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July 21, 2008


I'm talking about the roster on the website. The rangers do not control the Nhl shop.

i dont get the issue with Zherdev
Are you suggesting a trade or something?
Ranger news is at the peak of it's boredom

Rangers dont control the website ether anymore

bdubs hes trying to start the sundin rumor again

My guess is the issue is not whether zherdev is going to be a ranger or not, but that he was listed as #13 on the team website until recently. He does not have that number anymore on the site and some people are hoping it is because sundin is coming (he isn't in my opinion) and he is going to get #13. On another note, the coyotes finally resigned carcillo (according to tsn), so that is one offer sheet some people would have like to see us make that is no longer possible.

seriously what is the deal with shanny?

Guys do the math we have a mill or 2 left even if we trade pruchs wel have 3 mills why in the world would Sundin sign for pennies with us if we can get 6/7 hell 10 mills from other teams.As much as i hope for us to win hte cup i doubt itll happen this season so theres no point of him coming for 3 mills to the blueshirts.I say hel go to Det cause that team will be unreal this season

Sorry ant, your post was not there when I made mine. Glad the pens traded carcillo to the yotes, would hae hated to see that guy 6 times a season.

Sundin wouldve been good for Jags we have a speedy team he wont eb able to keep up itll be shanny last year all over again

wicky amen to that lol

If money was the only object to Sundin, he would've signed with Vancouver already. No one will come close to that offer. If tradition was the only object to him, he would've signed with Montreal already.

He is taking his time, but I do not suspect that the only reason is that he cannot make up his mind between competing offers. I would guess that the longer he waits the fewer teams there will be that CAN sign him. So my guess is that he is waiting for something to happen that none of us know about. That's not to say that he will end up on Broadway.

.....Well i bet my eyes and organs to greg l
and i believe I said I would give my male parts to Rosie O'donnell

for Sundin not coming to NY

Good call.
Still don't think him being swedish had anything to do with our interest in him. Maybe Lundqvist and Sjostrom being on the team was a minor selling point to Naslund, but I don't think it's as big of a deal as people make it out to be.

I don't think it's so hard to believe that Sundin isn't sure of what he wants. He did not want to leave Toronto at the deadline, and maybe he's not sure what he's even looking for. The last I read on TSN it seems like retirement from the NHL is a serious option for Sundin. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn't know if I wanted to go for the money, go for the tradition, wait for more options, wait for less options, retire and go back to Europe or what. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


Naslund said in his conference call that one of the reasons (other than the money) he wanted to become a Ranger was to play with Lundqvist.

Is Greg Moore related to Dominick Moore?


Grow up. This site should be fun. There is really nothing else to talk about.

There were three Moore brothers who played at Harvard, Mark, Steve & Dominic. Greg Moore is not related to them.

That would be cool if we signed Sundin but I have no idea how we'd fit him in our lineup. If anything I'd say were short a top 6 wing but i think that would be nice to see a Naslund Sundin Sjostrom line.. I think Sjostrom is very underrated and would produce if he played with better players and more ice-time but who knows..just a nice thought

That would be cool if we signed Sundin but I have no idea how we'd fit him in our lineup. If anything I'd say were short a top 6 wing but i think that would be nice to see a Naslund Sundin Sjostrom line.. I think Sjostrom is very underrated and would produce if he played with better players and more ice-time but who knows..just a nice thought

That's what I said. I also said I doubt that the Rangers interest in him (NOT Naslund's interest in us) had much to do with the fact that he was swedish.


Well, if you put it in those words... you're right, I agree with you. Chalk that up to me not reading and just glancing instead.

I think they are going to trade Sjostrom and Prucha especially if they sign Sundin.

Sundin is thinkin about playing for the Rangers but we need to trade someone to get his salary to fit in...hard thing to do for most G.M 's , but Sather is n't your run of the mill G.M . We 'll see how it plays out ...poor Bduds , he's gonna have to go under the knife . I have to collect whats mine!!!

wow i might have to movie to russia or the Czech Republic thats where the party is at this year!

Dubi - which of the players on the Rangers and top hartford guys do not have to go through waivers this coming year in order to move back and forth from NHL and AHL.

Dubi - your pic of july 1st. I thought that might be Sjostrom standing next to Henrik and not Avery. or am I mistaken.

Joe, based on my calculations of a complicated process, everyone who played regularly as a Ranger last season (that includes Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, Dawes, and Girardi) require waivers, along with a handful of guys who played in Hartford -- Parenteau, Pock, and Fahey. I'm not sure about the 24-year-olds -- Moore, Jessiman, and Potter -- but I believe they are all still exempt from waivers for one last season.

The photo in question is definitely Avery.

Jameson, two of the pickups the Rangers made at the trade deadline were both Swedes. The Rangers also worked to make a comfortable "cultural" environment for Jagr when he was here by bringing in a lot of Czechs.

This is speculation on my part, but so be it--the organization has proven it likes to give its superstars countrymen around them to make them feel more at home.


Dubi - thanks. what about the new acquisitions. the swedish Sean Avery and the other "younger" free agents signed.


Apparently there are some things we can agree on. Cheers

gonna have to altar my summer plans next year and go to CR or Russia ha and check it out.

Believe what you want but when it comes down to it, it's about what the player can bring to the franchise. Who were we trying to please when we let Nylander go and signed Drury and Gomez instead? Did we bring up dubinsky to play with fellow americans Drury and Gomez? Did we sign Redden so that Staal and Girardi had another Canadian to hang out with? I'm sure it's nice for Lundqvist to have a few guys that are from sweden but it's not a big deal, his english is perfect, and from what I could tell one of his best friends from the team last year was Shanahan, and he's far from swedish. With Jagr I think it was a lot different, not only am I sure he prefers his native tongue as his english is kind of sketchy but there's a unique playing style that most players from the czech republic, slovakia, russia, etc. have as compared to north americans and players from northern europe like finland and sweden. I tend to feel those guys play a much more north american kind of game, and that's probably a bigger reason why most of the non-north american players we have seem to be Swedish these days, as opposed to management saying "Hey lundqvist is good lets stock up on people from his homeland."

you make it sound like I said the only reason why they went with Naslund is because he's Swedish. Or that they only went after Swedes. No, what I believe is that when it comes to pursuing two or three players with similar qualities, might not such an intangible play into the decision making?

i was watching Fans most wanted show and i just realized how much i miss Jags even more blah.

Honestly, I don't think so. There is an endless list of relevant things you can judge a player on, in the salary cap era I don't think the fact that a free agent or a player you're trading for shares the same nationality as one of your stars is nowhere near the top of that list, and no way it'd actually be a reason why a team would sign someone, at least in this case.

Now as for a player wanting to go to a team that has players he will feel comfortable with, is a completely different story. The perfect example is that rookie free agent that a handful of teams were interested in from Sweden, he ended up signing in Detroit who have a decent amount of swedes themselves, but there were talks about Vancouver for the Sedin brothers, the Rangers because of Lundqvist, etc.


Thats why i dont watch that show.I miss the dude already and the season didnt even star


I know what you mean. I watched fans most wanted about a week ago, and had to change it.

i literally got chills when Jagr scored last night for some reason :(, I cant wait for summer to be over with.

Pruchas salary is 1.6 m. how do you trade him when he was such a big scratch last year? You don't unless you make a bigger trade with one of the teams way below salary cap or put him on waivers and have him come back in the league at half the cost.

Prucha can just be buried in the AHL, and his salary is moot, correct?

And not to throw gas on the insane rumor theories, but I would imagine the #1 reason Naslund was signed (as far as I am concerned) was as a precursor to bringing in his pal, Sundin. Sundin makes no sense to me (although I was all for it 3 years ago), but NYR are missing the one thing it has always had: A MARQUEE PLAYER!!!!

Prucha had a bad year last year but you can't deny he's got talent. It's not as though he is 30 and his prime passed, and you don't just wake up and forget how to score goals. There are plenty of teams out there, at least in my opinion, that would be more than happy to trade for Prucha and put him on their 2nd or 3rd line and see if he can't score 20 to 30 goals like he did his first two seasons in the NHL.

I don't think Sundin is even remotely in the picture with the Rangers, it's just about mathematically impossible we sign him. I don't think Shanahan is returning. With the trading of Hollweg there's a lot less question marks. We could keep all the guys that should absolutely be in the NHL and have 3 healthy scratches.

C: Drury, Gomez, Dubinsky, Fritsche, betts
W: Naslund, Zherdev, Dawes, Callahan, Prucha, Sjostrom, Voros, (Rissmiller), (Orr)
D: Roszival, Redden, Girardi, Staal, Mara, Kalinin, (Pock)
G: Lundqvist, Valiquette

So I think we may just be set when it comes to the roster. If Korpikoski really wows during TC maybe we try to make room for his salary. If Moore, Byers, etc. really play well enough to earn a spot ont he 4th line maybe we waive Voros and/or Rissmiller or banish them to Hartford before Waivers are even in effect. But I don't see much else happening here. Prucha seems to be part of the picture now.

Voros has a three year deal. I highly doubt he gets banished to Hartford. Rissmiller and Fritsche have smaller terms, so maybe they are candidates, but I have a feeling that these guys wouldn't be signed unless they are in the teams plans. I think Renney figured that Korp and Moore, along with Potter would be on the team this year, but that looks pretty much impossible, especially with a downsized training camp with the pressure of having the team ready for it's European working vacation. That said, I think the Roster you projected is exactly how I see it, except I'm not sure the organization wants to keep Pock as it's 7th D-man. I would have Orr, Rissmiller and Pock as my Black aces, but I think Renney really likes Orr in there.

I know it's futile to draw up line combos, but here are some lines I would like to look at:


I don't see Naslund working out with the other two guys. Dawes works well with Gomez and he is strictly a finisher on that line. Same with Prucha. Of course there is no size on either of the top two lines (Maybe Voros gets a look there), but I love the feisty and potentially offensive fritsche-Dubi-Cally line. Talk about sandpaper!

I meant I don't see Naslund working out with Gomez and NZ.

"Prucha can just be buried in the AHL, and his salary is moot, correct? "

Don't think so. The salary counts against the team. Teams objective should be to get rid of that type salary for a player that shows so little time on the ice. His 1st year was good. I have reservations whether the coaching staff still thinks the same.


I agree with you about sundin, just do not think he is coming and with shanny as well. Probably not going to be back. I think the positional roster shakes down like so (my early early assessment):

centers:dru, gomer, dubi (betts or fritsche)
wings: cally, dawes, naslund, zherdev, orr, voros, sjo (if he signs), and (prucha, jamtin, rissmiller, korpi, or AA).

D men: redden, staal, girardi, kalinin, rozy, mara, and at #7 (denisov). I just think pock is out of favor with the big club and will be with the pack. I like what I have read about denisov and would like to see him in the line up, but do not see him replacing one of the higher priced guys ahead of him, but you never know.

Goal: we all know the two here.

This is all just tinkering and opinion by me, barring trades and the like. Guys I listed at center could play wing of vice versa of course. Looks like 6 or 7 forwards fighting for just a couple of positions, I really think orr will be a regular in the line up. And the d and goal is basically set.

Thanks folks and bombs away!!

who knows if this Voros is good anyways or Rissmiller.

i think Voros and rissmiller are jason ward type playersexcept bigger. suggesting that they go on the top line is absurd.

Sundin- my eyes, male parts and organs are saying he wont be a ranger

If we were to send Prucha down, which I really don't see happening because a) if we're going to dump his salary we may as well dump it in a trade even if it's for minimal value and b) If it's after September he'd be claimed on waivers without a doubt; it wouldn't count against the cap. Just think back to the last season or two when we had injuries on defense. We had Kasparitis, Hutchinson, and Pock all in hartford at some point over those two years when we could've used them on the big club and couldn't bring them up because we couldn't fit their salary or they'd be claimed. Al Montoya, a huge reason he never got a chance as Lundqvist's backup was because he would be counting a lot more towards the cap than Vaiquette did.

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