Gomez - Naslund - Prucha would be a great line I think. If Prucha can score goals which he has shown he has. If not, trade for a scorer.

Drury has played well with Dawes and Callahan. Lets reunite them.

What does everyone think.


Drury WAS playing as center in the last two games. Korpi moved to the Wing in the DET game.

Surprise, surprise... Avery gave a telephone interview last week to the Post, which isn't surprising at all considering the Post always gave him a forum to present his side of things instead of the big picture ... And once again he has used it to make himself appear as the injured party saying tha he's extremely disappointed if any of his former teammates thought he had a personal agenda last season.

I prefer Newsday's take in that they bring up Avery's statements from August in which he wasn't gracious and humble as he wants to appear right now

Aves will get a cheer from me. Good times i will tell ya that.

What's so "uninspiring" about Redden's play? He can't score every game, he scored what, two times in the first three games? Him and Rozy have arguably been our best defensive pair, going on the argument that if nothig else proves it the fact that people haven't gotten all knee-jerkish lately about them as usual and been saying Redden was a horrible signing and that Rozy needs to be traded so we can bring in a defenseman we dont need like Kyle McLaren.

nyragers 0809

You are crazy, did you watch last game? Re-unite Drury with Dawes and Callahan after Dawes-Gomez-Callahan's performance against Detroit?


I will agree Callahan played well but it's only one game. He is at best a second line winger. Callahan is not a first line RW. I wouldn't even call him a scorer (grinder). if he hits 20 a year its alot. I could be wrong though. What I am saying is Gomez needs a scorer/shooter. Some who would have converted all the chances Drury had while playing next to him. I don't think callahan can do that every night.

Dubi - Please pass this on as appropriate. I too got to catch Derek Stepan's act on Saturday in Denver. Although he was scoreless, I thought he played rather well. His passing was crisp, on target and rather innovative at times. He got alot of time on the Badger's power play and was a rather effective PP quarterback. He split that job with Blake Geoffrion who is Wisconsin's captain and Boomer's grandkid. The Badgers only played in spurts and deserved the spanking DU gave them. In spite of that Derek was one of the better players for them this weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to watch him play. Once he fills out his body and starts scoring, he will be a force to reckon with on the NCAA scene.

Have an extra pair of tickets for the game tonite.

Section 424 row E. Center ice blue seats. My seasons tickets.

$70 for the pair. Ticket exchange at MSG before the game.

Call my cell: 201-230-7410.

No E-mails. On my way to the train.

If Dawes can stay out of a cold streak, I bet you he could score 40 on Gomez's wing, he knows how to score. At this point we're rolling four lines, the "1st" line doesn't get much more ice time than the 2nd or 3rd lines, techically Callahan is still on the third line, and Gomers is centering it.

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