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June 25, 2008


Maple leafs going to buy out Tucker so if Avery leaves Rangers should try to sign him and he wont ask for a lot cause Tor will be paying from the buy out

Pearl Jam at the Garden last night - complete insanity and at the end of Daughter, Eddie Vedder usually tags on an extra vocal from a song or two. Last night after going through a few verses of "Blitzkrieg Bop" he led a "Let's Go Rangers" chant. I'll see if I can find a youtube link for you guys.

I don't understand why Baranka went to Russia. Is it all just about money? Based on what we saw of Baranka last season, one would think he'd be even closer to making the team out of training camp this season.

Anisimov is the one Russian player who has thrown himself right into the mix in Hartford. He wants to assimilate as quickly as he can, rather then stay comfortable in Russia. I don't know about the powers that be, but that speaks volumes to me. All he has to do is come to my house for a few weeks. He'll put on weight real quick. :)

Sorry Ant, Tucker sucks! If you want an agitator thats available and capable of knocking people off their game then I would go after Jarko Ruutu. However if I was Sather, I'd bury my ego and sign Avery...

"The age discrimination on this site should be reported to Amnesty International. Yep, if you are a 37 year old Sundin, all of a sudden you are no good. So many Rangers fans are dumb dumb dumb. Sorry, but if you say that Sundin could not produce and provide leadership for the Rangers next season, then yes, you are dumb.
Nobody is talking about the team blowing their load here, trading away the future. It's about signing a guy for a year to play hockey. If the position does not fit (he's a centreman) fine, but forget the age crap. What is wrong with a forward that hits, scores, helps his teammates and loves to win?" wibbles

I think Sundin is still a great player. I just don't see how he fits into the Ranger plans. NYR has a glut of Centers as it is. I thought Gomez would be a no-brainer to center Jagr, who is to say Sundin would be? If Dubinsky is traded, I still see it as a long shot. I am not saying he is old and washed up. I just don't think Sundin makes any sense.

And if Tucker comes and costs the NYR nothing but his salary, I have no problem with that. . . .especailly seeing how Avery will be an Islander next week.

Forget Tucker, he is a totally disruptive guy in and out of the locker room. In TO he was known as "sideshow Bob." Sundin is just what the Rangers need now. Since either Drury or Dubinsky can play the wing it makes no sense to say we have a glut of centres. Putting either of those two guys on the wing makes the team stronger and better. and if someone gets injured we have replaceable parts up the middle, which is terrific.

Re: Sundin,

Why do we need another 37 year old center? Can he produce? Probably and the downside is that he's going to get prime minutes whgen I think the kids are ready to step up. In the center spot, I think Dubi is ready to handle the minutes.

Don't we have 2 other centers that we're (oops, the NYR) paying 14 million dollars for? We don't need another center versus a crease clearing defenseman.

If people say he brings leadership ability, isn't the current crop (drury, Jags, Gomez) oozing with leadership? I thought the rangers also drafted character players first (ie, people that have captained teams in jr). Give the current people the opportunity to step up and take on a leadership role. Someone will fill the void.

Re: the draft picks video. Great link. It was fun to watch. Del zotto skates well and seems to have nice hands. Enjoyed the inside out move from Stephan. Anisimov looks good, protected the puck well. Bring on training camp!

I know this is kinda of crazy and I really don't want sundin cause I rather put the money towards a couple of defensemen. Thinking of a line of Jagr Sundin Dubinsky is kinda sick. Thats a lot if size and power fowards. What do you guys think of that?

I agree with Adam about the money being better spent on upgrading our very suspect D...

I would like to be the first to suggest if the rangers don't resign Jagr, which could be unlikely. That Sundin and Naslund could be headed for NY with both of them being swedes. Pairing those 2 together could make an impact and a good one on a second or third line. This also will make Henrik more comfortable if he is feeling at all uneasy. I can't imagine either would be signed for more than a year or 2.

I am not sure what the lines will look like in the least but I would imagine if both are brought in Prucha is on his way out, most likely dealt for a defenseman of the same age group . I dont know which team would want him or what they could get in return but I am sure it will be an upgrade from backman, mara or strudwick.

Right now we will be hearing rumor after rumor up until and after July 1

If you are a big ticket free agent then of course you will see your name linked to the Rangers who remain big spenders.

Sad is it not that we see so many hockey people saying so much and offering little value.

However here is a question I wish to see someone ask which is why is the owner of the Ducks Henry Samueli not being stripped of his franchise after he pled guilty to one count of making a false statement to the SEC.

Last I checked that is a crime and shouldn't that be a valid reason to be stripped of your franchise?

The NHL wants to strip the Dolans because the Dolans want to control their own marketing but here is a now convicted felon who was just suspended.

Another wonderful day in the Gary Bettman land

And if anyone wants to replace Hollweg there is a RFA of the AVs who had tremendous chemistry with Dubinsky while they were linemates in Portland in Cody McLeod

Lets see: Sundin, Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky, Betts and Anisomov, all natural centers. The only way signing Sundin makes any sense is if the Rangers have a STRONG feeling that they can win a cup. Frankly, I don't think that's the case, with or without Jagr. We will need to see what comes our way after July 1st. What defenseman did we get? What wings did we sign? Is Straka, Shanahan, Avery and Rozsival back? It is very possible that by the time those issues are settled, Sundin will already be with somebody else.

We already know that it takes time for new players to blend in and if we are adding 2 new defensemen, that could prove to be another half a season at .500 hockey and a blast at the end.

I don't think Sundin would be like many of the others we had that came for a free ride, but I don't think Sundin is the answer to all our "cup aspirations". Stay the course with the core of the team being our younger players. If by trade deadline time we are in the hunt and Sundin could be a "rental" (didn't work last year) then I might go for it.

Spend money on a couple of D'men, Avery and a wing so we continue to build for the long term, not a short term fix. Leave some roster space for 1-2 more youngsters, that's my 2 cents.

from tsn:

"The only free agent that matters these days in Toronto and Montreal is Sundin. The 37-year-old star centre, at home in Sweden, continues to contemplate the overtures from Canadiens GM Bob Gainey, who was given exclusive negotiating rights to Sundin from the Maple Leafs last Thursday.

A report in the New York Post on Tuesday suggested the Rangers are also talking to him but Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher said that is not true.

"Montreal is the only team that has the rights to talk to him," Fletcher said Tuesday. "The Rangers did not ask for permission to talk to Sundin and we have given the exclusive rights to Montreal."

guess that post story goes on the crap pile, out back. the way i see it sundin is a beast who can carry a team despite his age. having watched him all season via center ice sundin carried the leafs on his back many nights with his fearless play. but i figured all along this story was a ruse, just like the one that says avery goes to the islanders. haha. fat chance!

interesting words from renney, especially when relating to Sanguinetti - "So much of it's contingent on what we do in the next week to ten days," Renney said - sounds like this next few weeks will decide the fate of the d-men. too bad you couldn't get renney to expand on this statement a bit. oh well.

great coverage dubi - thanks so much for posting!

Jess the great buttman has left himself not in a good position to strip Dolan. I would think there would be grounds for a suit now, if he gets the votes for a sale.


Why do you think Torts dusted Brooks off in that interview. Everybody knows what Brooks is all about and it's not hockey, the Rangers or the facts.

ESPN just reported that Tampa extended Vincent Lecavalier for 9 yrs for 77 Million Dollars

Sundin? Consider the source(s)....

The rumor started on Hockeybuzz and was "verified" by Larry Brooks. Probably two of the most unreliable sources for information of that type. If Mats was a wing, it would make more sense. I do not think they're trading Dubinsky or moving him to the 4th line. So this does not make any sense to me and therefore it's crap. Plus, why would Fletcher say that he gave Montreal of all places the permission and then lie about giving the NYR the same?

Didn't anyone ever hear the expression, "Don't believe everything you read." Well, it has even more weight when getting info from The Post and even more so if Hockeybuzz is involved.

Chris QCT-

It was Sportsnet.ca the confirmed the report. Hockeybuzz and the Post have it after. I think it is going to happen!

So I just watched the replay of Game 2 vs the Devils this year on NHL Network, a game I was present at. After watching Avery's performance, I think I'll want to punch Sather in the taint if he doesn't resign him.

All this talk of getting Mats Sundin makes me want to barf. By all accounts we should have had an offensive juggernaut last year. We have Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Gomez and Drury and we couldn't score for crap last year. What makes us think that adding Sundin is going to change that? If we have a little money to spend, sign Jagr, Avery, 2 good D men (Orpik and someone else), and get rid of Renney. Our PP is a damn joke and our defense sucks. Fix what's broken first. The offense will come around with a different system.

The Sundin rumor has been on MSG & Tsn, but it's still a rumor. Only Montreal has the rights to talk to him before July 1st.

I still dont see what 750k is making such a problem with sather for avery

just watch, dont resign him he will be somewhere that will make you sorry

Avery is a must for the Rangers; it's not even close; his contribution to the team derives from his ability to give his linemates that extra moment or two to make the right play. He distracts the opposition and simply makes the Rangers a tougher team to play against. He has a very good shot and is determined in the slot. A perfect player he's not, but he plays his Ranger agitator role to perfection. With so many question marks facing the team on the eve of July 1, why take a proven contributor and cast him aside? It behooves our GM to "negotiate" in good faith with Avery, compromise on the figures (split the difference between the 2 sides) and get #16 signed for the next three years. As a season ticket holder and long time fan, I suggest signing Avery ASAP!


AVERY wants over 4 mill sather is offerin 2.5 its a mill and a half difference.as much as hed meant to us his 15 goals does not worth 4 mills.he disapeared last year 2nd round nd got hurt this year.he's not a superstar he's an agitator and he should be getting what players his type get 2 to 3 mills tops.

Ant, I see where you're coming from and agree that Avery wants too much. However, Avery was on par to score 20+, scored 15 goals and 33 points in 57 games. He was instrumental in dismantling NJ, and did contribute against Pittsburgh despite playing an entire game with internal bleeding. He is not an agitator, he is THE agitator. Though he is a role player, his contributions go considerably further than stirring it up. He is a contributor offensively as well as defensively. He is one of the few guys we have who will hit and fight. His grit, tenacity, and 100% effort on every shift seems to light a fire among his teammates. Sather's comparison to Chris Kelly is laughable, as he is not nearly the impact player that Avery has been for the Rangers. Darcy Tucker's numbers are more consistent, and honestly better, than Avery's. However, he is not as good of a role player, and is old. He made 3/per before being bought out. Give Avery 3.25 and keep everyone happy

"Punch Sather in the taint..."

Heh heh heh...

Better not drop the gloves first.

Sundin was 32-46-78 last year...on a lousy team...if he has a Shanahan type contract, then NOT signing him would be foolish...

Sather indicated that Avery's agent is NOT asking for $4M, but the supposed comps for him, like Chris Kelly, are making a little over $2-2.5M...in the cap world you cannot overpay a player, especially one that may not play all year...that said, IF they can sign him for a reasonable figure I think they can and will do so...

Joe in DE

I agree with everything except the Renney comment. If we let Renney go then we start teaching a NEW system and time and "buyin" required coupled with all the new faces spells disaster. I just don't understand the dislike for Renney when he is responsible for most of the Rangers success. He changed the scouting system, his system is in place and working very well, he has the respect of the players and he doesn't throw chairs and sticks on the ice making the refs look bad. He is a PRO, and he wants his team to act like PROFESSIONALS. And BTW, another "system" will not change things. The problem was the personnal, particularly on defense. That's what you should expect from a team that is rebuilding. The PP sucked because everybody looked to Shanny and JJ to score the goals. The system was set up to feed the high slot and that's Pearn's problem. He didn't have the faith in Dawes, Drury and Prucha to get in close for tips, rebounds and the garbage goals that would come from those guys. The defense needed to be Girardi, who always seemed to be able to get the puck through to the net, Rozsival if he would shoot more. The problem was, there just was not enough D'men to do it. Mara has no Idea where his shot will end up, Struds simply isn't mobile enough, Backman just scared the h@ll out of everybody, Staal was a choice but only toward the end of the season and Tyutin couldn't get the shot off fast enough. That all may change after July 1st.

akayama49 & ant

I agree that Avery is an important part of this team. His stats surely can't support $4MM/yr. But sometimes stats aren't the major thing to look at for some players. I think Avery is worth $3.75/yr, even if he doesn't get into more than 65-70 games, if we're lucky. Why? Avery has shown me more things I didn't think he had in his basket of tricks. The agitation we all understood. The off-ice antics and other distractions are simply part of the package. However, his speed was something I never expected, his shot was also something nobody seemed to talk about. But his willingness to play within the constraints set up by Renney, be a complete team player and when told to keep his trap shut...that is DISCIPLINE...that was something I thought was his biggest asset. The ability to take what he took and stay composed, focused on the task at hand, not he bigger then the team, but be part of the team is his biggest contribution. That is what should be rewarded. Glen, he responded to you criticism...now you need to reward him.

ant: Everyone disapeared in games 1 and 2 of the second round. Game 3 is when Averys spleen was lacerated. $4 is a lot, but if we get rid of him, WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO BE IN FRONT OF THE NET ???!!!!???

we have a winner!

efiggy is right this team has no spine with avery, losing him is such a bad move unless they see possibilities and a different team allthoether

I appreciate Avery's talents as much as anyone, but paying role players elite salaries is always a mistake. Think of Brian Skrudland, Mike Keane and Bobby Holik just to name a few. They had been important contributors to Stanley Cup winners, but as Rangers more was expected of them, the pressure mounted, and suddenly the little things they used to do weren't enough to justify their salaries. In today's salary cap NHL, it would be even worse.

Although we did pay too much money for holik, we used him out of position as a first line center instead of a 3rd ine pivot that he was.


Well said my friend well said!!


Not signing avery will be a mistake and i'm afraid if we don't the pens are going to be the team to get him!!

Wicky, that's the problem exactly... if you pay Avery that much, you're going to need first line production from him, and like Holik he's arguably most effective as a third liner.

And do you really think the Pens are going to give Avery the $4M per he wants when they might lose Malone, Oprik & Hossa this year, and need to sign Malkin, Stahl & Fleury next year? They're already committed to Crosby ($9M), and to Gonchar & Whitney. How can they afford him?

Avery can be a second liner, I do agree 4 mil is a bit steep for him. As far as pitt goes, not only will they probably lose twoof orpik, malone, and hossa, but they are letting big george, ruutu, and a couple of others go to free agency (does not mean they will not resign them), but that is a lot of toughness and significant dollars not going on the payroll. It just seem like a good fit for them and some tyical "we do not think we need toughness" ranger stupidity and bad karma!!

Don't get me wrong, I want Avery back too. But you can't lose sight of the big picture, which is to build a winning team. If you spend too much on a second or third liner at the expense of a scorer on the first line, or a top defenseman, you're hurting your team.

sorry "typical"

I agree wtih you completely about d being number one priority if not orpik then an offer sheet for bowmeester in florida. If avery get 3 mil or a little over, then fine, but I agree 4 mil is too much!!

ok, FLA just qualified boumeester, so nevermind that part of my idea.

"I still dont see what 750k is making such a problem with sather for avery

just watch, dont resign him he will be somewhere that will make you sorry

Posted by: Chris | June 25, 2008 at 05:04 PM"

In response to that comment don't forget that Ryan Smyth was traded from Edmonton because of a difference in contract negotiation sof 100,000 dollars and thats where he built up is whole career

From KuklasKorner.com

"Pierre McGuire, on Mitch Melnick's show this afternoon, says if the Canadiens have not signed Mats Sundin by July 1, he's going to the Rangers.

The Montreal offer is attractive, McGuire says: two seasons, $7 million per. The fact Sundin has not jumped on it is significant."

Though i doubt the Rangers are 2nd in line for Sundin's services, i am shocked that he could get offers up to $7 million per year. With this info, rangers would be much wiser to spend that on Jagr

If Sather can find the wiggle room to fill the roster depth wise, get us a FA defenseman to bridge the gap between now and when some of our prospects on D are ready to step into the league(Sanguietti particularly), AND sign Sundin to a short term contract I'm all for it. Just imagine a front that looks something like this...

Should we not be able to bring Straka back to fill that first line spot, or can't bring back Shanahan and put one of the other guys up, we could always see how Korpikowski fits on that line, and move Sjostrom up to the third line.

On D:

A lot of ways the defense can go. I think with Pock only due half a million next year we try to make it work with him as one of the third pair defenseman...we go for an UFA, if we can't get Campbell, Redden, or Orpik wouldnt be surprised to see Commodore or someone like that. I'm hoping we bring back Mara, and maybe Rozsival too if the price is right. Pock could then be the 7th d-man/a sub for the 4th line.

If Sundin comes To New York for less $$ , look out !! That guys hearts like a lion . J.J and Avery will follow ...and a Defensman you all been cravinggg for .

If Sundin comes to NY, make him a winger who will crash the net and play a cycle game with Jagr and Dubi. I think he'd open a lot of space for him.

I like having Gomez play with Dawes at even strength, those two had good chemistry together, as did Gomez and Cally on the PK.

Cally and Korpi would be a very energetic and annoying 3rd line and Korpi is bigger than Dawes and a little more physical.

I think Byers should get a nice long look, with Sjo and Betts as the puck carries, Byers can crash the net and the 4th line coul get 9-12 goals each.

Sundin is not playing wing. Even at 37 he is better than Gomez od Drury. I don't believe this story at all. Unless Jagr goes, and Dubinsky or Drury are traded (Drury has a no trade clause). Sundin dominates at center. Drury would have to move. Why not just throw that money at Hossa, and give him Shanny's spot on the second line?

Nick Kypreos, with good Rangers connections is the guy that revealed that the Rangers have serious interest in Sundin. Doesn't matter if the Habs have exclusive negotiating rights to July 1st, because Mats isn't going to sign with anybody before July 1st just so the Leafs could profit. He's mad as hell at Fletcher. Mats WILL be a Ranger, all the signs are there. Jagr will likely follow IMO.

I noticed Evgeni Grachev made it to camp yesterday. I watched his video on Rangers On- Demand last night. I thought him and Derek Stepan looked pretty good. Grachev seems to have some good speed and decent hands to him. Good to see him in camp.

It would've been nice to see Cherepanov here as well....

Sather has very much confidence in what is on tap in Hartford. He still wants Jagr back, but he's wooing him with what always pull the trigger with Jagr, having some say in the way the team is run. I wouldn't doubt in the slightest that signing Sundin would be the incentive Jagr would need. Sather probably also thinks he is managing risk with this acquistion, if Jagr was injured we'd still have a very experienced forward.
My own wish was that Jagr would not be resigned this year, but I know:
1. Sather wants Jagr back
2. Jagr wants to play with NYR
3. Jagr could play with Sundin
4. Jagr loves to have input on team direction

I'd be surprised if Jagr had not been consulted about Sundin and given his approval. I'm in the minority, I'd love to see Sundin in a Rangers jersey, the Jagr connection has nothing to do with it, as I would prefer that Jagr not return to NYR.

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