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July 18, 2008


The Rangers have just confirmed the signing of Brian Fahey.


lol i wonder whos gonna win #19 naslund or scottie

Good question on #19. I swear I saw somewhere it said Naslund was going to be #91 for the Rangers, but I can't seem to find it now. Scottie seems like the kind of a guy who might give up his number to guy like Naslund - considering Scottie has only worn #19 for a season. Best case scenario - Scottie gives up #19 to Naslund, forcing Betts to give up #15 to Scottie, then Sather gives up on Betts and we get a draft pick or atleast a bit more cap room.

im not sure of naslund will ask for #19
might make a bad impression

The NHL store is already selling the No. 91 Naslund jersey and the No. 6 Redden Jersey. On the subject of Bettman, I came accross him once coming home from work (I actually work right across the street from the NHL offices). I was very tempted to tell Bettman what I think of his job performance in terms of "improving" the game. He was so transfixed on his Blackberry that I would have likely had to kick him to make him notice someone was talking.

He wasn't transfixed...he was trying to figure out how to use the dang thing!

Rangers vs. Toronto playoff matchup playing right now on NHL network. Kick save, Giacomin. And it's great to see the Goal A Game line.

Is this the Bernie Parent-mask-into-the-Blue-Seats game? We've got the mask! I guess I'll find out in the next half hour.

BC (in response to comments in the prior thread) -- Thanks for taking the time to share your feelings and thoughts about our migration to a two-tier platform of BB and BB+. You make some good points. But you're looking at it strictly through the lens of the internet, and there's more to it than that. For starters, whether it is a good policy or a shortsighted one, the Rangers will not accredit most internet-only media outlets -- the magazine is what gains us access to the team, where we get our premium content from. Without the magazine, there will be nothing left but a simple blog full of unsubstantiated opinion. Kind of catch-22 when viewed from the internet point of view, but the Rangers are not interested in looking at things solely from an internet point of view, and ultimately, all of this content belongs to them.

The rest of the world is not 100% internet based either. One look at your local newspaper store will tell you that there are still a ton of hard copy publications out there. Yeah, that world is changing, but there are still people who are not computer literate who rely on the magazine as their lifeline to the Rangers, there are still people who need something to read on trains and planes or while relaxing out on their deck, and there are still people who just like to hold something in their hands and even save it for future reference. It is also easier to pack a small magazine like BB with info and photos and read it that way rather than navigating a web site, at least for some people.

Looking just at the internet side, first of all, the model we are migrating to is in fact the one you suggest -- BB.com will remain the home page with all the basic information and opinion we've always provided. BB+ will now get all the premium content that previously was available for free at BB.com -- interviews like the ones we recently ran with a couple of draftees, our extensive training camp coverage (which will be split between the two sites), our game stories during the season, some or maybe even all of the feature stories produced for the magazine, and whatever else we come up with. A window will remain for new viewers to come in and see what we have and decide if the basic info is good enough for them at a price they cannot beat (zero) or if they want to subscribe to BB+ AND the magazine for the modest cost of $2.50 a month (or less for multi-year subscriptions).

If $2.50 a month or less is asking too much, then the alternative is to fold up shop. The site cannot continue under the current financial conditions. You're right, we started the site as a promotional tool for the magazine. And you're right, subscriptions have plateaued. But why have subscriptions plateaued? I know you don't have access to the data I have, but when the Rangers were in the playoffs in April 2006, we had about 1,000 subs and 1,000 unique visitors per day online. A year later, we were getting 3,000 visitors per day, and we had about 1,050 subs. This April, we had 6,000 visitors per day, and were up to 1,100 subs. And April, despite being the playoff season, isn't even our busiest month -- every July, online usage doubles or triples from the prior season's monthly average, and stays up there! Halfway through this month, we matched the number of visitors we got during the month of April.

Well, you see a trend there, don't you -- the customer base you believe we are now shutting out from is one that refuses to buy anything. Some good people have chosen every step of the way to subscribe voluntarily to the magazine (some despite not really wanting it) so as to keep the web site going. But the vast majority chooses not to do so. Whatever it is we're doing, whether it be the content, the links, or the comments, people come in large numbers, increasingly so, and choose to stay once they come here. But they don't want to support the site. The model of giving away the goods and hoping people choose to support us has clearly failed, despite the noble efforts of some readers. It's time to try a new model, or else close up shop.

Everyone still has the same choice -- support the site or don't support it. But from now on, those who don't want to support it are not going to get everything we have to offer. Our exclusive content will no longer be free. The service we provide in compiling links, a daily effort that is not insignificant, will no longer be completely free. Our comments section draws a large number of people despite the presence of dozens of other such outlets, so we must be doing something right with it (like not letting people act like jerks), so that will no longer be available to all comers -- that's something our subscribers wanted, because (though there are significant exceptions) there is a strong correlation between people who act like jerks in the comments area and people who have no interest in supporting the site.

The bottom line is the bottom line -- the internet is not free, contrary to popular opinion, and anything that is free cannot possibly last, not in our society. Giving away stuff didn't work -- let's see how things work this way. And if asking $2.50 a month (or less) is asking for too much, then I'll have to stop covering the Rangers and find something else to do with myself.


yo ill host your site if its costing you that much....

but for real i get what your saying... you deserve to get paid... and people i think are just looking at it as an internet thing... even if it was just an internet thing just being able to track down all the links and info is time consuming, let alone write anything that is readable and keeps peoples attention...

We love our subscription dubi!!!! Worth every fricking penny!!!

Dubi answers comments faithfully. Sam never does. Zip? Nope. Dellapina neither. That alone is worth the price of admission.

I subscribed last year but did not read the mailed magazine. Not that I didn’t think it worthwhile, but I wanted the latest information which you get on the internet.The Blueshirt Bulletin (internet version)would give it to you. But there are many other hockey sources on the internet.

Microsoft tried a premium service with Slate. It failed. The NY Times had a paid subscription for premium content. It failed.The WSJ and Barron’s charge a combined 99 for the year on the internet. Now I see Barron’s coming out with another column for an exclusive story each day.with extra fees to view the article.I doubt it will work.

The main source of your revenue should ultimately be the deals you can make with ads and special promotions I see on the right side of your internet site

The money expended won’t make a big difference. But the migration from B to B+ is troubling to me.

I still fail to see the problem with buying a subscription.

orr you've just opened Pandora's box
good luck


Quite honestly (aside from the obvious being a ranger fan that you alluded to earlier) out of respect for Dubi and others who have put a ton of time and effort into this site and the mag over the years. I know respect seems to be a lost term (and action)in society in recent years and occasionally in the comment section of this site, but I am quite certain that Dubi and others have EARNED respect for the time and effort they put into this. It just seems like (and I am NOT saying you personally) to say no to a subscription for roughly $30 a year is a disrespectful slap in the face to all who put effort into this. Even as he is railed and ridiculed by some posters on a continuous basis, he and others stay the course and continue to provide us with great coverage of our team. Not only that, but if the money from the subscribers is basically what is still enabling this to continue, those who do pay for a subscription are floating the bill for those who do not. Not fun to go out drinking with your buddies a couple nights a week and there is always that one guy who drinks from the pitcher all the time, but never helps pay the bill or the tip. So in the end respect for those doing the work and respect for your fellow ranger fans! Just my opinion though!

"Orr" -- There's no point at all in you taking out a subscription. You obviously come to this site for no reason other than to post obnoxious comments, and that will no longer be possible starting August 1st when BB+ is the only place here to comment.


Because you aren't really 18?


Given how Orr has changed his story so many times during his time here it is not how old he is but rather about what his actual motives appear to be.

As Dubi has repeatedly pointed out Orr is about drawing attention to himself with his posts. Ever since Orr returned he has not been about being an honest poster but nothing more than an attention seeker.

Rcm, BC, TJM and on and on

Yawn every day the same old story every day with a different name questioning Dubi's motives, his desire to not to go broke bring the Blueshirt Bulletin to the REAL Ranger fans, and to trash him for not giving his material away for free.

Now here is what has NOT been said by the critics:

Not one of them has said word one about what is inside the magazine, that is the stuff that will be in Blueshirt Bulletin PLUS.

Why because not a single one of them has ever read the magazine because if they had then they like those who have read it would tell them that what is in the magazine is nothing at all like what has been on this free site.

They say that advertising would pay for this site and I know firsthand that is so not the case. My own site Prospect Pack gets on the average 750 visitors daily. Anyone who visits my site sees that my ad network is big name companies like Microsoft, Pontiac, Stub Hub or Levis.

At most you can put 3 ads on a page and on my own best day I can make 3 dollars via advertising. If anyone thinks that Dubi can even break even with 6000 daily visitors sorry why not try it yourself because you will find out that reality says otherwise.

For all those who want to say that this site and the magazine can survive then how come everyone who has a website is not making a ton of money writing on the web?

here's the thing with orr, he is a child. people like f-champs and other free loaders are cheapskates and feel that they deserve free stuff. where as others realize that this is a business and it costs you money dubi and as much as i'm sure you would like to continue doing this for free you have probably gotten used to eating so if your not gonna pay quit your bitching and try and see if 7-11 will give you free slurpees cause you feel your entitled to them cause you walked into the store.

I'll take a shot at the why (and no shots at my fellow posters): you get the newsletter.

No, it is not as "up-to-the-minute" as hitting refresh every 9 seconds on tsn.ca, weinman, zippay, & brooks, but as someone who is away from the computer for long stretches during the day - and maybe wants to sit in a comfortable chair with a reasonably good scotch after work - reading the newsletter beats the pants off either sitting in my home office or roasting my unmentionables with a hot laptop. Plus, frankly, I don't have a computer in the bathroom.

The newsletter is a quality publication. There's in depth analysis of the team that - I know this is a catchphrase, but it's also true - you simply don't get from any other source. The reporting is well done, and the writing is above average. The prospect coverage is, quite frankly, without equal. A lot of that content has never hit the site.

Now, when it comes to, say, the NY Times, I do not subscribe. I buy it newsstand most Sundays and check the website for everything else. That's OK for that publication, because they are highly visible, in a fiercely competitive space, and their website draws a ton of views. They have no choice but to offer more and more "premium" content, at no charge, because if they don't, someone else will and they will lose market share. (For those playing at home, loss of market share = very, very bad for a traditional news-reporting entity.) The market for Ranger's news is just not this competitive, and what Dubi has already offered for free FOR YEARS has been consistently among the best sources of team news. No one else has substantially improved their service or added new service. (Rodent excepted, but his work is more pure blog and less reportage, and its fantastic for what it is.) So there is no market expedient to offer expanded content, let alone for free, unless it is to win brownie points with the same people who are now - quite frankly - attempting to throw Dubi down and kick him for having the temerity to want to try something different and maybe break even financially.

With Dubi and BB/BB+, the choice has been made to grow the subscription readership, and potentially use the free site as a "teaser" to increase said subscription base. This business model is as old as the internet ... hell, it's as old as Reader's Digest. But I digress ...

To ORR and everyone else who want to know the "upside" to subscribing, it is - to me - getting the print edition. The "premium" site, and posting, is a bonus, but I don't really post that much and I was probably a subscriber before BB+ was ever even contemplated. The magazine is a good one.

If the value you get from posting and the newsletter is not worth $2-3 per month to you, then by all means do not subscribe. If you are philosophical opposed to paying for any content on the internet, then the same holds. (I always felt that you get what you pay for, but hey ...)

Dubi and BB+ is neither death nor taxes. But from my point of view, the print edition, the boards, and maybe some more links are worth at least the equivalent of one vente drip at Starbucks per month. If it isn't worth that much to you, happy trails and Go Blue - I'll be the first to buy everyone a round when we next lift the Cup, regardless of whether I see you at BB+ or not.

And yes, I know I misspelled "philosophically." What do you want, its saturday, I'm in Florida, and I'm in the flippin' office like a sucker.

Why hasnt this team had a press conference to introduce the new players? Why dont the rangers do this anymore?

I watched Van game from last years playoffs and o man Naslund looked like crap.He had 2 give aways that led to goals.And thats the guy whos supposed to replace Jagr

More on the problem. And I don't want to tell anyone how to run their business. But videos on websites are the wave of the future and usually have an ad before one sees the video.If you have enough hits on the website you should draw all sorts of advertising. If MSG puts alot of restrictions on the videos shown, the criticism should be drawn to the Ranger organization, not the customer going to the website.


"Yawn every day the same old story every day with a different name questioning Dubi's motives, his desire to not to go broke bring the Blueshirt Bulletin to the REAL Ranger fans, and to trash him for not giving his material away for free."

I know you are just generalizing the people who commented on some of the changes, but I just wanted to make it clear that I was not trashing Dubi at all, that was not my intention, if it came off that way I apologize. I also was not questioning his motives as I understand why he is doing the BB+ and I actually think it is a good idea and can help if done correctly.

I wrote that post at work yesterday, a sentence here or there because I was busy, so it might seem all over the place, but my intention was to show why certain people are having a hard time accepting the changes. One thing I will say though is that the way the criticism is being handled really annoys me. Like your comment about "REAL" Ranger fans.. is that a serious comment? That is exactly the reason why I haven't subscribed this summer... it's as if some people here think they are better than their peers just because they pay for a subscription. That's a personal choice, the fact that you choose to do it does not make you any better. It might actually make you feel good about yourself, "wow, you know what I'm helping out Blueshirt Bulletin, let me give myself a pat on the back." But that's like giving to charity to make you feel like you've helped out a cause and done some good, or donating money to some foundation then turning around and telling everyone about it.

To say that you are a REAL Ranger fan over others here is pretty comical. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure you do not know the "FAKE" Ranger fans personally, so for you to make a comment like that is just stupid. I'm not calling you stupid, I am just saying that the comment is just unwarranted. Like I said, comments like those make me not want to subscribe. When people start saying that they are REAL Ranger fans and others who visit this site aren't for any reason, it gives off the impression that you have some elitist Ranger group going on here. No one likes to be told what to do or how to do it, and no one likes to be judged. You have to make it seem like they've made the choice themselves. Calling other Ranger fans out will not help Blueshirt Bulletin get anymore subscriptions, it will do the opposite. I just find it amazing how you can say you are a REAL Ranger fan and others are not, I mean we are on BLUESHIRTBULLETIN.COM A RANGER WEBSITE, the people complaining aren't Penguins, Devils, Islanders, or heck even Canadiens fans. They are New York Rangers fans so just stop saying you are better than other fans, YOU ARE NOT. It's just ridiculous. You have no clue how much time other people invest into the Rangers, just because someone pays does not make them any better, everyone's circumstances are different.

Like I said in my last post, I planned on subscribing during the playoffs, but changed addresses, now I am going to wait until the season starts.. you can say it's a little protest to comments like those. I can forget stupid comments like that, and get over all the politics on this site, because I am a Ranger fan first and foremost, whether I am a FAKE one now or have been my whole life... I can't wait until I can be considered a real Ranger fan once I purchase a subscription.

Can we please stop these annoying posts. Either subscribe or stop complaining that your free ride is over. Me, I have chosen not to subscribe but I don't have a problem with BB+ or soon to be commenting only on the BB+ site and not this one.

Beggars can't be choosers. You're still getting updates and some content for free yet now you're not getting it all, most of what you're not getting you never got before. Get over it, you're not changing anyones mind and those who bitch and moan about it day in and day out are starting to get on the nerves of those who subscribe to BB and even those of us whom Jess has referred to as "freeloaders."

I believe Dubi that the main reason for BB+ was to get subscriptions higher which allows them to keep the magazine around which intern lets him keep his press credentials but I'd be hard pressed to not hear the reasoning that it would also keep commenters like Orr,Rcm, BC, TJM, etc etc etc on the outside looking in.

As I said, it is your choice to subscribe or not, some of us are happy enough who haven't subscribed to still get some content rather than none at all which it easily could be but with others, they get an inch and want a foot.

Get over it, grow up and deal with it.

I plan to subscribe. I'm not complaining .Who said I was. It is simply a bad business move period.

Well, I guess I'm not a real Ranger fan either. I hadn't realized that I've been a freeloader since I discovered the site last July. I just thought that this was a really well done website that I could visit to get some information not unlike the other websites I visit to get various information about things that interest me. I wonder if Matt Drudge considers his visitors freeloaders.

I'll miss the running comments during games, but becoming so entrenched in the minutia of a hockey team is just not something that I have the time or interest to invest in. I mean, it's a bunch of guys playing a sport which has no impact on me or my family. I have zero interest in interviews with young kid prospects or following the progress of farm teams. I'm sure many people do have an interest in those things and I hope it generates enough of a following so that you guys who work to report those kinds of things are able to keep doing what you enjoy.

Just like radio, there are too many free alternatives on the internet for the busy person to quickly find basic satisfactory information. I don't pay for satellite radio either, so I guess it's just me. Maybe I'll be a real fan some day.

Dubi, all the best to you.

Drudge is a portal. He's got links to other people's content. He does "reporting" on maybe one story a month. Don't get me wrong: I love the Drudge Report; it's my jumping off point for most news and one of the first places I visit when I log on. But it's a completely different kind of product.

Fork over 70 bucks for 30 issues of the bulletin and consider BB+ an added bonus if it makes you feel better...Like Billy Mays throwing in an extra shammy when you "Order Now."

Gotta say: I used to buy the bulletin off the rack at my downstairs bodega years ago, but then they stopped carrying it. This site became my substitute.

I just became a subscriber yesterday and the new site is sweet. Plus, I moved to Chicago two months ago and I'm jonesing for everything I can to stay connected to my favorite city and my favorite team.

Can't wait for the September issue! And in the meantime, I'll enjoy the premium content on the BB+ site as my added bonus for "Ordering Now"...already interviews with Gaulton and Campbell.

This advertisement brought to you by Angry.


FYI, speaking of Chicago, the Blackhawks named Toews captain yesterday. Third youngest captain in NHL history.

"Jasper | July 19, 2008 at 01:10 PM
Well, I guess I'm not a real Ranger fan either. I hadn't realized that I've been a freeloader since I discovered the site last July. I just thought that this was a really well done website that I could visit to get some information not unlike the other websites I visit to get various information about things that interest me. I wonder if Matt Drudge considers his visitors freeloaders."

Well said.
I am coming here for the past couple of years since my son found this place, but never really comment on anything.
I always thought the real fan is the one supporting the team, not the website.
I for one spend thousands of dollars for season tix, but i am not real fan.
This is great site for Rangers fans and Dubi can do whatever he feels best for him. No complains here. Best of luck.


I'm in the same boat with you... I don't come to this site for the inside interviews with prospects and so forth... I come here because I like to hear what people say about the Rangers.. I also use this site as a news filter.. It's easy for me to come here the day after a game and click on the links Dubi has provided... I could get the sites manually, but this just simplifies it. I don't think I'm getting any in depth coverage by doing that..

I am going to stop posting because I do feel bad spamming the board... With that said however it is not hard to scroll an extra inch and simply not read a comment. No one forces you to read anything, simply ignore it if it bothers you.

Dubi, you'll get a subscription in September.

Did they let you into the movie for free?

I've been checking in, on and off over the past few days, and I find it amazing that people are still complaining about the new "pay-per-view" aspect of this site. Get over it already! It's their site they can have a "private-party" if they want to. There are plenty of other free sources to blog on to if you need to get your Ranger fix. The same sources, I might add, that are quoted many times throughout this very site. You'll still be able to catch up on all the latest Ranger minutia,for free(if that's a concern for you).
I hope BB+ is successful, but I kind of doubt it. As mentioned above, there are too many free outlets available to the 'non-real' Ranger fan, that this site might become irrelevant. Except maybe to the fee-paying, "real fans." And, as it has been pointed out very clearly by the moderator of this site(and his lackey), they're the only ones that count. Private party, indeed!

BC -- Three things I'd like to point out to you. The links don't just magically appear here. I spend about an hour a day compiling them. That is a service for readers. I hoped it was a service that people would appreciate and want to subscribe. Alas not, so the service will no longer be free. And reader can choose for himself whether that's worth something to him or whether he'd rather go back to doing it on his own. But I ain't giving it away anymore.

The comments area is one of about twenty Ranger discussion boards that I know of. For some reason, people like this one. I think it's because this one is somewhat under control (though there are exceptions on all sides of the fence). People know they can comment here and things won't get too out of hand. But that too is the product of a lot of work on my part to keep things clean and respectful. That's still not good enough for some people, so that too will now go under tighter rein and be for subscribers only.

Finally, the people Jess were talking about, that was not meant for you, someone who hasn't posted much before, or others like Jason who have respectfully articulated their position. It's meant for those who, despite being Ranger fans, are WORSE than any Penguin, Isle or Devil troll, because they have zero respect for their fellow Ranger fans, and come here to comment only to get attention or cause trouble. Those people know who they are -- Jess didn't want to spell it out, but that was not a generalization, it was specifically targeted at a small subset of people. As I said in my last response, it's curious how close the correlation is between that group of people and the ones complaining the most about the advent of BB+. But we're not going to have to worry about those guys anymore either -- that's the point Jess was trying to make.

Orr where was i wrong? you are upset because you nolonger have free stuff. you feel as a ranger fan you are entilted to free stuff, if you don't feel that way stop bitching and subscribe.

For those who objected to my use of REAL Ranger fans then let me clear it up for you

I was talking mainly about someone like Orr who is not about posting about Rangers news but rather the same old nonsense taking shots at Dubi for how he runs his business.

Real Ranger fans are not repeatedly trashing Dubi for trying to survive because Real Ranger fans understand that it takes hard work to make it in NYC.

If you are not someone who works hard to make a living, if you are not someone who wants to see others working their backsides off then sorry you are not a Real Ranger fan.

The Real Ranger fans do want to talk hockey, the real Ranger fans are not taking shots at Dubi for trying to survive going up against odds to keep this place afloat.

If all you are doing here is complaining and trying to tell Dubi how he should be running his business then sorry I do question if you are a Real Ranger fan.


Mind if I ask you a few questions regarding your "I just thought that this was a really well done website" remark

You said you have been coming here since last July right?

Then can you please explain how you have missed:

The picture of the current/next issue with the "download subscription link"

The subscribers posting about the magazine

Dubi himself repeatedly previewing the next issue

Dubi constantly begging people to subscribe because HE HAS CLEARLY STATED ON REPEATED OCCASIONS that it is magazine subscriptions that keep this spot alive.

So could you please tell me how you missed all of those clues about the magazine please?


"I for one spend thousands of dollars for season tix,"

And of course you have never commented before on any other hockey related subject but you will now.

Yes you spend thousands of dollars but yet the price of a subscription which is less than the cost of a single ticket in the 400s for a single game would be too much for you to support a "great site".

Thanks for stopping by.

Jess and Dubi why are you bothering replying to this tools?THEY WONT GET IT!!!Dont waste your time with them.You arguing with this Orr character dotn you see hes a little 18 y/o living with mommy and daddy and has no worry on his mind besides what NHL games to buy for his xbox.Why waste time with someone who keeps talking about his left nut.


Seriously, I can not read these comments anymore, this debate has been raging for weeks. Dubi, Jess you have no reason to defend yourselves. Everyone here complaining has never even seen a copy of the magazine and if they had they could know that there is far more content in there in addition to what is on the website and getting to read that every month is worth the subscription price. The magazine came before the website just like almost every other publication in America. And in many of those cases it cost money to read many of the article on the site as well. Its not a lot of money for Blueshirt Bulletin and the longer the subscription you take out the less it even is per issue.

Its done, its happening, get over it and move on.

Can someone please talk about some hockey related issues now.

it's too freakin hot for this....

"And of course you have never commented before on any other hockey related subject but you will now.
Yes you spend thousands of dollars but yet the price of a subscription which is less than the cost of a single ticket in the 400s for a single game would be too much for you to support a "great site"."

I comment now not because of BB+, but because you were wrong talking about "real" fans.
Not wanting to post comments about hockey does not make me lesser fan then you.
Once more my comment was only about you talking "real" fans and had nothing to do with BB or BB+.

"Thanks for stopping by."
Posted by: Jess | July 19, 2008 at 02:46 PM

Real beauty. You are welcome.

Since i can see u never word a day in your life.How would you feel to bust your ass everyday at your job and not get paid for it?


back to what i said before orr is a child, careful not to use big words he may not understand them

BTW, does being a child, and an 18 year old who still lives with ihs mom, and doesn't have a full time job, make me any less of a Ranger fan, <--- that just makes you pathetic. at 18 I worked full time and went to school full time and had an apartment.

no offence paul R_D but things are much different it's almost impossible to get an apartment anywhere without paying an outrageous amount too be honest it's noones buisness about who has a job and who owns a home, the point is judging people who you dont know is ignorant and immature so if we could all just stop with the stupid comments and for us who wont be getting a subscription(for whatever reason) just stop and discuss something like i dont knowwww uuuhhhhh how about HOCKEY please
sorry i know i came out of nowhere with this but it's getting really annoying

yo yo yo , Can't believe we have Naslund ...hes has one great shot , I get alot of vancouver lame games over here and they worship him like a god , saying that when Bertuzzi was there , Naslund was on fire!!! Hope Zherdev has that impact.

I have to pay $1.50 more per issue than the average Ranger fan because im in Canada . It seems when I buy a magazine to look up hockey stuff , like The Hockey News ...there seems to be a small little bit on the Rangers .

Having a magazine( the BB ) of just Rangers is quite cool ya have to admit . I can't get anything like that around here . I am a poster on here that believes in the magazine and losing a star like Jagr , still makes me want to read it .

Jess and Dubi are pritty straight forward and blunt . Quite shocking at times . I'm thinkin it's the Newyorker in them and half you posters are americans living in NewYork.

I'm not here to Argue or call down people even though I have said a few things. I think all people on here serious or not are REAL rangers fans , why else would you come to the B.B that is based on the Rangers ?

I can't stand some posters...but who cares , I wont bash 'em too much . They are Rangers fans and I like Ranger fans .Some even owe me certain body parts too.

B.B + is alive and running , everyone can say what they want but one thing for sure , I will always be here Flappin my mouth and saying my 2 cents . ( I even get to read the magazine if it ever comes - just kiddin)

wasnt Nazzy a center at one point?
if so maybe that can be put into consideration

i Thought is pretty cool kind of like a sum up thing

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