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July 25, 2008


This is getting more annoying than ESPN Insider. I understand that Blueshirt Bulletin is a business, but at this point, the only thing this site offers is a marketing pitch for BB+ and a few links. I don't feel that BB+ offers something new to the subscribers. I think it's more of a case where the content we used to read on this site is being transferred over to BB+. If that's the case, you might as well shut down the original blueshirt bulletin website because we can get those links somewhere else. I wish Dubi and the rest of the Blueshirt Bulletin family the best and I hope that the time and effort they put into these sites and their publication brings in a nice profit because they are obviously very dedicated to their cause. However, the lack of content on this site and the constant sales pitch for BB+ might be alienating some of the loyal readers who simply aren't interested in BB+ for whatever reason.

Maybe the lack of content is simply due to the fact that we're in July, and once the season starts, we'll have access to everything we're used to and BB+ will truly be bonus material for the diehard fans. Would that assessment be correct Dubi?

Pete- I don't think you were trying to be disrespectful, but you are looking at the website as if it is not a business. Dubi gets access to the Rangers because of the newspaper edition of BB. If he stops publishing the newspaper, he loses the press credentials. The blog is here to support the newspaper, since it is a way to have more timely news items that would be dated in the monthly format. The fact that so many people come to the website for news means that Dubi is putting a lot of effort into something that does not support the magazine. You're missing the point of BB+. If you can get those links elsewhere, than why do you come here? As far as getting rid of the free version, well that's marketing class 101. You ned to have something that tells people what they can get by subscribing. I still come to this page, but it sure is stuck with a lot of whiners who constantly complain about the fact that all the "free" content is gone, yet they are insulted when other posters call them "freeloaders". I say all those who want a free forum to show their "powerful" web personaes (not you Pete, others who have abused this site) with no repercussions, go to SW's site and get your frustrations out.

Sorry but what is annoying is those folks who's name were never seen before in posting comments.

That barely 1% of the actual subscribers are not in favor of the changes says a lot more than these "Hit and Run" comments.

Now here is the real question exactly why is this comment not being posted at the BB+?

Would the answer be because the person is not an actual subscriber? If he was then sorry yes I am biased but I for one believe the content offered there is of high quality and worth the subscription price.

Better yet ask the subscribers if they are happy with the changes especially in the comments area and they say yes.

The other area I have an issue is would be the "nice profit" because regular readers know that the magazine has been treading water for years.

As one of the writers here I have taken losses each of the last 4 years trying to provide the prospect coverage. I never complained about it because it was a labor of love.

But the amount of losses is getting larger and I for one want to at least break even to be able to do what I do.

All I want is to not go broke while giving you folks the coverage that most of you enjoy.

30 dollars a year is less than the cost of ONE SINGLE TICKET in the 400s.

The migration we are undergoing here has been amply explained numerous times. Readers have requested that we stop discussing it. Subscribe if you want the premium content, or don't subscribe if you don't want it. Your call.

I will leave the current comments online for another hour or so, then I will delete them, and then I will delete any further comments on the subject when I see them. Nothing personal, no offense taken, hopefully no offense given, but the subject has been closed and will remain closed.

There is a change of scenery here too, and that's the way it's gonna be.


What if non-subscribers could access BB+ at a discounted rate without buying the magazine?

Good idea dubi - maybe we can finally be rid of the SAME CONVERSATION on every comment thread.

Good article on Zherdev, YouTube video shows promise. Lets hope he takes advantage of a great opportunity.

You both make valid arguments. I'm a big fan of Dubi's work as well as Jess' over at Prospect Park. It was unfair to pass judgment on BB+'s content because I'm not a subscriber. The main reason why I haven't subscribed to the publication is because I get the impression that most of the articles (except for prospect interviews and what not) would be outdated by the time it got to my doorstep(I'm not a U.S. resident). I do think however that BB+ is a better alternative for someone like myself, but I'm not sure if the BB+ content is completely different to the magazine's and this site's content, or is there some unique content, and the rest is taken from this site or the magazine.

Jess - I realize that I don't post comments on this site very often (I've probably posted more on your site), but I've probably read every post for the past three years.

Mark - I don't come on the site for the links, I come for the content, which is seemingly being transferred to BB+. If that's indeed the case, I'll gladly sign up to BB+. I just want to know if I can expect to see anything of substance on this site other than links and marketing before I sign up to BB+. If the content on this site remains relatively the same, that'll suffice for me. I don't need another reason to spend more time on these blogs, and I'll just donate some money to Dubi for good measures.

Dubi - Would the premium content be what we're used to receiving on this site, or are you offering even more?

Will the content on this site remain relatively similar to what we were used to in years past, or should we expect some of it to be transferred to BB+?

Dubi, do you have an email address? I want to see if you received my subscription form.

Jess wrote:

Sorry but what is annoying is those folks who's name were never seen before in posting comments.

Zzyzx writes:

You know what's really annoying, when I or others get a few minutes to step away from our jobs and are able to read up on the Rangers through the blog-o-sphere, so we post a critical but what we think is a constructive or valid comment on Blueshirt Bulletin. Then later on in the day, we *might* have a few more minutes to go back and see if anyone responded. So then we see some responses from "regulars" (you know who you are) and possibly even a holier than thou blog entry belittling us or dismissing us outright as "once-a-year" posters simply for the fact that we don't post incessantly. How dare we speak our opinion! I think I speak for many when I say that we'd love to have Dubi's and Jess's job and have the time to constantly talk about Rangers hockey or have the free time that some of you do to spend blogging, but that isn't a reality for 95% of us. So, please, spare us your self-righteousness. If you want to keep your blog free, great! Then us "once-a-year" posters will keep reading and enjoying it and maybe we'll throw in an occasional fiery comment. But if you (Dubi, Jess, and other regulars) want us to start paying, then maybe you (all of you) should stop belittling us when we post on this site. Believe it or not, a lot of us have played hockey at very high levels and have been athletes our entire lives. Just because we post here infrequently and disagree with you doesn't mean that we don't know what we're talking about. Adios.

Sorry, Dubi, I didn't read the past arguments and didn't realize the topic had been shelved. My bad!

according to tsn.ca shanahan wants to return for 1 more year and wants it to be with the rangers. they also say sather feels the same.

All of you need to grow up and get lives. It's just a magazine.

did they mention a price by any chance?

did they mention a price by any chance?

I come here alot but normally don't post. I think dubi dose a great job with the content but im getting tired of the fighing over bb+. If dubi has bb+ as an add perk to subscribers then thats great. He keeps this site open to us so we can talk Hockey (thanks for that dubi). So stop complaning about bb+ and enjoy the fact that we have this site to talk hockey. So let's stop the BS and talk hockey.

uhh i know i've been against the talking of BB+
but john i must remind u he's cutting the comments for those who dont have bb+ (just an FYI)

I don't have bb+ but I still come here to talk hockey.I would still come here and post during games but I think after next friday we will not be able to post anymore.

I think he's doing that becuse every day peple are complaining about bb+. Maybe we could talk him out of taking that away from us! lol


You dont want Sundin but u want Shanny back. Your lost dude! Shanny should not be brought bring else they dont get Sundin or they trade Prucha.


"What if non-subscribers could access BB+ at a discounted rate without buying the magazine?" What could be more "discounted" then $2.50/mo?

there are major differences between Shanny and Sundin
A- Sundin would require a higher salary
B- Sundin would Require more ice time
C- Sundin has never won a cup while Shanny has won several (i'm pretty sure 3)
D- Shanny has been the voice of the Rangers since he arrived he's been a great influence on the other players.

Pete Rock

Please accept my apologies for singling you out but as you see here it is those others who have been pulling the behavior I was talking about.

Others like the zzyzx are the problem as over an hour after Dubi posted what he did was their comments.

Why not just slap Dubi in the face and get it over with by consistently ignoring requests to stop with the trashing of a decision.

It is not being self-righteous when one gets tired of seeing a friend attacked for trying to keep his business alive.

If someone wants to place blame as to why this part of the Blueshirt Bulletin being closed off then point the finger at a zzyzx and assorted like them.

Again Pete I will apologize to you for singling you out but please understand my own frustration at seeing this still happening.


How would you play if the team that signed you 1) waited months before signing you; 2) signed you for almost minimun wage; 3) told you to play on the 4th line, 4) told you that you were the "spiritual" leader of this team and 5) if somebody important got hurt, then you would be moved up? Somehow, I just don't think every shift would be a 100% shift. And I don't care who it is. The Rangers management has made it clear..."We don't have a spot for you!" I'm sorry, but the guy has little in his tank and we seem to have plenty of leadership. Cast off Jagr, Shanny and Straka...they all played very well for us, but the show is over and a new cast is coming on stage. Let's get with it.

rangersbill 94-

I totally agree with u. Bdubs is lost. I guess he didn't watch the last half of the season and the playoffs when Shanny was a nonfactor.


So let me get this straight...I or someone else posts an opinion stating that Jagr is a dog or that Prucha needs to gain weight, then we get attacked by everyone on this board because we are a once-a-year poster, and somehow we're the problem?

The problem is that anytime someone posts a fiery comment that you, Dubi, and the "regulars" disagree with, you act like it's an assault on you personally and like the blog-o-sphere is about to come crumbling down. Christ, I posted a comment on how as a fan, former hockey player, and current athlete, I find it insulting that Prucha won't gain weight, and I get a scathing response from Laurie and some other people acting as though it's blasphemous that I criticize Prucha and attacking me as a once a year poster that doesn't know jack squat. I've seen this happen to other posters on numerous occasions. Well it just so happens that I've played hockey for over 20 years at various levels, I hold a journalism degree and a law degree both with latin honors, and I'll be a published author sometime in 2009. Does that make me better than anyone else? No, of course not. But I'm pretty sure that makes me qualified to give my opinion on Rangers without you, Dubi, or anyone else treating me like I'm some kind of idiot just because I only have the time to visit this site about once a week (though this post makes it twice) and you happen to disagree with me.

If Dubi tells us he is going private because of Isles trolls, or because of spammers, or because Blueshirt Bulletin would be much easier to run with some capital behind the machine, or simply just because it's your party and you wanna do what you want to, then that's cool, man. I get it and wish him the best of luck. I really enjoyed your blog entries (when you weren't criticizing some of your posters). But don't tell me your taking your shop private because infrequent posters have ruined this site because it's really just the other way around.

Good luck.

So...no more bickering. Let the constructive comments flow and let's go Rangers! See you next week.

Think about it. The magazine would not be able to expand it's membership too much further if this website completely dries up with content.

I am not a subscriber as of yet. But I'm also not looking to sign up and begin my membership during July. It does not make too much sense to me to begin a 12-month membership when there is 2 months until the season begins. I'll also admit that part of the reason I have been reluctant in the past is partly due to Jess' (and others) attitude towards those they are trying to sell it to. I've never seen a successful business approach where a salesman frequently resorts to insulting, belittling, and dismissing potential customers opinions and/or blantantly calling them cheap and stingy. Dubi goes to great lengths to remian professional, but regular BB+ contributers like Jess and Mitch Beck have lacked professionalism on here in the past that have made me question what I would be paying for.

I'm gonna give BB+ a shot come October because I have been a big fan of Dubi's work for many years. But Jess.... I would change your tone. It's easier to blow off some comments on here when it's free. But myself and others around here will have a much different attitude towards your insults and holier-than-thou attitude when we're paying you. I'm not going to be paying so I can be lectured on how opinions are worthless if they differ from yours.

Shanny has made it clear that he wants to play only for us, which I think is awesome. Yes, I understand that Shanny was a non-factor in the latter half of the season and in the playoffs, but that neglects the former half of the season when he was playing great. In a terrible off year he still scored 23 goals...not bad. I also think he was hurt for the second half, which contributed to his slowing down. He's had the whole off season to heal and condition, and I think he'd return strong for the start of the season. You guys are selective haters when it comes to guys getting hurt. When Avery and Shanny get hurt, they're "fragile", but when Rozsival has offseason hip surgery, he's OK to the point that we resign him to a big contract and nobody bitches about it. I don't get it. We have basically a completely different team, with guys like Rissmiller and Voros that we know nothing of. We're counting on many under-achievers to step up and contribute and the reality is that not all may stand up to the challenge. Shanny is a fighter, and I think he might be a big piece of the puzzle next season if he signs on.

Joe in DE
Very well put. I agree completely

Chris QCT

Trash me if you like as it but you know something Mitch Beck is not a pal of mine. What you call his lack of professionalism I call his defending himself from cheap shots that he took from people.

Beck busted his butt setting up chats, hosting a party at his house and what did he get from people?

He got trashed by people but that is ok because it was free right? If Beck was unprofessional then what was the way he was treated here called?

See you in Oct when you want to talk hockey


Please read Dubi's post at 2:22 today and then go read what someone posted at 3:26 and see exactly what I am talking about.

I agree with Joe in DE too, Shanny is important to this team....

wish my credit card worked :(

you may not agree with it, but the owner and maintainer of this site wants $30 a year for a subscription to his magazine which then entitles you to use this site. There are plenty of FREE sites, and he provides links to many . This is not one of them anymore. Get over it. You want to argue with or about Jess, pay and play. Does any one here work for free? 'If you want to dance, you have to pay the band'. And I agree, Jess is not the best salesman or promoter of this site, but he seems to be a straight shooter, mostly right between the eyes;-) Talk hockey ,and agree to disagree.

Question for Dubi, et al: (no antagonism here)

Rather than focusing your energies on selling subscriptions to BB+, wouldn't it make more sense to sell advertising to the regular BB site and forget all about BB+?

Seems to me that you dilute your brand when you break it up in many pieces...

Maybe the ESPN Insider model works for them and would work for you, but it doesn't necessarily correlate.

Guys I can't believe we are still talking and bitching about BB+! Its done move on. The same people that are complaining about BB+ are complaining that they want Shanny back. I guessing to cheap to pay 30 bucks a year for a great paper and to cheap to buy a new rangers jersey. Shanny is gone move on!

Guys I can't believe we are still talking and bitching about BB+! Its done move on. The same people that are complaining about BB+ are complaining that they want Shanny back. I guessing to cheap to pay 30 bucks a year for a great paper and to cheap to buy a new rangers jersey. Shanny is gone move on!

Smitty -- You may have noticed the ads on the right side of the page (if you haven't, it may help explain why some of those advertisers are pulling their ads this year or requested rate reductions). There are already quite a number of them -- there is just not enough revenue there to keep this venture afloat.

Chris -- You're cheating yourself out of a bonus month or two of BB+ by waiting. We track subscriptions by issue number, not by time. If you subscribed now, you'd get BB+ access right away, but the clock on your ten issues wouldn't start until this September and wouldn't end until next September.

And now I'm going to be rude to you, Chris. I know you from all the way back to the RFC days before I took over Blueshirt Bulletin before the lockout. You've been following BB.com from the start. You've read every one of my monthly pleas to help keep the site afloat and help keep it free by taking out a subscription, but you never heeded the call. Now you blame it on Jess and Mitch being rude to some readers -- when were they ever rude to you? If you think I'm going to buy that excuse, maybe your should try selling me a bridge that spans the East River.

Finally, let me add that the site is NOT becoming a "pay site". It is becoming -- in part -- a site for Blueshirt Bulletin subscribers only, for the people who voluntarily heeded one of the many calls to help keep the site afloat over the past four years. The site will remain afloat and free -- for them. It will not remain completely open to those who are looking to save themselves the 8 1/4 cents per day (or less!) that we're asking for a magazine subscription, with access to BB+ a benefit of taking out a subscription.

I have copies of bb that date back to 2000 @$2.50 per issue as I bought them on the newsstand can anyone tell me something that they bought 8 years ago that is still the same price today

I recieved one of the BEST B-day presents this year a 2 year subscription to bb


I am almost never on the board portion of this or any other site for that matter anymore. I just don't have the patience or the desire to read the immense amount of negativity that SOME fans put out there. I also have no stomach for the "computer bravery" that inspires again SOME people to get into these childish and time wasting name calling bouts. I have no desire whatsoever to take part in any of them or waste my time reading any of them.

As Jess wrote, he and I are not particularly close. WE have had our own bouts and there have been times when we're very friendly with one another and times for whatever reason that we're not. I personally GREATLY appreciate him taking the time to defend me. It means a lot to me and what he wrote, he wrote from the heart. Thank you Jess...whatever our differences may be when it comes to our own passions for this sport and this team in particular you're a good man.

Also, Chris, you want to knock the opinions I've expressed in the magazine, on Howlings or on this site, you're entitled to do so and be my guest. As the saying goes, "Opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has one and they all stink." But don't you ever question my integrity or my humanity.That will not go without my standing up for myself. You don't know me, my life, my struggles or the lengths that I go to with my time or even my own finances in order to bring the readers of this site, magazine etc what I do. I have never boasted of being perfect to anyone. In your comment about me being rude or whatever, did you ever happen to mention the fact that at each occasion when I've reread and/or rethought what was written here that I have apologized for my words each time?

I have said this repeatedly not just hear but to anyone who'll listen, that Dubi is one of the people that I most respect on this rock we all live on. What he's managed to do with this organization is nothing short of incredible. In my opinion, to lord over Dubi something that a) has nothing to do with him and b) did I say nothing to do with him, is just plain ridiculous.

So the bottom line on all of this, if you don't like me that's fine...I was in show business for far to long to not have learned that lesson. However, you should support this magazine and this site if for no other reason, what would you do if you didn't have the kind of coverage that you have received here and through the spin off sites like Prospect Park and Howlings, among others?

Support Blueshirt Bulletin magazine...Again, Chris I have no beef with you and have no desire to debate any of this with you. I hope that you will reconsider and in the future perhaps have your facts straight before you write something.

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