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July 17, 2008


Just a thought on the JJ buyout...if his contract only counted half against the cap, wouldn't his buyout count the same ie. Rangers only paying 380k with the Caps putting in the other half?

Can someone explain to me why Rissmiller was signed to a 1M deal? This guy is a non-entity. They would have been better served promoting someone from Hartford for half the cost.

Sather will get Sundin. I think Mats would take a pay cut for a chance to win a cup. Trade Prucha and Pock and we are in business.

Redden is making 2m too much.... ugh

Roc why do you want Sundin? I'd rather take what we have and roll the dice.

i think Sundin is gonna stick with Canadian teams.

Hey Pauly

I'm not a gambling man. I want the sure thing. I pay alot of money for my season tickets. I want to win!


Then why did Sundin come to the Rangers before July 1 and ask for a contract?

Yea we need to just go with this team and see what happens. Im excited and anxious to see this team skate and find chemistry with one another. Sundin is a big name but if I wanted a big name player I would have signed Hossa or Jagr. This team will Gel nicely with each other. I feel this team has the best defense in the East including Henrik in net. 50 wins for Henrik Im calling it right here with 15 shutouts. I can dream cant I.lol

players do that then back out, i really dont know whats going on in Mats head.

Why is there a buyout for Jagr?? I specifically remember he was a UFA and free to sign anywhere. How can you "buy" someone out of their contract if they are not "in contract"? This makes no sense to me.

soooooooo excited, already got the countdown going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the trend continues, Graves' jersey night will be in January. Only a few home games in January:

Mon Jan 5, 2009 v. Penguins 7:00 PM ET
Wed Jan 7, 2009 v. Canadiens 7:30 PM ET
Tue Jan 20, 2009 v. Ducks 7:00 PM ET
Tue Jan 27, 2009 v. Hurricanes 7:00 PM ET

I'm guessing the Ducks would be the least draw (if that's possible with constant sellouts...) so I'd put good money on Jan. 20th being Graves' night.

Then again, with the later start time for the Habs game... it could be that one.

yea the Canadian game looks like the best bet.

Lol we have a pretty tough schedule against the western conference. Im not looking foward to that especially with the record we had last year against the western conference.

With all the discussion here about scoring or the lack there of, I see the PP as being the most important area of the game we need to improve on. I think we will have a better defense and it looks like or PK may be OK. So the PP is the critical area of the game for this years Rangers, IMHO!

October 20th - Sean Avery returns to the Garden

Both Friday games are in October... that SUCKS.

Orr -- I'd love Sundin, but it's unlikely. If it somehow becomes realistic, Prucha's salary will probably have to be moved. That would be fine with me, too.

Interesting schedule. There appears to be a five-game road trip, but no long home stand. There are only a few instances of three-game home stand (if you can call it such).

not coming to colorado!!!!!! agh, last year was the only year since the lockout that they came here!

now resign shanny and everything is good!

now resign shanny and everything is good!

dump prucha for a pick and resign shanny

Also can someone post up the preseason schedule for some reason I cant find it

we wont sign sundin it just wont happen so stop please


Sundin will be a Ranger!

Sundin is not gonna be a ranger sheesh

Going to see them in Columbus and St. Louis for sure, going to try to get Wrigley tix for Hawks/Wings. Should be out for home/home back to back vs. sabres/sens later in the season. Can't wait!!

if sundin becomes a ranger i will give my eyes to stevie wonder
and male parts to rosie o'donell


I believe Rosie already has male parts


Preseason schedule won't be released until later in the summer.

i am sooooooooo excited!!!!!!, i am ready for Summer to be over.

why don't bdubs and roc place a bet on sundin, make the stakes high

i bet my eyes and male parts what else do u want?

since when are there sure things in sports? Specifically hockey???

Sundin goes to Vancouver I bet. Vancouver is desperate, he'll take the cash eventually.


Bro I'm just playing a hunch. I dont have any inside info. I'm going by a quote from Sather and the Fact that he wants to play for the Rangers and win a cup. Thats what I'm going by. He is not going to go for the money. He would have gone already. Here is Sather's Quote:

Mats Sundin remains on Sather's radar screen as a way of further improving the attack. "We talked a lot with Mats's agent and with him, but he needs time to make his decision," Sather said. "We're prepared to wait, even if he ultimately turns us down. All the same, we're grateful he's considered our offer."

One thing I also want to point out is all the fans that don't want to trade Petr Prucha keep this in mind. We have been down this road before with ranger prospects. We have held on guys to the point that they a worthless. Trade it know before his value gets lower. Stop making the same mistake.

none of our other prospects have had 30 goal seasons, im not saying he's the greatest goal scorer but he has potential to be a good offensive contributer


He scored 30 goals in a season when everyone was scoring. He Jim Carey Won a Vezina. Jan Halavac scored 27 goals one year. Radek Dvoark scored 30 goals once. He's to small and lacks the fire he had three years ago. Trade while you can.

Since when was toughness all about fighting? And moreso fights won???
~Jameson | July 17, 2008 at 03:26 AM"

THX, you understand sandpaper.
~rangerbill94 | July 17, 2008 at 10:20 AM"

You're absolutely right. Toughness isn't just about fighting. I understand that. The '94 team led by Messier had MacTavish, Larmer, Noonan, Matteau, Anderson, Tikkanen, Gilbert, Lowe and others who played with a tremendous amount of grit but hardly fought at all.

Rangerbill, I apologize if I misunderstood you, but you made the claim that Rissmiller, Voros and Fritsche have a kind of toughness and Orr, Hollweg & Avery don't. The point that I attempted to illustrate with the fighting stats is that I see very little in Rissmiller's, Voros & Fritsche's resumes to make that kind of assertion. Rissmiller in particular is a very soft player for his size, and Voros & Fritsche have proven very little in their careers so far, especially as compared to Avery.

If they bring toughness to the Rangers, then great -- The Rangers need it! But I don't see how you can definitively claim they are tougher than Orr, Hollweg and Avery, sandpaper or otherwise, when there's so little but wishful thinking to substantiate it.

I'll take that bet Bdubs , ill throw in ... " Orrs left nut!!" ...for your eyes and your organs .

It seems like all the money is spent . In order to get Sundin or Shanahan , we will have to trade Prucha and Betts for draft picks.

If we trade Rozival and Girardi plus give up some of our next year draft picks ... we could be in business for a big time Defenseman. Have Sagunetti and pock come up ..Sauer too if we get in trouble . Hank is a great goalie and this league is for the young ...in this Era the kids run the league and we will play our kids!!

"Orr guy that was banned but came back , then left and is back"

well ....umm...yeah ,Its all Aboooot having a spare , And I do!! Thanks to you !!

Great!!!! Btw Zherdev is #13 , Sundin can't come in and scoop it on the kid!!?? Even though Zherdev hasn't officialy got it...

Yada yada yada

thanks jason, wanted to take my sister to a preseason game so she can decide if she likes hockey or not

some of these posts should be considered great motive to sign up for BB+.

Greg L,
We just spent $40 million dollars over 6 years for Wade Redden, why would we trade Roszival AND Girardi, sacrificing depth, to probably overpay for another "big time" defenseman. I'd love to end up in a situation just like the Mighty Ducks where we've got 4 or 5 old timers on defense and we're forced to start buying people out cause we've got so much money tied up to aging defenseman but...no thanks.
And to think you called me a fool in the last post.

Don't get me wrong because I know very little about Voros, Rissmiller, and Fritsche. What I do know about Hollweg and Avery is that both were loose cannons. They gave you toughness but at what cost? Avery was very well disciplined here but I'm one of those people that believes Shanahan's presence had a lot to do with that. With a guy like Drury, who is a lead by example kind of guy and does not seem very likely to get all that vocal too often, I could see Avery becoming a problem in the locker room over the course of a 4 year contract. Hollweg was tough, he's a guy I admired and I was always rooting for. I still am, I hope he does well. He's a gym rat, he's a great skater. Stone hands, and takes far too many bad penalties. I can't believe all the people around here that said this season that Hollweg doesn't hit anymore. I don't know what they expected as he was seeing at most 10 minutes of ice time a game and I'd see him rack up at least 1 or 2 hits a game. Orr is very smart, and he's really improved his game outside of fighting since he's been with us. I hope we have a spot for him on the 4th line next season. He deserves a place on this team. And I don't understand people that think we need 4 lines that can score goals. If the first 3 lines are scoring, you don't need your 4th line to be a scoring line. Sure, they need to contribute every once in awhile. But as long as they're having productive shifts and they're not a liability defensively how can you knock them? A 4th line with Sjostrom and Betts both on it could probably give you a decent amount of offense once those two really got used to playing with each other, theyre similiar players. Orr is there to be the bully, and he can sit in games where the other team doesnt have a heavyweight in favor of someone with more offensive talent.

And I'm all for Shanny coming back for the right price(and role) but why dump Prucha who will probably be less expensive and just as productive to make room for him? That's kind of silly. Shanahan provides you with leadership, but lets be real, so does Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Redden, and others.

hahaha. Some of you guys were bashing Shoey for no reason!

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