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July 21, 2008


Dubi- Isn't Jessiman still unsigned even though he got a qualifying offer? I don't remember it being announced. From what I've seen, he and Sjostrom are the last to be signed as far as RFA's go.

You're welcome Dubi! You hit it on the head... PRICELESS!

If you are a true ranger fan and despise the Islanders, you will LOVE this SI photo journalism piece. CHECK IT OUT EVERYONE!!!!!!!

Hugh Jessi-who? Don't believe I know who that is. He can't be a Ranger prospect, can he?


i saw that on Friday and didn't even realize to e-mail Dubi with it. I did though remember to email all of my Islander fan friends and my Islander loving Dad. Gotta rub it in!


Can Jessiman get anything more than a $475,000 1 year deal with a 2 way contract or are the Rangers still considering releasing his rights?


I'm shocked the rangers qualified Jessiman and he didn't sign. Its a shame. I hope the curse of the Ranger first round pick doesnt get Staal or Cherepanov.

I read Brooks' article yesterday. He and Sam do have a point. But what is the alternative? Shanny, Straka, and Avery? That would not make me feel any better either. I wanted Jagr back, but that's it really. This team took a step backwards last season, IMHO. And I think the age and talent-level were the culprits.

I think what is evident is that we have a good crop of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th liners coming up through our system. But we do lack top line prospects. Maybe one of these kids develop into that. But overall, there are no real bonafide 1st line (foward) prospects that we can point to and say "no doubt." Our best chance (Cherepanov) is also not exactly removing all doubts about playing in NA overall.

So Sather did what he had to do. I do not think committing long term to Jagr, Avery, and Nylander last season would have been the right moves. I also do not believe going back to Straka and Shanny would have been good either considering how the two of them have tailed off tremendously in the past 2 years.

Given his circumstances, I think Sather did a really good job. He's taking the team in a new direction. But that is better than bogging them down for years with sentimental contracts. I fail to see how going younger is going back to the 'old days.'

And Brooks harps on the No Trade Clause. But he had just written about a week earlier about how the NTC was basically worthless in today's contracts.

Roc- I don't think it means Jessiman chose not to sign, which is why I was asking the question. I think a qualifying offer means tat the Rangers retain his rights and he can be signed at any time by the Rangers or another team with the Rangers matching the offer.

Jason- I don't remember the actual rule, but I think he had to get at least a 10% raise over last season. Not sure how that works on a 2-way contract. Look at Korpikoski's contract. He would make 1 million + if he makes the big club this year because of the entry level contract he signed as a 1st rounder. I think Hugh's was similar.

ISLANDERS PHOTOS: That brought back memories. I grew up on Long Island and played hockey with Bill Torey's son, Eddie Westphall's son, Pickett's son, all at Beaver Dam. I met Bill Smith at Cosby's in Syossett (I wasn't impressed). Man they have had a goofy past.

Count me in as one of the Jessiman die hards who is still pulling for the kid, crazy as that may be.


The Village Idiot is going to Canada. So does that mean we don't have to see him on American TV anymore? Let's hope so!


True but he doesn't have to sign for 10% above his entry level contract I believe. He just has to be tendered that offer for the Rangers to retain his rights.

I believe that he can sign for less, as stupid as that may sound.

That simply may have been an agreement between the two based on the fact that no one else would give him a 10% raise, close to a million, in the league...but that is just pure speculation on my part.

Opps, that was Mark who wrote me back, not Dubi. Sorry about that.

Lineup Opening Night!

1) Naslund Sundin Drury

2) Zherdav Gomez Dawes

3) Cally Dubi Sjostrom

4) Fristche Betts Voros/Rissmiller

1) Redden Staal

2) Rosy Girard

3) Mara Kalilin

Spares- Orr and Pock either Voros or Rissmiller

Its sad but it looks like no rookie will have a shot to break the Line up.

Jason -- I'm trying to verify Hugh's status. He either accepted or rejected his QO, or had the deadline extended like Sjostrom did. I doubt he negotiated a new deal since the Rangers would have announced that already. I do know that he has been in contact with the Rangers, has received assurances that he is still in their plans and that they still have hopes of him making it to the NHL.

Whether he re-signs for less depends on what he gets in return from the Rangers -- he has no incentive to re-sign for less for just one year, since he can simply accept his QO and get the 10% raise. Some of the things they can negotiate is a multi-year deal, like Sjostrom is doing in order to make up for a pay cut from his QO, or perhaps a lower NHL base and a higher AHL base (unless he was already at the AHL maximum).


Any trade rumors?

OH HAHAHAHA that SI.Com article was great ... the manny mentions of the Rangers, the horrible fishstick sweaters and this bit

Snow later made a splash at the 2007 trade deadline when he acquired respected on-ice leader and playoff veteran Ryan Smyth from Edmonton. Smyth wept when he got the news.


Great SI pics. As for as Brook's column, all I can say is he has a lot of vaild points.

Last year at this time we were excited as could be with much optimism. This year is a total crap shoot. Don't know what to expect. The only sure thing is that there will be pleasant and unpleasant surprises with all the new comers. And Malik will have a "target" replacement - who will it be?

Can only hope the kids make further progress and Sather's grand plan doesn't blow up in our faces.

Enjoy the summer everyone...

is Malik going to play in the NHL still?


Ah, good times at the Garden.

That SI piece reminded me of a lot of (bad) history I'd forgotten. And not just for the Icies. I can't forget how bad the Rangers were all those years. But the Icelanders were dreadful! Next time I start to snap about past deals the Rangers made, I'll remember the Icelanders recent history, and be grateful the Rangers didn't get that psychotic. And this is why I was never happy with Don Maloney as Rangers asst GM:

Assistant GM Don Maloney was tabbed to replace Torrey and went on to be widely credited with driving the Islanders into a ditch.

To be fair, Maloney may have drove them into a ditch. But Milbury dug the grave and threw them in.


Smyth wept when he got the news.

Ha! And so did Kirk Muller. A lot of men have probably wept at the thought of having to play for the Icelanders. Including the guys playing for them now. (LOL--I kid, I kid) I think the only guy in recent memory that cried when he got traded to the Rangers was Esposito. But unlike Smyth and Muller, he didn't run out the first chance he got. He certainly made the most of it, didn't he? If I'm wrong about Espo, somebody let me know.

I asked this ? on BB+ but no one seeems to know: Will the two Victoria Cup games the Rangers are playing in Switzerland be televised? I know they're exhibition games, but usually the last exhibition games are always televised. I haven't read anything about it yet.

SIGNING UPDATE: The Devils have signed C Fedor Fedorov. Terms undisclosed.


I'd be shocked if MSG or even the NHL Network didn't carry them.

any chance you can post some pics of the
sweedish nanny ?

Why are people putting dubinsky on the third line? You say we have no first line talent from our system? What is Dubinsky then? This kid is only going to get better and stronger. He has above average talent, heart and work ethic. He should get tons of ice time this year and not be buried on the third line. Ill even go so far to say at some point we'll see Gomez and Dubinsky together at the end of games where we are desparate for a goal.

Im glad that the reporters think this version of the team is worse: they are always wrong. We have a superstar goalie, so that automically makes us competitive. Our defense is solid....a huge improvement me thinks.....and zherdev is someone we simply stole for almost nothing. Gomez going to be a monster this year. Lets not forget that for a big part of the run that got us into playoffs, gomez was THE best ranger until he hurt his ribs. I played ice hockey in high shool and college and had torn rib cartilage....lets just say its not conducive to hockey motions. We're not winning the cup, but we have an exciting team.....and we havent damaged our future...in fact it looks much brighter than it has in years

very well put alamo i agree completely


I was in a SUNY college from 1980-84 and my roomate, an otherwise great guy and one of my quad mates were HUGE Islander fans. IT WAS FREAKING TORTURE!!!

I emailed my old roomate the link. Can't resist. It is too great.

Can't believe at this stage in my life, Partner at a large NYC law firm and father of 4 kids, that I can still harbor such hatred for a stupid sports team?

I find this fascinating.

Amazing how many people still long for Jagr.

All the conjecture about how the Rangers are filling their coffers with bright young eager people, seems to overlook the fact that many of them wither on the vine. Sather loves to retain the old folks at home, while letting the kids fret in the minors.

It would be a treat to see some of them sifted into the regular lineup for a week or so at a time, on a regular basis, while giving the oldsters a game off now and then. It would do them all some good.

Jessiman resigned

I have no idea what to expect this year??
We can have a cup contender or last place as far as I'm concerned.
No Jags, Avery (ouch) or Straka, that is one huge chunk of fire-power missing.
It's up to the new guys to prove they are not in NY for a pay-check but to wipe the slate clean from their past problems. We have what, three guys in that category?

I'm a firm believer we will not be as good as last year, but I think the idea of bringing in a lot of Swedes is to help Lundqvist feel comfortable the way bringing in a lot of Czechs made Jagr comfortable. This is the King's team now.

I dont think Sundin is coming here, People keep posting about him do they know something we dont!?!

i shouldnt matter if Hank has 20,000 swedes next to him. Save the puck.

good point jagrmiester.

I still think that if everyone is concerned about henrik being "comfortable" within the organization, they should just trade for his brother in dallas. Personally I think the feeling comfortable on a team thing is a bit overrated. I did not think we should have had so many czech players with jagr, I do not think we should load up on swedes with hank. I do not remember getting a ton of american players when leetch was here. My theory is if 20 russian players are the best available for your team, then have 20 russians. Do not just have them on your team because you have kovalev or someone. Just an opinion!

Thanks Folks!!!

guys i really cant wait for this season to start although i dont think sather is done tinkering with this lineup but i feel its going to be a very good and very fast team. there will be more leadership this year then last. just look at the defense what would u guys like more last years or this years, and the offense has a lot of potential i think the offense is going to be much better i feel. jagr was getting old avery was getting greedy, shannahan couldnt skate , malik is malik, and straka, couldnt finish anything.

lets go rangers
now we belong in the western conference this team is going to be great.


I agree with u but I still think we are a top sixth forward short.

Since the Zherdev trade they have had him listed on the website as number 13. However today they have taken the number anyway from his name. Know either he will be wearing a different or he has agreed to change his number for someone else. He is the only player on the site with a number. We know how also wears number 13. Please don't write back and rip my head off. I'm a big ranger fan like everyone else on this site and I'm just passing on some info I thought people my like.

Zherdev is the only player withOUT a number! Sorry him post instead of preview. I made a couple of other grammar mistakes sorry.

Jagrmeister - It should not matter, but it does for some players.

Although I'm not sure I've ever heard of Lundqvist being 'uncomfortable.' Jagr unfortunately is a much better player when he is comfortable. He seems to need that. Lundqvist does not seem to me to be that way. I think he just plays regardless of who is on his team. It's a little different anyway between a goalie and a foward. I do not think a goalie needs on-ice chemistry with anyone really. Whether or not there are Swedish fowards would have little effect on Henrik's responsibilities or his ability to perform them. Maybe it helps a little bit off the ice.

But, like I said, I never got the impression Hank needs comforting anyway.

good point chris

Nice observation Roc about #13 and the roster. It was next to Zherdev's name this morning. A question I have is why isn't Naslund listed on the website roster? Zherdev and Redden are there, where's Naslund. I'm glad Jessiman signed. If he buckles down and focuses like he says he will, he could be our power forward answer. That would be good.


You have my sympathies. I know your pain. I grew up with two huge Islander fans as parents and everyone in my family is an Islander fan other than a cousin. It's any wonder how I made it out of my youth alive with all of the abuse I use to get. Even though my Dad is my best friend, we have almost gotten into dozens of fist fights due to the Rangers and Islanders.

Does anyone else think its awesome that the Rangers are signing a player a day.

I think Hank deserves a writer for him, he screwed up alot during interviews or should i say got in trouble meaning shanny had to go over there and calm him down. More English please!

Posters who say that we're a top 6 forward short imply (intentionally or not) that BOTH Dawes and Callahan are going to fail breaking into the top two lines.
I think it's actually going to be different - either one of these two (or hopefully both) is going to have a breakthrough year scoring over 30 goals. 30 goals should be almost a guarantee with Dubinsky as well.

We have one swede on the roster, and that's Sjostrom, and he's not even re-signed. That grinder Jamtin or whatever his name was from the swedish league will be lucky if he sees significant time in Hartford next season, I don't think he'll be on the roster anytime soon. And this idea that foreigners need some of their own countrymen to feel comfortable is obsurd. Maybe Jagr liked playing with guys from the Czech Republic or guys that played that kind of style but most of these guys speak english, and I think there's a lot of friendships in the lockerroom that go beyond the language barrier. It's not as if there are clicks and Drury, Gomez, and Dubinsky all hang out cause theyre from the states and then staal and the rest of the canadians hang out and then the Europeans hang ot and the Russian guys hang out. That's ridiculous.

Worst case scenario: Shanahan and the Rangers have a deal in place but are waiting until after the Europe trip. If they were to let him skip the trip, and camp of course, how is that going to go down with the real Rangers?

News (unconfirmed) on a Russian website (link below) that IIHF president flew to NY this morning to discuss with Bettman upcoming Victoria Cup games (where our Rangers participate as part of their pre-season). The article mentions that NHL (i.e. Betteman) threaten to cancel it due to recent NHL - KHL contract disputes.


Jameson... You forgot Naslund.

what are you people talking about?Go to nhlshop.com they got zherdev as #13

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