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September 30, 2008


y is hockeybuzz.com reporting lundqvist knee injury and surgery?

goal gomez PPgoal 5on3
goal Dubi PP goal 5on4

4-1 in the 3rd

Hey Dubi,

When will the Rangers have to make their final roster cuts/decisions?? I assume they will have to make final decisions by Thursday or Friday - prior to their season opener. Any feeling on who may stay and who may go? My favorites to stay are Korpikoski and Potter.

Also, any sense of when the Rangers will announce who their new captain will be?? I really hope they don't go with the co-captain or 3 alternates deal. My personal choice would be for Drury.

Kalinin goal

6-1 Korpi deflected shot from potter

7-1 potter

8-1 Dubi from NZ

6 power play goals, isn't that what they had all last season????

i love we had a wonderful game (PP and otherwise) and 6 goals in the third period is fantastic too....but let's be serious...look at the competition...i'm optimistic were going to have a great season, but this game really does not confirm or contradict that

it would have contradicted it if they lost.

Drury scored the 5-on-3 third goal, not Gomez - it never reached him far side, although if it had, he would have scored it

the guy who impressed me the most during the game was Bern's star goalie Marco Buhrer. He made save after save and kept them in the game until they pulled him midway through the 2nd when the score was only 2-0.

CPotter and Fahey both look good. I think maybe put Mara or Kalilin on waviers or trade bait if need be.

is henrik lundqvist ok?

yikesss I hope Henrik is ok.....
if he doesnt play tommorow than we know somethings up
If he is ok than has anyone thought of doing what the Canucks did and name Lundqvist the captain? ...just a thought

Naming the goaltender as the captain is a terrible idea. As much as the goaltender may represent the core values of the team as Vancouver states as their case for naming Luongo as the captain, he can't act in his full capacity because of league rules and he cant wear the C. Basically, he's just a locker room presence, because he can't speak to the officials regarding calls on the ice, nor can he be a leader on the bench in the course of the game. Naming Lundquist as captain would be an insult to guys like Drury and Gomez who are leaders on and off the ice and who could actually perform the job in it's full capacity

Dude that must of been some surgery being that Henrik was sitting his pretty self on the bench backing up Vally *eye roll*

yea well considering hockeybuzz has nothing about an injury to Lundqvist on their website im gonna go ahead and say that guy was making it up

Goalies can't be captains.

apparently they can

I love the bigger ice surface in Europe. The NHL should have had the foresight to expand their rink size 15-20 years ago just prior to the wave of new arenas being built. Currently it's 85 feet across in the NHL & 100 in Europe, and at the very least I think the NHL should have gone added 5 more feet to make it 90 across.

"Goalies can't be captains.
~Posted by: rangerbill94

apparently they can
~Posted by: bdubs"

It looks like Luongo will serve as team captain for the Canucks off the ice, but he can't wear the C & function as captain during game time.

NHL Rule 6.1: No playing Coach or playing Manager or goalkeeper shall be permitted to act as Captain or Alternate Captain.

So he's pretty much just their captain in a locker room sense. The NHL doesn't recognize him as a captain.

Hey Jxmarts,

The NHL will never expand the ice surface because it would be too costly to lose all those seats. Adding an extra 15 feet to the width of the rink would probably get rid of 4-5 rows of seats.

I'm getting kind of worried that Henrik has not been playing. It seems like he has barely played this preseason. He also looked like crap against the Devils and even Chico Resch noted that he looked a little bit awkward at times (maybe favoring something).

I pray that it is nothing....

I don't think we should go and get rid of both Mara and Kalinin just yet because Fahey and Potter have had decent pre-season showings. My money is on Fahey as a black horse candidate for the 7th d-man spot being that he's 27, I don't know how old Potter is but I don't think Fahey benefits from more playing time in the AHL, Potter probably does. If(and when, I didnt like this signing at all) Kalinin struggles I'm sure he sits and Fahey plays. Potter is probably the first guy to get a call-up, I won't be surprised to see Sanguinetti up at some point this year either if there's injuries and he's playing well in Hartford.

Can't say I didn't see this coming, I mean what did they think would happen when you put pros against a team of draft picks to be and NHL washups? Still cool...my final picks after reading tonights article on NHL.com about the rangers needing to send home 3 guys makes me believe that on D-day the Rangers will be sending Fahey, Rissmiller and Kalinin home.


Fahey probably won't be a bad defender, its just that in the interest of the team, Potter would be better, Rissmiller hasn't shown any value yet this preseason and good ridence to his 1 mil salary. This allows younger better players including sjostrom and the always exciting Korpikoski to hold roster positions, I'll be surprised if Riss. gets picked up off waivers. As for Kalinin; he has just made one to many mistakes for him to earn a Roster spot, not really that bad a defender, I just don't think he'll make the cut. NOW, the team could keep Kalinin as the 7th man just in case they need him (injuries.) If they keep Kalinin they'll probably ditch Potter. One reason in favor of this is Potter is on a two way contract while Kalinin isn't and he is far more likely to get picked off waivers.

You guys are forgetting that Wiikmon is there. He's one cut, but won't be cut until after the Czech Trip as there is some kind of rule for the European games that the Rangers (and other NHL clubs) can have three goalies until they get back to the mainland. So there are only two cuts left, unless they decide to only keep 22 to cut down on cap space. My bets are on Fahey and Rissmiller, unless either has a whale of a game tomorrow. If not those two, my next bets are: Korp (until a trade is made, he's the safest to send down), Sjo, Fritsche or Prucha. Any of those guys would risk being lost to a waiver claim, and Sather does not like to give away an asset for free. I think he is loathe to put Rissmiller on waivers, so Korp, undeservedly, might be sent down. The other knock against him is that he will make 1.2 mil, which is more than any of those other guys. If Sather wants some wiggle room, he might want to wait a while (read: trade Prucha) before calling Korp up to the show.

Yep they signed Kalinin so they can cut him before the season starts


Lundy played 72 games last year and will likely play 70-75 this year. It's one thing to worry about his poor performance, but there's no reason why he should make more than a few appearances in preseason.

all i know is that Lauri Korpikoski better be in the starting lineup against the Lightning. He has easily been the best player on the ice for the Rangers this preseason. Also considering the Rangers have no other options, Prucha will be on the 1st or 2nd Line to start.

if Prucha and co. cant produce at that level then the Rangers will be able to move let's say Mara and Prucha and be able to obtain a winger at the deadline or sign Shanahan similarly to what Anaheim did with Selanne.

btw in 11 games for Omsk, Cherepanov has 6 goals and 5 assists. This looks like it might be a huge year for him, hopefully the Rangers can get him signed.

There's no way he's been the best player on the ice, have you not been watching Zherdev, Dubinsky, Staal, etc???? He's been solid but nothing crazy.

I also mentioned it before, look at how long it took Dawes and Callahan to earn a spot up here, you really think Renney is going to allow Korpikoski to earn a spot after a solid training camp?

RE: Shanahan. I doubt Shanahan is getting a deal, if he doesn't go somewhere else I could see us giving him a contract if/when we run into an injury or two. We just have too many forwards as it is, I don't think we're going to cut 2 to 3 guys that can't get to hartford without going through waivers just so Shanahan can play.

I also hate the idea of trading Mara, he was playing great hockey in the playoffs and that's why we re-signed him, we don't have great depth on defense, who takes his spot? Potter and Fahey do not play on his level, and you trade Mara that means Kalinin is in the lineup every night regardless of how he plays. Lets not forget Kalinin has been plagued with injuries the past year or two either.


With Jagr straka and Shanny gone i think Renney would let Korpi get a spot ona team becasue we need all the help we can get

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