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July 31, 2008


Nedved back? great...can we trade him for Zubov?

Thank god the focus of this summer has been to get younger and faster. All we need to do now it to re-sign Shanny and we'll be all set.

I will go on record and state that I like Nedved. I liked Nedved in that awful trade that brought him here in the Keenan debacle, I liked
Nedved when he came back in the dark years and I like Nedved now.

With that said, I have to wonder what the Rangers are thinking but then again as the story says, what do either really have to lose. I'll be rooting for him to shock us all!


Is today the last day to comment? If so, thanks for your patience and hard work.

maybe this means they are seriously considering putting either dubi or drury on a top 2 wing.... i wouldnt mind seeing nedved back if he proves he has something left in his tank..
from the sounds of it he will come cheap and may have a chip to show he can still play

I liked Nedved, but his time has come and gone, this is not 3 strikes and yourm out.

I agree I was always a big fan of his. I think the fans were alittle rough on him at the Garden. I'm alittle confused. There has to be a trade in the works. Mats Sundin I hope is next.

What is Sather thinking? Nedved sucks and we don't need him taking away ice time from a young player. Hell, we are already filled at center with Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky, and Betts, let alone these crazy rumors of Sundin. Nedved says he would be happy with 3rd or 4th line minutes - let me ask any Ranger fan that has seen him play if they think that Nedved, with his soft, perimiter game, fills the rols of a defensive, gritty 4th line center...Hell, I will take Blair Betts any day of the week over Nedved. We have already have Nedved with our team for two unsuccessful stints, do we really need to try a 3rd go around?

Pardon my skepticism, but are they just trying to add another Czech for Prague since Jagr won't be there?

How old is Nedved? I know I didn't have grey hair his last time around with the Rangers and now I am as grey as can be. There are already too many question marks and things to work on in this years camp and why complicate things further. In Sather's words a few weeks ago...(no quote, but something like this)....we want to get younger and faster. Is he changing his direction already? If Nedved wants to come to camp the Rangers should charge him a fee and give the money to charity.

No problems with Nedved coming to camp. He's a talented guy who could contribute another dimension to what's shaping up as a really competitive and exciting training-camp environment. I also appreciate the attitude he seems to be bringing to it (i.e., happy to play a few minutes per game on the fourth line).

That said, if he actually MAKES THE TEAM, I'll be a little, shall we say, skeptical...which you can read as "pissed off."

I'm so confused . . . .

If it's true about Nedved, then it's also apparent that they truly want to go older,softer, and more Europeanish than they are now.

In that case I'm gonna demand that they go for Andy Bathgate, and/or Yvon Cournoyer.For just a little North American balance.

We've got some real squirrels running this club guys.

Very VERY strange organization.

NEDVED?? i must be drugged up today thats for sure.....

NEDVED????? Just goes to prove what a moron Slats is. Nedved is detritus of the highest order. He sucked as a Ranger and he sucks now. What a colossal waste of time and energy. Slats, spend your time getting Sundin.

here's a little background info....

03-Mar-04 New York Rangers traded Petr Nedved and Jussi Markkanen to the Edmonton Oilers for Stephen Valiquette, Dwight Helminen and a 2nd round selection in 2004.
25-Nov-98 Pittsburgh Penguins traded Petr Nedved, Sean Pronger and Chris Tamer to the New York Rangers for Alexei Kovalev and Harry York.
31-Aug-95 Pittsburgh Penguins traded Ulf Samuelsson and Luc Robitaille to the New York Rangers for Petr Nedved and Sergei Zubov.

last time i watched nedved play he seemed out of step with the play on the ice, not for lack of effort though. the oilers had problems then and it seemed they tried to use nedved as if he was a younger stronger player. seems as rangers are just gonna show nedved that his time in the nhl is done, unless he can prove them wrong. i'm suprised though he wouldn't go for a contract with czech or rusky league...?!

What I remember about Nedved as a Ranger--often the first on the ice at practice, always the last off the ice. Gave us the Czechmates line, one of the best lines we had in dismal times, and was always a likable presence. If he can do it, more power to him. It seems like a no-lose situation.


this is not funny, i would rather have a 40 year old Shanny trying out( which he does more than nedved in his whole nhl career)than have Nedved who needs his purse and he lost his touch. Oh wait never had it!

I hear Hlavac is an unrestricted free agent. Maybe Slats should bring him to camp as well. I think Dvorak is under contract with the Panthers, but that can also be fixed. Maybe Slats can trade Dubinsky for him.

Can Pavel Bure come to camp?

Well...I was having a good day.......Lets get Bill Berg to camp and we will be set.

Congrats on the scoop.

Do Nedved and Sather still have apts. in the same building? Oh, excuse me...I meant Sather and Nedved.

I wish Pavel Bure wanted to come to camp. What a player he was!

AH folks there is no need to be concerned.

Messier will also attempt an NHL comeback at training camp and get Nedved traded.

The only thing Nedved was getting recognition for in the Czech Republic was that as he got older the girls he chased got younger.

This is who Nedved is dating these days


Jess - Good one about Mess!


Just a move to motivate the young guys like Dawes, Callahan, Dubinsky and the rest of them that much more. Similiar to when we brought Dave Scatchard in for a tryout during last season, similiar to how Dubinsky had to earn his spot last training camp through all the talk of Michael Peca coming in. Nedved doesn't fit.


Why would Shanahan, who could still get an NHL contract, come into camp on a tryout basis? That's a slap in the face to a future hall of famer, which Nedved certainly isn't.

I always liked Nedved, but, not to question the experts running the club, I don't think that's the direction I want to see Rangers go. Also, I hope he had time to work on a slap shot because I doubt he'll be beating too many of today's goalies with his weakened "wrister". In any event, Petr is a good guy; I'll be pulling for him.

Nedved is and was softer than fresh bread. Having him at training camp is like a slap in the face to the young guys who've been busting thier butts to make the team.

I fail to see how a slacker like Nedved is going to inspire our youngsters.

I fail to see how Nedved is a slacker but to each his own.

I think many are getting thier knickers in a knot over nothing. Nedved won't stick with us, but he'll be recognizable European name during the trip over there.

Is Petrovicky available?

NEDVED crrraaaaaappppppp

YIKES!!What did Nedved do in the last 2 or 3 years to merit this treatment. Bring back Messier.

I believe Sundin is on Sather's radar. I refuse to believe that Redden is the best Slats could do with Dolan's $$$$$. The signing of Sundin's buddy Naslund makes a lot more sense if Mats is to be had. Money obviously isn't the prime factor for Mats or he would be swimming in $20 million Loonies in Vancouver. I think Sundin is a possibility.

I know that i just wanted a semi comparison

i would love to have shanny back more than anyone else, but i dont think it is working out....

There was a period of time where I thought Shanny was a no brainer after signing 4-5 lackluster forwards. But with Sundin out there, and the slowness with which he has been signed, I can' help but believe that Sundin is the real target here.

Sundin HA this organization is a joke, he is older than Jags and we already have centers.

There are 2 bona fide NHL centers on this team: Gomez & Drury. Dubinsky has promise, but lets see him play 1st line level without Jagr before we say the team is complete down the middle. Sundin is better than ANY center we have right now, and Drury shouldn't complain if he has to move to wing to make room for a Hall of Famer that is STILL much better than him.

I keep posting it but apparently you guys missed the memo. In 2004 there was a lockout. The new CBA included this thing called a salary cap. We're about 1.5 million dollars under the cap at best. Even if we trade Prucha, who's the only player we could trade that would have a significant dent in the salary cap assuming we don't get anything but picks in return; that puts us at about 3 million under the cap. That's enough to probably get Shanahan with little room to maneuver.

I don't care if we want Sundin, OR if Sundin wants to play for us, or if money is not a big deal to him. He is not signing for anything less than 4 million a year. Sean Avery got 4 million a year. Just look at the market. Mats Sundin is probably a future hall of famer, Sean Avery is a glorified 3rd line player.

So I repeat, Mats Sundin is not coming to New York. It's not mathematically possible.

And I also repeat, Petr Nedved making this team is a very, very long shot. Tom Renney likes competition, he likes to keep his players guessing. Remember when Dave Scratchard tried out? I find this to be a very similiar situation. Just something to keep Dawes, Callahan, Dubinsky, and even guys who may not make the team like Korpikoski on their toes. Also to show guys like Voros and Rissmiller that their spot is not guaranteed.

i hope Valeri Kamensky will be back too!!

it would be good competition. they should let lindros come back and try out too!!non contact of course!

Hey does anyone know? dubi or jess, whether or not the preseason games versus Sc Bern and Magnitogorsk will be televised?


Walt Poddubny baby!

At least Podubny scored 40 goals a couple of times and had a cool moustache.

Petr Nedved is the most overrated Ranger of all-time. When did his play help the team ever? He had one good NHL season where he rode shotgun to Lemeiux and Jagr and one OK season on a Rangers team that was very bad.

He can't hit, isn't a good playmaker, fans on the wrist shot three times a game minimum, doesn't play D, and my friends saw him play in Prague this past season and said he was brutal and had no speed left.

A good guy, but not a good hockey player. I'd take Per Djoos over him any day.


Walt was the man. Nedved played on some pretty bad ranger teams. At times he was there best player. Give the guy a break. Its not going to cost us anything.

Naw dude, I'm not giving Nedved a break. The guy was unclutch and name one time other than that Pitt/Phi OT game that he scored an important goal. He wasn't their best player in those days, Mike York was.

He had his chance, he comes from an unpleasant era of Rangers hockey, it's nothing personal, I don't want him around.

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