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July 16, 2008


Hey Glen, let me handle it:

Sorry Brendan. Based upon last year alone, for which you "earned" $5.2M, it is a pass for us. Wouldn't want your soft, no passing game to rub off on Zherdev. As for the "leadership" angle, if you were to be brought back for that reason, how would Drury and Gomez respond? Would they be put off because it would appear to all the hockey world that we don't think either of you are much in the leadership department?

See, that alone makes you not worth the risk. As opposed to a reward of you avoiding contact all season while standing in the slot and shooting pucks into a goalies glove.

Bye bye.

"Sjostrom (Betts) might be a speedy and hard working winger, but a guy who scores a goal and an assist once every seven(ty) or eight(ty) games should not be (on the roster at this point) asking for more at this point, not with the team right up against the salary cap already. With Sjostrom's $880,000, (Betts 675k) there is no room for Lauri Korpikoski to make the team with his $1.1 million NHL cap hit or Artem Anisimov at $850,000. Johan Franzen, Anze Kopitar, and Alexander Radulov (were he to play in the NHL) make what Sjostrom is asking for (make only slightly more than Betts is scheduled for)."

Couldn't agree more about Sjostrom. But I suppose being good buddies with Henrik doesn't hurt his bargaining position. Nor does that fact that he's the only thing left out of the deal for Montoya, besides a 5th round pick, I suppose.

Paul -- Be careful. You're interrupting the continual Shanny lovefest on BB. That said, you're right. Time to move on...

That kinda sucks about freddie, but dawes did resign so that is good. I agree that freddie is out of line asking for more money.

what is the actual salary cap space available for the rangers? I have heard it is less than a million and I have heard it is like 4 mil?

haha the Shanny lovefest is making my afternoon

HEY Greg L.!!!!!! I was here first !!!! Change your name , have some respect . Please .

I posted this on JDP's blog:

Best paragraph in the blog:

"While it might seem like a no-brainer to replace any or all of them with a player of Shanahan’s eye-popping accomplishments and continued ability to perform in the clutch both on the ice and in the dressing room - not to mention in the boardroom when players and owners are at one another’s throats, and on the phone when prospective free agents need to be told how wonderful playing for the Rangers is - Sather has yet to make that move. Which at least suggests that Rangers’ brass doesn’t consider re-signing Shanahan a no-brainer at all."

Where does this notion of "continued ability to play in the clutch" come from? It is total bias on JDP's part since nothing from last season he did, when it mattered, could be considered clutch. The only goal he had in the playoffs was a Brodeur choke job. Also, remember that Isles game down the stretch when Shanny couldn't go and Jagr scored two first period PP goals from the exact spot Shanny is bolted to when he's "healthy"? As for the rest of the stretch run Shanny was useless. yeah it could be said that he was hurt but if he wouldn't come out last season when he thought he might have, and if Renney won't sit him even if he knows the guy is hurt, how will that play out this year if he gets hurt again?

Have to say, on this one JDP looks like a total shill.

Paul A.

Any and all shootout goals Shanny scored for us. Those were clutch because not another skater on this team was a consistent threat for us in the SO.

P.S. I know Dawes was good, but he was not utilized nearly enough.

I keep hearkening back to Shanahan-Brashear slugfest a couple of winters ago. Man, talk about guts and "wanting to be a Ranger"! I know the down side of signing Shanahan, but he's a great Ranger influence on all those young guys. It's hard to think that he'll be leaving. I for one am up for another year of Shanahan, even in a diminished role and even if I'm thinking with my heart and not my head.

I'm with you NC-Steve, we have so much transition, we need a steady familiar guy that can kill penalties when needed, be used on the PP, his some snarl and is probably a good role model for the kids. If he is on the 4th line we can actually get some goals back there from the "can't hit the net for all the tea in China" gang.
Don't forget the SO, he was deadly one on one. Maybe I just hate change. Going to be hard looking down the bench without Straka, JJ and Avery as they were in the top scoring bunch. I'll be happy to see him back if he is accepting a lesser role and pay-check.

the guys on xm doing the power play show are rating the teams' gms based on re-signings, the draft and free agency, and they just gave sather a C-, after the debs got a C and the isles a D. they ragged on the redden signing (agreed), zherdev who they think will play for a year and then head off to russia, losing toots, sean. praised the youth but see no scoring help, and really dissed delzotto who one of them said dropped a lot because a lot of gms don't think he will ever play in the nhl. that was really depressing to listen to. they also continued to rail against the signings of dru and gomer and expected a lot more out of them for the money they got. they expect dru to not have a good year coming up because he has no wingers to play with who can score. they obviously don't see the value of patrick rissmiller and aaron voros :-)

they're pompous and obnoxious so it's hard to give them any credence, but i'm just passing along some nyr news.

otoh, i'm still excited about the changes and hope they don't cave in and bring shanny back as a player.

Dubi, we didn't have anybody on the roster like Voros or Rissmiller. These guys are tough guys, pure sandpaper. Orr isn't that type of player, nor was Avery or Hollweg and certainly not Sjostrom. Fritsche is one of those types and I think he will end up as our 3rd line center. Sjostrom is now expendable and I think that is what is behind his actions. This could force Sathers hand, resulying in a trade that moves Freddie someplace else.

lovin everyone with the another year for shanny

Zipay updated is blog to read......

(I was initially mixed up, the Freddie Sjostrom negotiations are apparently about more than one year).

Sjostrom isn't expendable. If speed is a theme for '08-'09, he's got the goods. And its not far-fetched that Naslund, a veteran, one-time first-round pick, Swedish wing, who established his game after a trade, will mentor Fred to be more consistent and productive contributor.

By my calculations, the Rangers currently have 23 players who total just about $56 million. That includes Thomas Pock as the seventh D for the time being -- he could be replaced by Vlad Denisov, Corey Potter, or someone, but it wouldn't amount to much by way of cap savings since Pock makes %667,500.

What the calculation does not include is Sjostrom, which would make it 24 players, so obviously someone would have to come off the roster to make room for Sjo -- and that would leave no more that chicken scratch under the cap. Also not included at this time is the salary of Andreas Jamtin, who I'm assuming is the top candidate of the third-fourth line wingers to start in Hartford.

It's tight -- some players may just have to be cut to make room, or traded for a draft pick like Hollweg was. Or a multi-player deal...

Ok. Love shanny but unless he is a 13th foward then can't have him. Betts may be out? He is the best penalty killer we have. I don't know much about Fritche - but if he is as accomplished a pk'er as Betts then maybe Betts is gone. But Betts is cheaper by the way. The signing of Rissmiller and Jamtin and Voros I feel was done to fill a void on the 3rd line when avery was not brought back. Would not be surprised if two of the three end up in hartford for a year. Are we not going to give Korpikoski a shot to make this team. He may be able to pitch in with some goals. What about Parenteau? I know he is a career minor leaguer but he can score. Does anyone disagree with the xm guys about the where are the goals coming from. I don't know yet. I guess we are hoping more from dawes and cally and dubi and prucha.

Should be fun

Hey Dubi. Don't pay any attention to those who are pissed about BB+ I think it is a fine idea and I will be renewing my subscription

Fred has hardly been on the team for any time or moreover excelled in any respect.Sather spoke with Maloney before the 3PM trade deadline. Each GM knew the players being exchanged would not be resigned by their respective teams.Sjostrum should feel fortunate just to be with an NHL team.Two years is out of the question. He will either accept the 1 year 10% increase or be put on waivers.

I just wonder if korpi's contract is going to prohibit him from being on the big club this year unless of a significant injury. Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen korpi or dawes fight?

yo this is serious matter , you can't pinch someones name can you dubi!!!?? This other Greg L has only posted 3 times maybe , I have posted alot and have been here at this site a looong time . Im the canadian that lives in Saskatchewan ( we don't have a NHL team ,and never did which is stuiped) I watch only Rangers and support them 100 percent .

"orr guy that was banned but came back then left and came back" Yes its me the Original Greg L . You owe me not some other imposter!! I took you up on your Free agent bet and I won!! Saweeet , I wrote a bit on Ranger Report but I post here only.

Naslund Gomez Zherdev
Dawes Dubinsky Drury
Callahan Amsinov Prucha
veros frichie Orr / Kropi/ shoey

Staal girardi
Redden Rosie
Mara Kalinen

Anisimov will start the year in Hartford - as he should! Korpi and Moore and Byers (maybe Parenteau too) are ahead of him in experience and readiness, besides we've got about 5 centers. AND it will be very good for his development to be 'the man' on the top line in Hartford for (at least) 1/2 of this season. Thats not a diss, he could eventually have a better career than many others.

I'm in agreement about Anisimov starting the year in Hartford. I don't think he should see significant time on the Rangers either. He'll benefit a lot more from being in Hartford for another year. We've got Drury, Gomez, Dubinsky, Fritsche,and Betts. All of whom I think should be centers. We don't need Anisimov either.

I hate seeing everyone so interested in having Drury on the wing. We'll benefit more in my opinion from having 3 very good centers and being able to roll 3 lines. Our roster is built deep, not to rely on the top two lines, so I don't know why we would do anything else. Fritsche, Betts, or Anisimov as your 3rd line center means the 1st and 2nd lines will get dramatically more ice time.

If Gomez and Zherdev click I can see Zherdev scoring almost 35 goals. Naslund and Drury could have similiar chemistry. Dubinsky with callahan and/or Dawes, Sjostrom, etc. can be a line with players on the wing that will sniff 20 goals.

On top of that, I think scoring from the blueline is going to be up.
I don't see scoring as a problem, just as long as chemistry is not as big a problem as it was last season.

RE: Shanahan
We don't have a lot of cap room, yes, but I'm sure we can make room for Shanahan. That is not the issue with re-signing him. We just have to see what holes we have in the line-up. There's no need to rush into a decision with Shanahan. He's talking exclusively to us. He hasn't pressured us to make a deal. Lets just let the lineup become clearer before we make knee-jerk reactions about whether or not Shanahan should be a part of this team next year. I can see him being fine with being a 3rd or even 4th line winger, and being a part of our powerplay and penalty kill. That would keep him fresh and we could still benefit from his play on th PP and PK.

RE: Sjostrom
He shouldn't be expecting more money, I like having him on the team but won't shed a tear if he walks considering the money he wants. Voros and Rissmiller already cost too much.

Korpikoski and Dawes fighting --

Korpikospki has fought once in the AHL and he was forced to because of a boarding call against him. He wanted no piece of the guy and ducked and covered.

Dawes on the other hand fought several times, and won each battle.

Recent picture of Shanahan


i dont get the picture


Thanks for the info!

i think it means, stick a fork in him he's done

Look, I know that we have prospects in Hartford that want to come up and deserve a shot, but I think some of us are acting like we're keeping the next best thing since Mark Messier in Hartford. Moore and Byers both had games in the regular season, and Korpi had 1 in the playoffs. Neither Moore or Byers tallied a point and both finished a -. Korpi played a solid game in playoffs, but his goal was kinda flukey, and to jump to conclusion that this kid is gonna light the lamp with any consistency based on a deflection goal in 10 minutes of ice time is a bit premature. Voros and Fritsche are NHL caliber players with physical upsides, but neither bring a lot of offense. I'm not going to jump on the Zherdev bandwagon yet, as the Columbus fans have complained about his inability to blossom into the legit goal scorer they hoped he'd be. Hopefully being centered by a star-caliber player will help. I see a serious lack of offensive capability next season, and I think Shanahan would be a big help to that.

I just added it up. If every player we have scored the same number of goals as last year, we will score 202 goals this season. I added the Rangers we have, and took the stats from our new guys past teams. I also included all the extra 3rd and 4th liners we have. Judging by last years stats, that would put us ~28th in the league in GF. I know it's far from a perfect assessment, but I think it highlights a real issue that may arise. However, add in another 23 goals coming from Shanahan, we're around 15th in GF. In games decided by 1 or 2 goals, the extra offensive power could really come in handy

Joe in DE,

I have my concerns about the Rangers roster too, but there's more to building a team than adding up how many goals each player scored the previous season. The Rangers have revamped their team, and most of the players will have new roles, with new linemates & different amounts of ice time. I'd be shocked if at least some of them weren't more productive than they were last year.

As for Shanny, the concerns are (1) his rapidly declining skating ability, and (2) fitting a hefty contract for a now limited player into the Rangers salary cap.

"Dubi, we didn't have anybody on the roster like Voros or Rissmiller. These guys are tough guys, pure sandpaper. Orr isn't that type of player, nor was Avery or Hollweg and certainly not Sjostrom. Fritsche is one of those types...

Posted by: rangerbill94"

I don't understand this post at all.

Rissmiller has had 3 fights in a 6 year professional career, and not one in the NHL at nearly age 30. Fritsche has had 4 fights in 206 NHL games without a clear win as of yet. Voros had 14 fights last year for the Wild, and in losing almost all of them, he did little more than go for a headlock and hold on for dear life.

Why pray tell, are they supposed to be tougher than Orr, Hollweg or Avery?

In terms of toughness, I'd realistically compare Fritsche to Dubinsky, Rissmiller to Adam Hall (maybe), and Voros to Dane Byers. Where is the sandpaper?

Joe in DE,
There's a lot of variables that I think fall in the Rangers favor. It's an optimistic point of view but I think Naslund and Zherdev both benefit from Drury and Gomez and have much better years than last.

Since when was toughness all about fighting? And moreso fights won???


THX, you understand sandpaper.

Montreal Gazette-Pat Hickey reports the Canadiens recent re-signing of defenseman Ryan O'Byrne gives the club just over $7 million in remaining cap space to perhaps sign Mats Sundin if he decides to continue his career in Montreal. GM Bob Gainey has some fine-tuning to do with his roster but is awaiting Sundin's decision before pressing on.

SPECTOR'S NOTE: If it's all about the money for Sundin, he'll sign with Vancouver. If it's all about familiarity, he'll return to the Leafs. If it's about playing for a potential Cup contender, it'll be Montreal, where his presence could push the Habs over the top. As for internet rumors that he's waiting on the NY Rangers, reports earlier this month suggested they're not waiting on him. Time will tell, I suppose, as the Rangers would have the cap space to sign him but it appears they're looking at fleshing out the rest of their roster with that space instead of cashing in most of it on one player. The Red Wings are definitely out of the running.

Peace out Sundin, everybody is upset with Shanny rumors, this guy is 2 years younger then him. No bad things to say about Sundin?

Jagr -- Gimme a break. Did you see Sundin play last year? If you did, there would be little negative to say about him. He's still an impact player, and the numbers back that up -- 78 points, 10-12 PP goals, and plus-17, on a bad team. The Leafs hung in the playoff race, because of Sundin...

Jamerson said :
Amsinov need time in hartford ,Drury not being on the wing , zherdev scoring almost 35 goals, we need to make cap room for Shanahan and that shoey want more money and to just scrap him ... YOU ARE a fool .

Your post sounds like crap , THANK GOD you don't run the team.

-Amsinov would do fine on the 3rd line.
-Zherdev wil gomez setting him up WILL make 40 goals
- Shanahan should retire , WE DON't need him.
- Shoey took less cash and is a solid player , shut yer yap about him .

- drury is small , being on the wing taking the odd face off would be great.

Since when was toughness all about fighting? And moreso fights won???
~Jameson | July 17, 2008 at 03:26 AM"

THX, you understand sandpaper.
~rangerbill94 | July 17, 2008 at 10:20 AM"

You're absolutely right. Toughness isn't just about fighting. I understand that. The '94 team led by Messier had MacTavish, Larmer, Noonan, Matteau, Anderson, Tikkanen, Gilbert, Lowe and others who played with a tremendous amount of grit but hardly fought at all.

Rangerbill, I apologize if I misunderstood you, but you made the claim that Rissmiller, Voros and Fritsche have a kind of toughness and Orr, Hollweg & Avery don't. The point that I attempted to illustrate with the fighting stats is that I see very little in Rissmiller's, Voros & Fritsche's resumes to make that kind of assertion. Rissmiller in particular is a very soft player for his size, and Voros & Fritsche have proven very little in their careers so far, especially as compared to Avery.

If they bring toughness to the Rangers, then great -- The Rangers need it! But I don't see how you can definitively claim they are tougher than Orr, Hollweg and Avery, sandpaper or otherwise, when there's so little but wishful thinking to substantiate it.

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