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July 15, 2008


does anyone know the chances of the isles folding i would really like to know the odds

Slats wants a younger and faster team, and yet he's still toying with the idea of bringing back the oldest and slowest guy on the ice last year? Hmmmm...

Nice to see Ouellette will be back with the Pack next season.

forget his age........, Jorge Posada cant run but still can hit the ball even though baseball is way different from hockey.

Let's see - While not up to peak performance with injuries,Shanny was:
3rd in goals - only 2 behind the leaders playing 9 games less and 2nd in power play goals - 1 behind the leader playing 9 games less.

But I said it before, when the dust dies down and the team hits the ice in the fall - whoever is there and no matter what - bad or good - the Rangers are my team and will always be and I will stand by them with all my heart and soul.

I know I'm in the minority here, and I understand that the Rangers needed to upgrade and get a few more goals from their 4th line, but I'll miss what Hollweg brought to the Rangers the last couple of years.

In my 35+ years of watching the Rangers, I've seen too many rosters that were content to mail it in & coast. I think Hollweg's energy helped the Rangers from becoming complacent and that should not be taken for granted.

That penalty he took in the playoffs was inexcusable. But in general Hollweg's hard hitting was clean. I think he was often the victim of Bettman's crackdown on physical play, as I think the zebras target players like Hollweg to make their point, to the detriment of the the NHL, IMHO.

I'm not a fan of won-lost records for fighters in hockey because quick, cheapshot wins mean less than standing up for a teammate against a bigger opponent when the need arises. Hollweg's winning percentage was poor, but he never backed down, and in almost every fight he took on much bigger players and extended them to their limits.

From what I can tell as a fan, Hollweg was well liked by the Rangers, and although the time came for him to go, I'm sure he'll be missed as a teammate.

Well said, I agree. But Hollweg just didn't have a place on the team anymore. If he didnt have horrible hands he could be a special player, cause he can skate better than most. I wish him well in Toronto.

listen if u dont think the rangers are going to be starving for goals with this roster u are dead wrong. other then naslund or zherdev who has 20-25 goal potential. callahan and dawes will not score enough consistently. gomez is a playmaker and drury is solid but i dont look at him as being a true goal scorer. this team could us more offense. shanny would help. sundin would be better.


i agree, we have all role players and no scoring threat, adding a 39 year old or anybody that scores i would do it.

This Shanahan love affair has to stop. Why is nobody bringing up the fact that the Rangers have NO CAP SPACE to offer Shanahan? They're still paying him over $2 million in bonuses from his contract from last season. You think he's gonna accept a deal lower than $1.5 million a year so he can play on the fourth line? With Fritsche's deal the Rangers have about 500k left before they're over the cap. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

maybe u should "WAKE UP" we have about 4 million b4 the cap according to nhlnumbers.com
not 500k

according to the website nhlline.ca the canadiens have expressed great interest in shanahan.

I personally don't think Shanny should be back. In the regular season, he was 5th in ice time and totaled 46 points.

He'll be 40 this year and don't think he'll pull a barry bonds.

Also, I don't think Renney will play him on the fourth line as Renney gives more ice time to vets (see time on ice stats) than players that are up and coming.

He's past his prime, milked the rangers for a ridiculous contract, and his skills will quickly deteriorate over the season.

Let someone else sign him and prove me wrong.

shanahan is simply one of the greatest leaders in nhl history.

Naslund Gomez Zherdev

Dawes Dubinsky Drury

Prucha Ansinov callahan

Voros Fritsche orr ( Shoey ,Korpi )

Redden Staal
Rosie Giradi
Kalinin Mara

thats exciting!!!

Dam Trolls in here ...

Interesting points and commentary from everyone here. After reading the past few threads, I have decided to post here. Most of you make some reasonable and perceptive observations and voice some good opinions, but I do have three questions:

1) Why is everyone so stratified on this site about paying and not paying. Seems reasonable that if you pay hard earned cash for something you should get more info than those who want free things. Not a big deal I would think.

2) Who the heck is this ORR guy people are referring too? Is he some weirdo or something or just someone with too much time and a big imagination.

3) Greg L, bro, you need to relax or something. You seem to get really butt hurt easily (for lack of a better term). I never read any girlie stuff on any of the past threads posted by girls and this wicky poster seemed to be just as knowledgeable as the rest of the posters here and his point about the military a thread or two ago was pretty spot on in my opinion. Maybe you were jilted by this person or something at some point, but you seem really thin skinned for a hockey fan. Not trying to start trouble with anyone on my first post or anything, just curious about a few things.

Go Rangers!

Greg L, I do like your second line though, we could call them the "killer d's".


sorry but nhlnumbers doesn't include fritsche's new contract, sjostrom's and dawes qualifying offer, and the jagr contract buyout ($760,000). I'm pretty sure nhlscap.com is more accurate and they're saying they have around $500k left

it also doesn't include Korpikoski's 1.1 million he'd make if he makes the rangers roster

I want to get the subscription but nobody returns my phone calls. I must have called about 5 times. Check your messages this is starting to become a joke of a business.

Shanny is old sooooo what, why dont you get on the ice and prove it.

i guess there are issues to work out than
and why does korpi get payed so much he's only 22


Because Korpi was a 1st round draft pick and this is year 3 of his deal..I think

DK ...those 3 questions you asked proves that you don't know anything about this site and your comical words about me are as retarded as you ...sounds like your someone else posting in a different name...how original.

this keeps up ...im joining the plus , dam trolls!!!

the cap hit of Korpikoski is the average of his contract, not how much he actually makes next year. Nothing from Shanahan's contract counts against our cap next season I'm pretty sure, and how is it a buyout with Jagr if he was an unrestricted free agent? Where did you get this info????

In my opinion, I would like to see Shanahan next year....As of now, without Shanny, our PP is looking weak on goal scorers...who knows what will happen i just hope they sign him.. Here is a possibility for lines with Shanny in the line up:

1)Naslund Dubinsky Zherdev

2)Shanny Gomez Dawes

3)Callahan Drury Korpikoski

4)Voros Betts/Fritsche Sjostrom

i like the lines but i would switch dubi and dru

The team will have sufficient goal scoring without shanny.

I would hate for the power play to be focused on shanny getting the big one timer or setup in the slot.

I wish shanny well in his future endeavors but the time has come to admit that his career as a player is over.

Gomez and Zherdev are going to play together, at least to start the year. I'd try Dubi as the 2nd line center with Drury as a wing and Drury can still play ceneter on the PK/PP and late in the 3rd period when they get some combo of Drury/Betts/Naslund on the ice for defensive purposes.

The PK is going to be fine; Dubi did some nice PK work in the last two games against Pitt, Cally and Gomez were the most fun and most offensive of the group, you still have Betts and Drury, and Sjo kills penalties too. I'm sure Fritsche will be given some PK time, an hopefully ditto for Korpi. Plus Naslund, and it's time for young Nigel to get PK time a la Hartford.

This is why I am really concerned about the Rangers next season. I actually believe that the Rangers NEED Shanny now.
No one was more critical of Shanny the last year or so than me ( I am still banned from Rodent's site because of my harsh criticism of Shanny. . . . which Rodent now seems to be in agreement with a year later). But the way I see this team shaping up, there is no sniper on the team. No real scoring threat at all. The Rangers may have to dump some of these marginal players that they have signed this summer and make room for Shanny.

As much as I hate to say it.

Unfortunately the Islanders have way too much money in and around their organization for them to fold.

There is nothing wrong with focusing your PP around Shanny 1.) Because he actually shoot's and scores and 2.) Because he knows that there are 2 units, not1 like Jagr though

Sorry that was supposed to be “unlike Jagr, who thought there was only one"

I read some post that claim the PK will be just fine and the PP is weak on goal scorers. Well, the facts are simply these: we don't KNOW anything about the PK or PP until this new group of players take to the ice. We have undergone MAJOR changes and only time will tell how it all shakes out. Both the PK and PP require discipline and chemisty for them to be successful. It looks like we have made some progress, but we thought that when Drury and Gomez were added to JJ, Straka and Shanahan.

As for snipers, Dawes & Zherdev need to fill that spot. Clutch goals will come from Drury and Nasland. The fast attack will be developed from Gomez, Dubinsky, Callahan and Prucha. Grit will be supplied by Voros and Fritsche. It looks like we have a few PPQB's now in the lineup. Our defensive speed and skill has improved. I see a team that now has more players that fit the style Renney wants to play. The trick will be getting them to come together quickly so we can settle into a "team personality" in the first third of the season.

I would like to see Shanny back and envision him in a similiar role to that Andrychuck (sp?) played with the Lighting a few years back. A PP specialist who can fill in on the 4th line a play a shift on other line when needed. (fighting major, injury, etc). With a young team, his prescense would be valuable to the kids, how to act like a professional, respect the game, the uniform, etc. Heck if he can play a spot role and chip in with a similiar set of numbers he's better then most 3 or 4 liners.

I will take anything just sooo Shanny is on the team!

Does anyone know when the NHL schedule is officially released?? I thought I heard today but Sporting News is reporting tomorrow.

I think Shanny is done, but... He should not be given anything. If he EARNS a spot on the roster, fine. WQe are in this to win, yes, WIN and WIN and WIN. Anybody who can help is truly welcome, but they have to really help. I don't need anymore "leadership", "experience", "lockerroom jesters" or the like. Just 23 guys determined to win for the Red, White and Blue. LGR!

Sundin Will be a Ranger! I Hope. LOL

Wow hollweg got traded?? Nice, but I feel bad he really wasnt that awful until after simon chopped at him. For some reason the refs thought it was hollweg who chopped himself and never let him hit freely ever again.

Oh well.

I have a feeling that this team really doesn't have a bona-fide goal scorer on the roster... i mean, even when JJ wasn't scoring he was still "that" threat to other teams... who is it now??? I know we have lots of skill on the team, but no one who is an official goal scorer.

NYR777, no goal scorer? We have Zherdev! He had 26 goals last year, playing in a very similar defensive system in Columbus.

Considering we have very responsible forwards (i.e. two-way ability), I think Renney will take more chances.. Zherdev will net 40+ (if healthy). MARK MY WORDS!

Dawes resigns as the Daily News Blog reports. I hope hes wrong about Prucha he stinks and should be traded!

MUhaaaaahaa yes Orr the comments are back ...yeah i knew it yesterday ...Nice to see Dubi changed back to the blue background. Great job Dubi !! Btw Orr , you fell for the " shut off the comments for a few days..orr will go away..hahaha" trick!! yes you still owe me :o

Prucha and Dawes i think are both going to have a good season. Give em a little more ice time and they will score more. Naslund,Drury,Gomez and Zherdev will def score, I dont see how people can doubt that!?!

Dawes,Prucha,Cally,Drury,andGomez what do all these players have in common? If you guess they are all small players you win the grand prize. At least 4 out of 5 of these guys will be on the first two lines of this team. Prucha is toast and should be moved. We need Sundin more then you guys think. Lets hope we can free up cap space and sign him. Otherwise I can def see this team getting knocked around.

Prucha deserves more playing time. You don't just score 30 goals in your rookie season by accident... Anyway, bring back Shanny we need a goal scorer and a leader.. Line combos:

1. Naslund Gomez Zherdev
2. Shanny Drury Prucha
3. Callahan Dubinsky Dawes
4. Voros Betts/Fritsche Sjo/Korpi

Dawes/Dubinsky/Drury (3D line)

Prucha got about half his goals on the PP, fed by Jagr. Yes, he should get some PP time, but last year he simply didn't get the job done, so he was moved off the PP.

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