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June 23, 2008



Soryal beat the big kid in a fight or just one on one.

I have only watched Soryal's fighting clips but my gut tells me we have a player on our hands.

Some pictures would be awesome, thanks for the coverage...very interested to hear more about DStep

I hope Ranney agrees with you assessment on the best three and why they were the best three. My main focus this year will be on the power play. If Del Zotto can do the job ,bring him up. There is need of alot of improvement on that power play.

Hockeybuzz(EKLAND)IS REPORTING ....Rangers Have Permission to Talk to Sundin as Well

Sportsnet.ca –- The New York Rangers were granted permission by Maple Leafs general manager Cliff Fletcher to talk to free-agent-to-be Mats Sundin before the Montreal Canadiens were last week, Sportsnet has learned.

Sources say Fletcher granted the New York Rangers permission to talk to Sundin even before the Canadians got it in an attempt to trade the Maple Leafs captain for an asset prior to him becoming an unrestricted free agent July 1.

The Detroit Red Wings would also love to add Sundin to their lineup but did not ask the Leafs for permission to make contact before July 1.

If Sundin makes the decision to cut ties with the Leafs and resume his NHL career with another team, New York and Montreal are believed to be his top two destinations of choice.

I ... well .. I'm not feeling the Sundin love ... maybe 5 yrs ago =P

hmm, very interesting about mats. true? who knows.

as much as i don't want jags back, having a first and/or second line of mats centering jags and whoever on the other side, along with dru and gomer and another wing for the other first and/or second line, and then dubi centering the third line and betts the fourth is very intriguing.

start with prucha on the other side of jags with mats and maybe sean if he comes back (which i'm sure he will) with dru and gomer, and then dubi centering cally and dawes. sign me up. as long as we get orpik and another d-man and say goodbye to rozey and malik on D and shanny and straks up front, i could live with that for the coming season.

Signing Sundin seems like a step in the wrong direction (it is 2008, not 1998). At this point in his career, Sundin is no longer a difference maker. Losing a pick to sign him, particularly if it is for the 2009 draft, may turn out to be a mistake that will haunt the Rangers for years. Also, he would take a roster spot at a position on the team that is already log-jammed. What if Anisimov comes to traiining camp in proper NHL shape? Does Slats send him back to the minors because the spots are taken?

What are the rangers thinking. The only way in hell am I signing Sundin is if Jagr comes back so they can play together other than that let him go to Montreal Please Sather. We signed so many stars that were past there prime b4 the lockout lets not take a step in the wrong direction. I was thinking about it and I honestly think signing Cambell would be great for this team and he is very young so I wouldnt mind giving him 6 million a year. I would dedicate this offseason to concentrating on Defense. Keep it young on the offense.

" If Del Zotto can do the job ,bring him up. There is need of alot of improvement on that power play."

Del Zotto is at best 3 - 4 years away from NHL ready.

"Del Zotto is at best 3 - 4 years away from NHL ready."

at the beginning of the year, Del Zotto was right up there with the top 4 defensemen picked just behind Stamkos. Stamkos is expected to be with Tampa Bay next year. You are probably right but they sometimes keep a young guy like this up until they are forced to keep him in the NHL or send him back to juniors.

It doesn't surprise me that Mats would be intrigued to play in front of Henrik. But it seems more like a courtesy call to me.

Can't wait to read more from Greenburgh in tomorrow's rdition!

I cant stand the week before july 1st peoples crack dreams medias "rumors" everybody has a "source"this and thAT JUST RELAX AND WAIT TILL JULY 1ST.This is worse than trading deadline

I got a better idea, let sundin go to the habs, then if jagr wants him to be his center, we can send the rights to jags and prucha to them for komisarek. I would be very pleased with that!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the feedback, Dubi. I look forward to more as the camp progresses.

Brooks Orpik Highlights...


Sundin? Are you serious? Tell me the Rangers are just fishing in these waters but have no real intention of catching anything. I see no purpose in putting Mats Sundin on this team.

At the NYRangers.com site, Del Zotto's bio has his birthdate as 1/24/90, not 6/24. So he's already 18 years old.

I also think it's hysterical how the Rangers traded to get their own 4th round pick back, which they traded away at the deadline. Pretty ball-sy, imo.



Lisa -- Too bad you weren't there today to tell Mike to turn down all the birthday wishes he was receiving -- he should check with NYR.com before making his party plans :) They also had Wallingford listed at 6'1.

You people are out to lunch on Sundin. He's got more hockey left in him than Jagr does. He was OUTSTANDING last year and his leadership was noteworthy enough for Messier to give him the Leadership trophy. Who knows if Jagr can play with him but its worth a try and I bet to Jagr's liking. Sundin wants to win that cup very badly. He would be a total asset in the locker room. He has turned into a very articulate and classy guy over the years and he can F#@!#$ play.

Renney said Anisimov, all other things aside, was still 12-15 pounds away from being NHL ready...

Please tell Renney that Patrick Kane says hello. :-P

(Yes, I'm aware that that's an oversimplification, but so is pushing all other things aside to base the decision of whether a player is ready for the NHL on a number on a scale.)

I actually agree with Bones in the sense that Sundin still has much more value then some of you guys are giving him credit for. The dude had 78 points last year which i believe was better than any Ranger. Signing him would most likely be similar to the Shanahan signing where it would be incentive laden and only 1-2 years. As Bones put it- his locker room presence could potentially offset the loss of Shanahan.

Having said that, it would almost certainly mean pushing Drury back to wing, where i'm not sure if he's faired better or worse as one during his career. I also may be looking at this wrong, and Sundin may want something around $5-6 million a year, which would mean not a lot of money to re-sign Jagr and a stay-at-home defensemen and/or a power play specialist.

Also, let it be mentioned that i do not believe Sundin would be an adequate replacement for Jagr. On the contrary, losing Jagr would be monumental, and nobody in the FA market (yes including Hossa) would be an improvement over him. Having said all that, I still think exploring the Sundin option is a worthy cause for the Rangers.

Sorry wicky , yer out to lunch on this one , Lisa too . Komisarik does not sell tickets or score goals , giving up Jagr , you lose offense ...If its not Jagr being double teamed , gomez/drury will then be.
Lisa if you saw Sundin play in a Ranger Jersey , your jaw would drop...with awstruck.

im with bones and ted on this one.

If Jagr does in fact come back I would hope we focus on the likes of a Brian Campbell, Wade Redden, Brooks Orpik, etc. instead of Sundin....unless Sather can find wiggle room to sign a D-man, re-sign Mara or Roszival or some of them to fill out the D, and Sundin. I'd welcome Sundin to a 1 or 2 year contract for the right price or even just as long as it doesn't cripple us to fix up the D and other holes. Should Jagr come back we should equip to make a cup run next year, once the vets from this team are gone our young guys will be more ready than ever to fill the shoes as well and we'll still have the kind of talent to make serious playoff runs each year. An offense with Jagr, Sundin, Drury, AND Gomez? Say what you want about Renney's system there will be goals.

Sundin is fine to pick up for a year or two and he probably could teach Dawes/Cally/Dubi/Anisimov/Sjostrom/Korpi a lot of good things. However, if they get Sundin, then Shanny and Straka should not come back as it woul take up too much money.

5 years too late on Mats. We need another center like a hole in the head. Granted he is better than any we currently have, but what is the purpose? Trade Drury? Larry is reaching on this one. I could see a scenario where they trade Dubinsky for a young capable (comparable) defensman. Maybe Slats thinks Dubinsky will fall out of his tree if Jagr leaves, and dealing Dubinsky while he has some value would make sense. But that seems like another trek in the wrong direction.

Speculating of course, but it seems the Rangers have a glut of centers in the org., and Sundin doesn't make sense in 2008.

Forget trading Dubi, not going to happen. Players like that don't grow on trees, especially home grown ones. With Staal, Toots and Girardi, and Sanguinetti and Del Zotto coming (among others), young d-men aren't a big priority. This team needs both scoring and hard nosed forwards. A Sundin for 1 year would help this team greatly, he's a scorer and a playmaker, and we'd be able to move Drury to the wing, and Dubi would be a tremendous 3rd line center.

Sundin/Jagr would get about 5m/each plus bonuses (let's say 2 each).. that's 10m for two forwards and you still need a decent second line winger (Huselius? Avery?) and a #1 d-man (Orpik?) and 3rd pair d-man/pp qb (Streit).

And now you force Drury to play wing... ugh

I think Sundin is a horse he can open alot of space for Jagr! Plus Drury is better on the wing. Trade Prucha and waive Backman to free cap space. Get Either Campbell or Redden and/or Orpik or Jason Smith. Resign Strudwick as your seventh defenseman. Sign Brian Rolston if you can too.

Why is it so hard for people to realize if we get Sundin, Drury moves to LW, thats it. We dont trade him, or stick him on 3rd line duty. What if we signed Jagr, Sundin, Orpik and Streit...Then release Backman and we should have enough. The 4 of them cost around 15-17 million and we are fine. Then we fill in with what we have. The lines could look like this:



I love these lines and it gives some more young guys an opportunity. Thoughts?

If some would rather not pursue Sundin, that's fine, but to suggest that he's washed-up is absurd. Thirty-two goals last year, 78 points, and a plus-17 on a bad team. If it can be worked out, bring him in.

greg and others,

That time of night I was out to dinner, a late late dinner. I have to disagree with all of you who want sundin. Is he a point a game player, yes, and just because I do not want him on our team does not mean he is not a good player. If I say why him he sucks, then i think he sucks. Neither sundin nor jagr sucks and I think they are both HOFers. They just do not fit the direction this team is going. If everyone here wants to go further than the second round of the playoffs, we need to be building this team from the goalie out and getting support for hank, a brute on the backline and going from there, this team needs to get more physical (not less or it will be like 2000 again or best case scenario 2005). I understand sundin is a big guy, but I mean edgy physical like avery (if not him fine, then someone like him). I also do not understand the euro centric freak out by people on this site (I am not biased against anyone two of my all time favorite players were ulfie and vlad the impailer), everytime a euro player becomes available let's get him on the team, sundin, vrbata, blah blah. That does not work for us, we have tried it (detroit won a cup with many euros and it was great, but different kind of euros than what we always want, holmstrom, franzen, datsyuk all hit and are physical). I think this team is going in a different direction and dipsy doo players need to be kept to a minimum. If jagr did not have the past history of such a great player, slats would have already told him to take a hike. Drury is way to good of a center to be moved to wing unless the other option for center is vinny or thorton. trading Dubi would be a HUGE mistake!! Im ok with getting cheechoo if avail for the right price.


Too bad you weren't there today to tell Mike to turn down all the birthday wishes he was receiving -- he should check with NYR.com before making his party plans :)

My bad. How could the web site get something so simple so wrong when they just drafted him? Well, anyway, Happy belated Birthday to the kid. :)

Just a question, but why do people keep putting pock in their lineups on this site? I mean he really was not that good in my opinion when he was with the rangers (granted he did not get a ton of playing time). And renney really does not seem to care for him, so why do we keep seeing him in line ups????

sundin can play on my team any day

sundin? no thanks. a 37 year old center. 37. center. we dont need either. man, i hope we re-sign avery though.

Aging players will always be a part of New York . Lets face it , don't fight it because it will always be. Rangers are a show and years ago a bad show ...We no longer sacrifice our young prospects for the show . Instead we add to the cast , not subtract ...As long as we play our rookies , put in the aging vets to COMPLEMENT the young Rangers .

Sundin and Jagr for a year or 2 won't stop any young prospect from comming in , If were playing prospects it's because they are NHL ready . If we had no vets we would be forced to play the young guys too soon ,then you may as well be a farm team with no show to watch .

Dubinsky Sundin Jagr
Avery Gomez drury
dawes Anisimov Callahan
Shoey Betts orr /korpi

Staal / Redden
toots / Giradi
sangunetti /rozi?

? Gomez Hossa
Dawes Drury Callahan
prucha Dubinsky Korpi
orr Betts holleweg

With No Jagr , Straka , Sundin , Avery and Shanahan this is what you got ...sick .

Sundin is a tough chippy player. JJ/Sundin for 2 years would make a lot of roomfor the other lines to go against lesser d'men...JJ/Sundin/?= 100 goals...Not bad for 2 or 3 old men...Z

I guess we will know a lot more this time next week!!!! I do not see hollweg back and would rather see gratton in his spot. I think a couple of wild cards to think of for d men are gauthier, hatcher (an aging vet perfect for ranger fan entertainment), vaananen. I would be very shocked if sags makes it this season to the big club. I think sundin shanny would be a better combo than sundin jagr. Maybe bieska on d from vancouver?

Even better idea the BBL (blueshirt bluehair line) of shanny moving to the left wing sundin in the middle and jagr on the right!!!!!

could work wicky , but its a pritty old line ...i'd like to see a more outta Shanny if he is staying for another year.

Good to hear that del Zotto impressed. I really hope he can improve defensively. About Joe Ryan - he's a gamer that has huge ability. However, I resent (and I'm sure Joe would too) the comment about what he has between his ears. He's struggled with learning disabilities for most of his life. Let's give him credit for making it this far rather than putting him down.

Once again, I think that the targets for the Rangers should be Streit and Orpik (possibly Malone). I think Jagr will end up re-signing with the club - that rules out this senseless Campbell, Hossa and Sundin talk purely for cap reasons. If we do sign a big-ticket player, it will end up hurting the Rangers for years.

I agree that orpik should be number one priority and streit or liles should be next!


shanny does need to produce more on the pp for sure!!!

I laugh when people continue to put Prucha on this team. His time as a Ranger is over. He simply stinks compared to several prospects we have that are now NHL ready.

The age discrimination on this site should be reported to Amnesty International. Yep, if you are a 37 year old Sundin, all of a sudden you are no good. So many Rangers fans are dumb dumb dumb. Sorry, but if you say that Sundin could not produce and provide leadership for the Rangers next season, then yes, you are dumb.
Nobody is talking about the team blowing their load here, trading away the future. It's about signing a guy for a year to play hockey. If the position does not fit (he's a centreman) fine, but forget the age crap. What is wrong with a forward that hits, scores, helps his teammates and loves to win?

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