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September 29, 2008


I'd venture to guess the injury for Staal is his hand after he blocked the Brian Rolston shot in the last game....

tomas pock was claimed off waivers by the islanders

are we going to open up comments again?

If not im going to make a message board for everyone to come to during games

Yeah dude, this is tough not having a message board anymore. I know, I know BB+..but this was a part o my day that I miss :(

i remember pock in like his first NHL game he ripped a shot from halfway from the neutral zone and he scored and messier jumped on him. It was pretty cool. I thought he was gonna be good offensive defenseman but it never worked out here. Hopefully he doesn't burn us as an Islander.

anyways usually i don't listen to Eklund but he made some valid points about the Rangers. He says that they are looking for a goal scorer and that the Rangers have too many playmakers and not enough finishers.

Well the Rangers have Drury he's a finisher but Renney has been using (more like misusing) him as a playmaker. Like i've said all along Shanahan is a better goal scorer than anyone the Rangers can put out on the 2nd line right now. Move Prucha and Rissmiller and Shanahan's salary can be had.


I'd have no problem if that was the Rangers lineup going into the season.

Don't get used to it. Pretty sure Dubi will have to shut it down as the behavior starts to deteriorate and instead of covering the Rangers, he has to play kindergarten cop.

Probably an oversight anyway that it's open.

The other message board is just a click away for BB+



i think bb+ will actually make the comment section relatively problem free

I'm losing patience with prucha he constantly either shoots right into the goalies chest or completely wide


I will host this board during the season for game discussions if anyone is interested.

I can IP ban people here and if anyone is a problem, they wont be for long.

Pock had loads of potential. I really thought he'd end up being a mainstay as a 3rd pair defenseman here, it's a shame he never panned out.

There have always been a multitude of players with enough skill to make a splash & impress at the minor league level. But most of them just don't have quite enough to do it in the NHL. Pock skills never stood out against NHL players & given that he was soft & very weak defensively, I always figured he was just AHL material. I wish him well & I hope he gets a chance with the Islanders

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