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June 20, 2008


Sather is making me sick....If you don't want Jagr on the team so you can begin the Gomez-Drury Era of leadership that's fine and I think Shanny is washed up anyway but Why get rid of Avery?...All he's done since he got here is be a catalyst for this team. His value is obvious every time he's not in the lineup. I think Sather likes Czechs because they are quiet and resents Avery being on Page 6 every day....Get over it Glen!!!!Avery loves NY and the Rangers and the Fans love Avery!..We don't want that piece of crap Darcy Tucker. I like the news of Campbell or Redden replacing Rozy and that they are interested in Orpik (although Brad Stuart is the better option) but this Avery news brings me down on Draft Day.


I think while Avery has been a huge reason to this teams success since being acquired last Feb. Glen Sather knows as well as a lot of people in hockey that as much as the Rangers need Sean Avery, Sean Avery needs the Rangers.

He has the glitz and glamour here that he will get no where else in the league except for Los Angeles and while Marc Crawford is now gone from the Kings helm, I still doubt to see the Kings, who couldn't be more happy to get rid of him, bring him back for $4 mil. In other places around the league, he is not very well liked because of his on-ice jabbering and may be a team cancer for his past antics.

He has more or less pigeon-holed himself into play for this team and Sather knows that, and believes that he can get him for less than he is requesting, still $4 mil a year? Also, in my eyes, a 4 year contract (does he still want that?) is 2 too many for a player who has worn his welcome out of two cities already.

The verdict: 2 years, $3.25 mil a year. (Half of what he wants in terms of years, not as much as he wants financially but still an increase from last year.

Wow, I'm kind of at a loss for words. This just doesn't make sense to me. Why would Sather wait and fill half the roster when other interested teams can drive the price up instead of locking down key components ahead of time at a lower price. Is Sather gambling that not 1 team will give Avery the 4 mil/per he wants? What makes even less sense is that we could be considering Tucker, who makes 3 mil/per but sucks. Why not offer Avery the 3.5? If Jagr leaves, who fills that role? Drury? Gomez? Neither have the ability to play at the elite level. Dubinsky? Prucha? It sounds like we're betting on a miracle.

I'm all for shopping Rozsival and shaking it up on D. Orpik looks like a great option. I'm not sold on Redden and I definitely don't want Campbell here.

I dunno man, it's OK to fill in a few gaps at the free agency period, but the pantry is looking kinda bare

Witch channel have broadcast tonight’s draft?

versus, tsn, and hockey network

I think not signing Avery and opting for Tucker would be a mistake for the Rangers. Been reading a lot about the Pens wanting to move Malkin....now that's interesting....a legitimate replacement for Jagr if he doesn't return. Can't believe that the Pens would perfer Hossa over Malkin for the long term. Based on these reports of no free agent offerings by Sather, this team might look real different come training camp. As shown in the playoffs year after year, you need solid defense and good goal tending...we have one but not the other..the Rangers must sure up their defense and it looks like there will be players available on the market to do just that.


actually Sather is smart to let these go see what they can get elsewhere and to see for himself what the market will bear. those 5 players are going to find out what they are really worth because i don't think it's as much as they think... Pavel, Teubert is too small, the rangers have enough small. they need big.

I'd like to know what REALLY is going on with Sather & Co. You've got to believe the Rangers have a plan in place. We don't know what's been said to Jagr and the others in confidence. All of this is speculation at best. It's interesting though that around the league there are very few moves being made before the draft tonight.

First off, the "reports" come from Larry Brooks! That should say enough right there. Second, the market should drive to salaries, so holding off until after 7/1 might be good for Rozsival and Avery and the Rangers. These guys are $3.5MM players, not much more. If somebody wants to pay more, so be it. Jagr's decision will not be based on NHL money, it will be NHL vs. European hockey. As for Shanny, Straka, Mara, Malik and Struds...who cares? Finally, allow other teams to drive their cap up, come NEXT YEAR, we will be loaded and primed for a few great players. I do not think JJ is an important part of our future. We made the playoffs this past season without him (the real Jagr) and we can do it again. Yes, we may not be a cup team, but a 4th year in a row in the playoffs continues to point us in the right direction.

I'm not high on Campbell or Redden. Think we need some solid, stay at home types that will hit people. We need another wing, Vrbata may be the answer to that question. We put 3 good lines on the ice every night and we will make the playoffs. Add a better defensive corps and we should be just fine.


Teubert is too small? He's 6'-3" and 181lbs. At 18 years old you can expect at least another inch and on that frame at least another 25-30 lbs. I'm looking at trying to get Neimi, he's 6'-2" and 191lbs, another WHL defenseman.

I hope there is not a shred of truth to Brook's article. Just mentioning alleged Ranger interest in Tucker and Campbell makes my stomach churn. I sense we're going to overpay for big names like Redden who will disappear in a blueshirt -- maybe I'm just being negative. Need someone like Orpik -- we haven't had that since #23 -- so that should be obvious. I just think Campbell is a bit overrated but I can't see I've seen him in more than a dozen or so games. I imagine Sather or Brooks or both are just playing head games at this point but it sounds like something that, if true, is going to backfire

Oh, how I would love for Malkin to become a Ranger. Just think how great it would be to have consistant scoring again. We would need to keep Avery though if we get Malkin. We will need him to teach Malkin how to toughen up a bit on the ice and stop looking to the refs for backup (the way Cyndy Crysby taught him too). After that, Avery can give Malkin a makeover suitible for big city life off the ice. Hee, hee.

My gut instinct is that every time the phrase "the Post has learned" is used in one of Brooks' articles, there's an 85% chance that only 15% of it is true. I really hope this is in that 85%.

right, my bad. i was thinking of another kid. personally i'd like to see john carlson because he has more tools but we'll see what happens.


I guess I have a prejudice here, but I am not high on USHL prospects. Many look good until they come up against better players. I'm not against this kid Carlson, his reports look good. I like WHL players, they are a more nasty bunch!

either way we agree on big nasty D.


Staal, Girardi and Sanguinetti...all from the OHL...I expect the rangers to take a D-man from the OHL...Del Zotto's the pick if he's there.


Have no problem with Del Zotto. Would be a fine pick. The WHL has a reputation for fierce, nasty players, that's all.

from everything i've seen, del zotto is a project and can be lazy in the defensive zone, the last thing we need.

latest rumor going around......

"Brooks Orpik is close to signing a 5-year, $17mill contract with the Pens.
HOWEVER, there are talks that the Pens will sign him to less than he would be offered on the free-agent market and then trade him to a team that will be getting a bargain, consequently."

Face facts fans, we are stuck with a moron owner; an over-rated arena; a GM who is mailing it in (he works less than Howard Stern); a coach who is a mediocre game strategist; and a team without many warriors.
Letting Avery go is consistent with the ego-centric Slats (the Rangers have a history of letting physical guys go in favor of ballerinas on ice --ie. Pat Verbeek; Mike Ridley; Tie Domi; Mike Knuble....).
We have a small team that has ok speed, but not much finish; no power play; weak
in front of our net; a goalie who can't stickhandle or control rebounds...
They can never compete for the Cup with this type of team. They are teasers who seldom win their division (and with the Pens and Flyers and Devils won't anytime soon).
Jagr's a unique talent who is not motivated enough of the time. He and the Czech contingent need to go. Until we get a Brian Burke type GM, we will stay pretenders.


I'm not against this kid Carlson, his reports look good. I like WHL players, they are a more nasty bunch!

I too prefer the WHL players for the same reason as you do. To set your mind at ease, Carlson is WHL material PLUS.

The kid wants to be the second coming of Scott Stevens need I say more?


Sorry I have to disagree on Del Zotto as if you select him then who plays defense on defense?


You are being much more generous than I would with NYP as I lower that number to under 10%


Yawn another day another "lets rile up Ranger fans with rumors". So can we debunk these rumors

Avery to LA

Dean Lombardi is the guy who got rid of Avery not Crawford. Sorry Avery would be more likely to sign with the Ducks.


Hip Surgery typically requires a lot of rehab so right now odds are better than even that Rosy will not be ready by training camp or until as late as Xmas.

Most will want to see how he skates first before making a contract offer.


Would not adapt to Renney's system since he likes to cherry pick not to mention was not happy about his brother's treatment (right or wrong) by the Rangers.

The Draft

If the Rangers are really interested in Jared Staal then they will trade make a move to be at the top of the 2nd round.

Nobody thinks Jared Staal is first round material as the real hockey people understand that it is his name not his game that is driving all the rumors about him.

Given Sather's MO, Clarks MO and what kind of draft this is then trading down is the most likely option


As I understand it, it's Jared's father who claims he is better than any of the other brothers. He also says, the problem is Jared is lazy and doesn't come to work every day. That seems to be the gamble, which one will you end up with?

He may have so much talent that he doesn't have to use it! Tough call!

From observing many past Rangers drafts, i suggest our staff agree on their selctions--and then arbitrarily pick somebody else at the last minute. Had they taken this approach in past drafts by my reckoning they would have selected at least 5 more quality prospects since 2000. LOL

Drury must have really had a falling out with Avery. I can't see how they won't resign him and want to explore Darcy Tucker whose PP goals could help,but his knees and speed won't! Nice job Glen

Jess if it's true that Carlson said he wants to be the next Scotty Stevens then i am praying he falls to the Rangers at #20. Him, Staal, Tyutin, Girardi and Sanguinetti could be a dynamic defense for years. Only 4 more hours!

This Avery stuff makes me absolutely sick. Sather had better sign him one way or another! Darcy Tucker? Please. ESPN is also reporting the Rangers are going to let him test the market.

To me Avery is the only must re-sign. He's done with his "Vogue internship" and should now show the Rangers once again his desire to stay and bite the bullet a little bit. Meet half way. He needs us as much as we need him. Sickening...

Looking forward to the draft. I have a feeling they will be flexible depending on who is available. If they target someone who is still available, they may trade up. If not, I think they may trade down to high 2nd round like Jess said and take Staal. We'll see.

BTY - JD acquires a Chris Mason, a capable NHL goaltender, for just a 4th round pick. We trade ours to JD for Backman? Have you noticed how JD has been stockpiling draft picks? He also got a 3rd rounder today from Toronto for Jamal Mayers. He's got a plan. St. Louis will get better each year under JD. Good for him. Wish we had him.

It is so obvious that AVERY is going to wind up with The Islanders, Flyers or Devils. Sather is a Dope' if he lets him walk, plain and simple.



As I understand it, it's Jared's father who claims he is better than any of the other brothers. He also says, the problem is Jared is lazy and doesn't come to work every day. That seems to be the gamble, which one will you end up with?

Yes I have heard that Father Staal has said that about his own kid.

It makes you wonder if the kid feels pressured to play hockey as you have to feel for the kid who has to live up to the reps of his 3 older brothers.

Here is why scares me off from drafting the kid: We keep seeing stuff about his name, his background, his everything else but very little about the kind of player he is today and where he will be tomorrow.

This is how I would do it:

IF I could trade down to the bottom of the 1st round and pick up another 2nd round pick then I would use one of the 2nd round picks on him.

Otherwise I pass on him because NOTHING I have seen as of late suggests that the kid has worked hard enough to boost his own stock.

Only 1 second round pick then I use it on someone like a Mitch Wahl or Cory Feinhage who work hard and nobody questions their desire.


In fairness until Tom Renney came along and rebuilt the entire scouting and development program the Rangers were horrible.

Clark and Schoenfeld are a great team to be running the Ranger draft.


I feel like I have been jinxing myself with the guys I like.

In Dec it was Cory Wilson who at the time nobody knew of and now is a projected Top 10 pick.

In April it was Carlson who I was hoping nobody would discover and now they have.

I am afraid to even mention my 3rd choice because I feel someone will steal him.


I acknowledge that I opposed the Avery deal and that I still have doubts about a long term deal with Avery BUT:

At the same time where is in fact Avery's own desire to play in NYC? I understand his desire to make as much money as possible but there also needs to be a sign of maturity by Avery to acknowledge that his own past haunts him and makes him a meltdown away from turning him back into the Avery people dislike.


I just got an interesting email from the folks at the IIHF that I will be posting over at my site in a few minutes regarding Malkin.


Let's Go Rangers! Pick a winner in every rd. And please don' take a goalie before the 5th round.

And, no Shanahan.

sheesh all this speck-u-latin' is getting ramped up. it's just that because it's all based on specks of information. not much else. there is no friggin' way sather would take 5 steps back and bring tucker in to replace avery. gut feeling that it's more negotiations via the media.

tsn reporting russian 'super' league going after malkin with wads of cash. just as i predicted. but now that geno the slewfooter has tasted a cup final i figure he won't be cashing out till he drinks from the cup. could be wrong though, the article is reporting over 12 million tax-free!

although i like campbell but without a rather large d-man by his side he'll be hung out to dry on many occasions. would rather see an effort to see rangers snatch orpik from pittsburgh.

(well i see mr. moose is back, sharing his love of the rangers. not!)

i saw on espn's crawl that malkin (jerk-off) was offered 12.5 per, tax free to play in russia.

Ok let start the ball on the draft coverage.

It is frustrating not being at the draft but next year we will be there in Montreal.

The draft nowadays is more for the fans than it is for the media. With events and shows along with chances to check out the various NHL Trophies up close makes the draft a good show.

Next year with the draft in Montreal I expect a huge show since it will be the 100th year of hockey in Montreal. If you can make plans to attend it.

My plan for this evening is to thumbs up or down here and to break down the first round over Prospect Park. If we are like previous years then this place will get wild so remeber we are all Ranger fans here

if we stay at 20 i want the guy espn has us getting in the mock draft, tedenby (sp?) they copare him to karyia with lots of speed and skill which, even though hes small, could be what we need just a speedy dangling sexy goal scorer

Just saw a clip on Doughty. He wears #8 and didn't hit anybody! OMEN? I'll pass!

Jess - In interviews at the end of the year he expressed that he is a Ranger and bleeds Red, white, and blue. Maybe I'm biased because I love what he brings to the team. But I believe him. I think he does want to come back and maybe that's the leverage Sather in using.

You can't blame him for wanting max $ due to the facts of the team's winning % with him in the line-up. Any agent would advise a client of these facts. If he signs, and it does backfire, then I'll be wrong. But I'd rather that than him go somewhere else and haunt us in the future of what a blunder it was to let him go. Many, besides myself, will be very upset with that scenario.

Avery brings intangibles to the table that no other member on the team brings. And he does have a scoring touch that just may flourish too if he can stay healthy. When used on a scoring line he can score AND be a protector. Wouldn't we all like to draft someone with those abilities tonight? We have one already.

I'm hopeful that he's learned his lessons from the past, matures to the point where he doesn't hurt the team in the future (which in all fairness he really hasn't done to this point), and remains a RANGER whom the fans can continue to adore for years to come. The clock is ticking... Let's enjoy a good draft.

Amazing what a interesting way to kick of the draft by having an owner who the SEC is investigating his business practices. How come Bettman is not asking him to step aside until the probe is finished?

Will Bettman force him to sell if he is found that he broke US laws?


It is all good and I understand where you are coming from. Sather always tries to lowball his own free agents so this is expected.

Give the Ducks credit their deal with Flames and Kings is a great move by Brian Burke

How much is Emery worth next year? How many years left?? He's on waivers.

Cool jess - Why is the draft not on Versus as advertised? Golf!! Where's the draft?? anyone...

Flames give up number 17 and Alex Tanguay in return for Mike Cammarelli and the Canadians first pick at 25.

The Kings give up Cammarelli and number 28 for number 12

The Ducks give up number 12 for numbers 17 and 28.

The Canadians give up number 25 for an underachiever nice move NOT


I am watching the draft on VS

What would have been nice if the fans would chant Fire Bettman

Lol i find it so funny when Avery got traded to NYR about 6 people said its a good deal now everybody is on his nuts.He was trashed and labeled a failure and the rest of crap now people want Sather gone for not havong aves resigned by now

Found it Jess - not HD on lower channels. Good trade by Calgary...

McGuire is half in the bag...

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