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June 23, 2008


If I have to put my money on someone it would be that Kid Wallingford. 6'6 he can soot hit and score...Chara look out if this guy makes the team. Everyone in the east has an "Anti-Jagr" well it is about time we get an anti-Briere/Carter, an anti-Crosby/Malkin, an anti-Gionta/Elias, and well no worries with the fish-sticks.

Have the Rangers made any qualifying offers to their RFA's yet? I would hate to lose some of those guys.

I wouldn't get too excited about Wallingford. He's a project at best.

Hey, the coolest thing the Rangers did at draft day was draft an Islander! (Prince Edward Islander that is!)


I hope its just bs....please sather sign him....

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if we do sign cambell..i hope he brings a little of this with him.


On the flip side of Dubi's coverage on the camp, over at prospect park we are going to be talking to those who know the prospects best like their coaches and broadcasters.

I would kill to see Soryal and Wiese going at it as those 2 were considered the 2 toughest in their respective leagues.

and a little of this...


You gotta remember that Wallingford's 50 points came as an overage player. Overage players (20-21 year olds) are more physically mature than most of their competition in junior, and they often dominate even if they're not legitimate prospects. It's extremely rare that someone makes it to the NHL if they haven't produced in juniors at 17, or 18 at the latest. At 6-6, you'd think if he could play a little, he would've been drafted or signed by before now. I'm glad the Rangers invited him to camp because if nothing else, he could grow into a heavyweight role, but I wouldn't count on him shadowing Crosby or Ovetchkin anytime soon.

I've watched many of Justin Soryal's fights and he reminds me a lot of Darren Langdon in that he's not terribly big or strong, but he somehow manages to win most of his fights with his smarts. Whereas Langdon fought more defensively, Soryal's advantage is that he's quick and ambidexterous. If he can skate a little better than Darren, I think Ranger fans are gonna love him.

As for Dale Weise, I've never seen any of his fights. If he really was the toughest in the WHL, you figure he'd have more than the 3 fights he had last year. (He had 9 the previous year.) The top heavyweights usually take on challengers throughout the season, and they usually have fights totaling double digits. That doesn't mean he can't fight when he needs to, just that he's probably not a heavyweight in the traditional sense like Soryal.

And just a note on Dane Byers. If he ever makes the Rangers, it will be as a grinder and not a heavyweight. Although he's always willing, he comes from the Steve McKenna school of fighting -- throw a punch and fall down before you get hurt. As a fighter, he's less of a heavyweight than even Ryan Hollweg, who at least hangs in there for as long as he can.

HAHAHAHAHA Barry Melrose is the new coach for the Tampa Bay Lightning according to ESPN.com

Nick Pageau is a tough stay at home defenceman with the Bulls. I believe he didn't play a whole lot owing to some sort of injury. One of those unspectacular yet steady guys which all teams need.

dubi - had time this weekend to read the latest issue, excellent work! will be quite interested to see how you all cover all the draft picks, the prospects camp and on-going negotiations! maybe you can track down avery for a photo shoot and some questions before he leaves for greener ($$$) pastures?

and if you speak with renney and/or sather can you get us an inkling of an idea on what's going on with the d-men? what i'd like to know, specifically, is backman (former first round pick) a failed experiment or are they giving him another huge opportunity? thanks!



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any chance the Rangers can convince (with the help of Dru I'm sure) Campbell to take a 5yr 30 million contract? I think everyone can agree that a player like him and a physical defensemen (?) are the teams biggest needs. (along with some scoring wingers)
$6m/year puts Campbell near the top of salaries for D....and he'd be playing in the biggest market in the world. A core of Hank/Gomez/Dubi/Campbell/Cherepenov/Staal would look nice in a few years..

If it's true we are letting Avery, Malik, Mara, Roszival, Straka et all WALK, might this be possible with the additions of a few more low priced rookies??

Avery belongs in a Blueshirt. BUT at the same time, Sather is right.... there has to be a limit in today's Cap world. I would have also liked it if Nylander stayed last season too.... but not 5 more seasons and not at the price he wanted.

If a team wants to pay Avery somewhere between $16-$20 million for 4 years, then so be it. It's a dumb move for the NYR to do that, IMHO.

I like Avery, I really do at the comic con day after the devils were eliminated, he signed my jersey and took a pic with me shook my hand and I really want him back on the team but he has to be reasonable, and look at players in similar situations and go from there.

and also he makes fatso a lil crazy, gotta love that.

George Carlin was the best ever. He will be missed :(
Maybe Avery will return, I don't think anyone would pay him $4 million; definitely not Tampa who has Lecavlier/St. Louis/Boyle and must save room for Stamkos (which will come at the expense of St. Louis) and Dallas has Richards/Turco/etc. If anyone would pay him $4 million, it's the Islanders.

If a team wants to pay Avery somewhere between $16-$20 million for 4 years, then so be it. It's a dumb move for the NYR to do that, IMHO.

ANY Team that pays Avery that kind of money will be making a dumb move ... while Sean's intangibles are things that cannot be accurately measured and put a $$$ price on and are valuable you have to look at the big picture ... Avery wants to help the Rangers reach the ultimate goal to win the Stanley Cup? He bleeds Ranger Blue? Then he should know that in a salary cap world if he wants his team to compete and have all the right parts then he will have to make some sacrifices

The most points he's ever scored are 39 with the Kings 05/06 .. last season with us he scored 33 points and spent half the time he was actually healthy on lines with Jagr and then with Gomez ...

Chris Kelly is a comparable player to Avery who played full seasons in 05/06 and 06/07 and then 75 games last season ... he scored 30 pts then 38 pts then 30 pts ... he resigned with the Senators for 2.125 million per year for 4 years ... this player bleeds Senator Red because he could've gone the FA way but he WANTED to stay in OTT ....

Mike Fisher, also from the Senators, is a comparable player who scored 44, 48 and 47 points for the Senators in the last 3 seasons and almost always played in key situations only makes 1.5 million per year when he resigned last year ...

So Avery at anything more than 3 million per year, specially if his style of play will make him injury prone, is seeking for WAY TOO MUCH money IMHO ... so one can see that if he isn't willing to deal with the Rangers, the team he supposedly bleeds blue for, because they aren't offering over 2.5 million then that means the only color he truly bleeds is whatever gets him the most money, loyalty be dammed ... hey, more power to him but he better not spew that crap about being a heart and soul Ranger and bleeding blue ... that is just him manipulating the fans so that if/when he goes to the highest bidder they won't label him a sellout and predictably turn on Sather for not giving him his due ...

end of rant *breathes*

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