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June 29, 2008


July 1 = Canada Day = Sundin = jagr signed by Washington because Sathers too slow = Malik officially gone = Big free agent defensmen = Avery is open to the highest bidder?

If Darcy Tucker comes to Broadway, I will still boo him. NOT WELCOME

Stillman is one of the most underrated players in the NHL. He'd be like a Straka 2.0

Malone gets $30 million over 7 years from Tampa. Wow. Anyone think Slats is giving Avery the Zidlicky treatment? Piss Slats off, and he doesn't deal with you? I wonder what he has planned. Campbell? Hossa? Jagr? Redden? Offer sheet to Perry? Who knows.


Where does it say he got over 7 years? I heard it was a multi-year contract for around $30 million but i haven't seen what the years were. If you have a link or something and you could post it i'd appreciate it

Dubi misunderstood my Prospect Park today as I do not think that Glen Sather has gotten smarter after losing for 11 of 12 years as a GM but rather the belief is that the real brains behind the Rangers are Gordie Clark, Jim Schoenfeld and Cameron Hope.

Sorry but no way was Sather smart enough to figure out how to sign both Drury and Gomez. The point I was trying to make is that Ranger fans should have some faith that the brain trust will find a way to make things happen.

And it is Sunday for Larry Brooks has yet another rumor filled column that has the sky as falling for the Rangers. Take what Brooks says with a grain of salt.

Sorry but it would be very foolish to sign Avery to the supposed 4 million for a guy who still has rumors about him being a problem in the locker room

Let the games begin !! All of us can put our choices for next year and beyond in the back seat for now as Glen Sather & Company will have the final say. We all wish we could be a "fly on a wall" in his office and throw in our two cents, but that ain't going to happen. We all hope that whatever is going on over the phones and in that office will make the Rangers a better team. The next few days sre going to be a roller coaster ride....fasten your seat belts and put your hands up....hopefully when the ride is over we are all smiling.


Here you go. Sportsnet is not the most reliable outlet, but they have announced it.


One will have to wait to see how things play out but right now it looks as if 'Slats' is on his way to destroying this team. You can't lose your top 2 sets of wingers and possibly replace them no matter who you sign. with the cap up 6 million its really unimaginally you aren't getting Jags & Avery signed.

I say wait to see what kind of offers he gets on July 1. Glen should let him sweat. $4 mil/4yrs for Avery is ridiculous. If Avery realllly wants to come back to the Rangers, he'll take 3.25 for four years with some incentives.

If the Islanders drive up his price, they're welcome too him. He'll be their next Chris Simon. Wait. They won't make him an offer. They need every dime the got to re-sign Yashin.:)

Does anyone know if the rangers are targetting any rfa's??

Aves shouldve never did the whole arbitration thing last year and HE SHOULDVE NEVER WENT TO PRESS ABOUT ANYTHING.Sather is pissed off at him but he was still man enough to offer him a good contract


Dude that was hilarious!!!!! Becareful though, a few posters here do not have much of a sense of humor!! Absolutely hilarious though!!

Why sign Avery for four mil a year when you can sign Rolston for three? He's not so much an agitator but a better defensive player and goal scorer, with a good point shoot on the PP.

I am a bit confused about "PROSPECT PARK"

Is there a team of writers who work on the site? Does Dubi write for the site? The site always talks about "We" as if the opinions posted are more than the opinions of one person?

I am a bit confused about "PROSPECT PARK"

Is there a team of writers who work on the site? Does Dubi write for the site? The site always talks about "We" as if the opinions posted are more than the opinions of one person?

Dude ... o_0

Is the malone thing legit?

The Bolts don't scare me at all. Yes they have Vinny L and St. Louis and comp and are a fun team to watch, but Boyle gotta stay healthy and they're gonna have to trade St. Louis or Boyle at some point do to giving Stamkos and Jussi Jokinen some raises. Plus Mike Smith has to show he can be a starter, and Melrose is a clown.

BTW, Rolston was not happy with the Wild's offer so he's going to test the market.....paging Slats........

TSN is also reporting that the Avs locked up JM Liles:


Thanks for the update!!! There will not be fun to play with their toughness!!!!

They will not there will

well not only malone gone, but looks like liles is also off the market. Two possible ranger targets already gone. I think they resigned foote also.

So Malone signs at what averages out to 4.5 million per season ... depending on how he performs that will be good for the lightning but that's a big if since he won't have Malkin and Crosby although he will have Lecavilier and St. Louis and now Stamkos

Good both are good players but overrated which leads to some underrated guys that can be signed by the Rangers.

Yep, Adam Foote and John M Liles off the market.

Not that I think it affects the Rangers but some interesting buyouts so far, Todd Bertuzzi cleared waivers in Anaheim, he'll be bought out by the Ducks. Shawn Bates is getting bought out by the Islanders.

Wade Dublieliwicz to play in Russia next year also.

Take everything Larry Brooks says with a grain of salt. Last year, he said 'sources' were 'buzzing' that Sheldon Souray would be on Broadway. He also made no mention of Drury or Gomez coming here.

Actually, jadog -- Larry was the ONLY person saying that the Rangers were going after both Gomez and Drury and were going to let Nylander go. You can look it up right here: http://www.blueshirtbulletin.com/2007/06/tracking-contra.html

As for Souray, me and everyone else with a source also heard that Souray was waiting for the Rangers to clear cap space to sign him -- but the Rangers were unable to trade Malik to open up the necessary space. That story was correct too.

TSN is reporting that the Wild traded the negotiating rights of Brian Rolston to Tampa Bay of all teams!!! Damn thats another player that would help us!!!

I noticed some people here think slats might bring in some swedish players for hank similar to the way he brought in czech players for jags. If that is the case why doesn't he just get hank's brother from dallas?

Rolston too? Seriously??


Any idea on the pony express and the latest issue everyone else has but me?? Just curious!


Please recommend some good fantasy hockey leagues.



I am a bit confused about "PROSPECT PARK"

No you are not PJ as the last time you posted here you called the blog the work of an amateur.

Is there a team of writers who work on the site? Does Dubi write for the site? The site always talks about "We" as if the opinions posted are more than the opinions of one person?

So how come you did not ask the question at that site and choose to come here? Answer because you have some sort of issue that I have no clue and to be honest I do not care.

In response a lot of the information at Prospect Park is reported in by those who share information.

For example tomorrow's post is an interview with Prince Edward Island Rocket Coach and Director of Hockey Operations Guy Chouinard.

It was a team effort, I provided the questions and Tom Tessier who is the Media Person for the Rocket provided the interview and typed up the responses.

The network at Prospect Park is made up of people who I have gotten to know over the years. It is a wide variety of people including fans, scouts,other websites, fellow media members and even team officials.

We share information among each other so each of us can cover more ground at a cost that keeps us all from going broke.

However you did not ask that to find out about Prospect Park you asked that trying to start some kind of problem.

I did not respond to your amateur cheapshot and sorry you are not going to provoke me into a fight here either.

If you have a problem with the Prospect Park then why not be adult enough and address them directly.


The one from here last season was pretty fun!!

Rabbit Pile

Glad you liked the Fantasy Leagues we tried to run but I have to admit I did a very poor job with.

Greg from CBS was kind enough to give us a free league but like me had way too much stuff going on to give it the kind of attention it needed.

We learn from our mistakes so the hope is next season to find someone who can play the role of commissioner better than the sorry job Greg and I did this past season

Next season we will set the league up in accordance to the majority of player's wishes including site and game set up.


Hope you stick around long enough to join the league as we had 2 leagues of 18 players each and will have 4 spots open at the very least next season.

Orr Strikes Back

"How can someone have heart when he tries to kill someone in a playoff game, putting his team down 3 games to 0, after a great 2 - 0 come back. Thats not heart, thats heart stabbing !!!!"

Re: Hollweg.

I said, "Zero talent, all heart." Maybe I should have added "no brains" to that too.

I've been watching the Rangers since the 70's & I've seen more passive rosters with no heart than I care to remember, so maybe I appreciate Hollweg's guts a little more than some. In the Bettman era, officials frown on physical play and target guys like Hollweg to make their point. Yes, Hollweg should know better. But say what you will about him, you can't accuse him of not having heart.

As for these negotiation rights that teams keep trading before the free agency period starts, does anyone know if the NHL is the only league that allows this? Are they planning to get rid of this before the next contract expires? Why did the owners and NHLPA put this into the new agreement? I don't remember this happening before the lockout, but maybe i'm wrong. If anyone has any information on this i'd appreciate it.


Actually this trading for rights has been done for almost as long as there has been free agency in the NHL.

A team used to receive an extra draft pick in the entry draft based on the size of the new contract but that has been carried over.

I really hope the Rangers are not going to be foolish enough spend a draft pick for the rights to talk to someone with just 24 hours to go.


My mistake it should read that the practice of receiving a draft pick as compensation for losing a free agent no longer happens with the current CBA.

of course I'll be sticking around. Let me know when it starts.


Capitals, Green continue to talk

"The Washington Capitals would like to get defenseman Mike Green locked up to a new contract, but there appears to be a few hiccups in the negotiation process."



Thanks for the clarification as that helps make sense of what's been going on during the last 2-3 years.

Also does anyone know if teams will be allowed to sign FA's at midnight tomorrow or will it be like last year where they won't be able to "bid" until 12pm on tuesday?


Wait a second I never said I was going to try to make any sense of it.



No problem but if you are not nice we will make you wear the Gary Bettman mask and have you explain how come so many NHL owners are in trouble with the law.

i read the comments on the link that dubi posted of last year, to quote jess, "Free Agents: I see a lot of people tossing names but here is what I notice nobody talking about: CHEMISTRY.

You see one of the things that has turned the Rangers back into the playoffs has been an effort to develop a team chemistry. I give credit to the Rangers not going too crazy over UFAs."
impressive psychic skills.

Well if Avery goes and Bertuzzi will come cheap I'd say take him. He's still pretty fast with his fists and he'll get the occasional goal.

If they can get Cheechoo, they really don't need Jagr.

Hey Ted,

"With the free-agent market set to open at noon Tuesday, Jaromir Jagr said he wants to play in the NHL for two more years, but he remains unsure whether that will be with the Rangers, which increasingly seems unlikely. If no other NHL team steps up, playing in Russia remains an option."



I did try and post at prospect park, but have trouble with my google account and could not register to do so.

Prospect Park IS an amateur blog. Is that not a fact? You are not a professional scout or hockey writer. I wasn't saying it as an insult, I was saying it as a fact.

I happen to really enjoy reading about Ranger prospects. I just don't like when you jump on people for their own opinions. And if you claim that you don't do this sometimes; than you are being less than honest with everyone here.

But, when you write "WE" and "US" at Prospect Park, I think it is a bit disingenuous in my humble opinion. Why not write in the first person. The opinions are clearly yours.....

I love finding out information about the kids in the system. It is hard to know what to make of prospects when you have never seen them play or only have seen them play a few times. You seem to have at least seen some of these kids play.

That is why I try and put my trust in the Rangers scouts. While they have had misses of course, they have drafted some true quality players (especially in the lower rounds) in the last few years. They have seen these kids play much more than any of us, (both live and on tape) and I hope that Del Zotto turns out to be the real deal. The only things I have seen about Del Zotto were on youtube! Can't really judge by that. As a matter of fact, in my humble opinion, if you have only seen the kid play once or twice or have some video highlights, I think it would probably be hard to get a feel of what type of player he will be.

Sometimes I wonder how the scouts get it SO WRONG, like with Jaime Lundmark and Pavel Brendal?

I remember Maloney GUSHING over Korpi during the MSG draft coverage. I thought he looked great in that playoff game and truly hope0 they play him on the big club this year.......BUT, what do I know? ;-

Have I not been nice? lol

If you think I've left...not the case at all. I lurk on here EVERY single day. I find that if I keep my mouth shut, I stay out of trouble. lol

Just sign Avery @ $15MM over 4 years.


I do not think bertuzzi would be a bad idea for a decent price, but becareful, I've seen guys get crucified on this site for bringing up his name.


Wouldn't it be funny now that the oilers acquired vishnovsky (sp?) from la, if they traded pitkanen's rights to the rangers for jagr's rights today?

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