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June 21, 2008


Greg L.

Did you ever think that our Captain may already be signed?

As I said before, Jarg wants a 2 year deal, he is over 35 and that's a bad combination in the new CBA world. If this team lines up the right D'men (Commodore, Orpik, Sauer, Hainsey, etc.) then the risk of signing JJ to a 2 year deal is much reduced. I think JJ will only go one of two ways: Rangers or Europe. So just sit tight.

Puluche -- It is painful to assess our drafts. It isn't confined to one regime, but the Smith years were absolutely embarassing.

Scinoc - Not trying to be depressing about our draft history. Just interesting observations. A lot of bad picks there and the blame is spread over a number or regimes as you stated.

I guess my point is more optimistic with our current regime. Since Renney and Gordie Clark have been overseeing our player development and scouting, we wisely drafted Staal and have some future hope with their evaluations and input in the recent drafts. Where Sather gets credit, who knows. We have some good kids coming and hopefully we can all look forward to more Dubinsky's in the coming seasons. But that was a BAD 20 year run.



im trying to sit tight ...( sigh )..not easy .

what is the chance that we may see cherepanov this season??????????? i've been watching videos on him and getting real excited about what he may bring.

Puluche -- No, I completely agree with you, and your assessment is correct. The draft history is deplorable; staggering incompetence. Not trying to hide from it...

cherepanov's contract with OMSK is not up till the end of the 08-09 season, so no chirp till then

Maybe we drafted the wrong Grachev


Interesting reading:

1. Accoeding to both Brooks and Dellapina, Jagr and Sather will sit down this week. Appears to me to be very likely something will get done.

2. Also according to JDP, who spoke with Avery's agent, who spent time presenting Avery's case to Sather, looks like Avery will hit the UFA market. Apparently Sather maintains that Avery wants too much, but also does deny Avery's ever asked for $4 million. Sather has offered $2.75 max. Ottawa just signed Chris Kelly - whom Avery's agent has in the past cited as comparable - to a four year $8 million deal. Additionally, the Ranger apparently passed up a trade at the deadline in which Ottawa offered them Kelly for Avery straight up.

Jagr after the season pretty much made it clear that '5 in the picture' doesn't suit him. If tom tom doesn't want to loosen up that could be the deal breaker. So, it might be a great idea to get him back here. With better d men from ufas maybe the forwards will not have to sacrifice as much. More consistency from HL is crucial, too. Especially if high tempo end to end play breaks out more often. Seemed Hank wasn't very stable in that scheme. But, with that shaky group in front of him, who could blame him?

About time the Rangers grew a brain and drafted a prospect who is actually going to a big time college program instead of some lousy one like Northern Michigan or some Ivy League program where they score 2 goals a game.

Don't know much about the kid but at least he's going to a team that is usually a top 10 college program. I like the Weiss pick. Seems to be following the same pattern Byers did in the WHL. Byers stunk for a while then started to break out. If all else fails, he can help the Pack develop players.

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