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June 24, 2008


I just feel so bad for Ryan Hilier, he looks so pissed as he just watches the rest of them practice!

they have a bunch of ISO video from Prospect camp at


Maybe he's actually concentrating instead of being pissed ... who knows, why would be upset unless he didn't have a good day

Matty he is probably pissed because he wants to on the ice and try for that uber slim chance at earning a spot on the big team, or even on the wolfpack.

That picture just calls for "Caption This!"

According to someone I consider to be pretty reliable, Grachev got a visa today and is en route to prospect camp.

Check out these photo's of Avery from the Post today



I really don't want Mats Sundin, he was good but, I'd rather give youth a chance, and Avery is young so lets sign him, sjostrom, let backman walk and go from there. I would like Jagr Back on the team also I think playing another year with Dubinsky will do wonders for Dubi.

Watched the draft both days. Nothing really dazzled me and all choices come with question marks. Stepan and Grachev look promising. I don't think any of our defensive picks will be an obstacle for Sangs making the club, possibly this year. Still have no physical, intimidating, allow no crap, clear the crease d'man. My suggestion is all that can be found in one UFA defenseman. Come 1 July we should go hard after Mike Commodore and not give up until he's signed. He would solve all the problems outlined above and he's only 29 with Cup-winning experience. As for PP QBs Hainsey and Liles look like good and relatively inexpensive options.

oh he could't participate because he has a hernia ... see I didn't remember that and I couldn't read the tiny print on my sidekick phone

Paul they cant let backman walk he has a year left to go on his contract

Paul they cant let backman walk he has a year left to go on his contract

I believe that he can be waived or bought out

Today's HockeyBuzz laugh. Eklund has Montreal as a possible destination for Avery. Hard to fathom that people pay for this free "information," and other comical fabrications.

LOL, LOL!!! Good one, scinoc! Because if Avery hates Canada like he's been quoted saying in the past—while visiting Toronto—then he'll ESPECIALLY hate Montreal as it is both Canadian and French! Oui? OUI!!!


In thinking it over, it's really not all that difficult to believe. Montreal is a very cosmopolitan city, with ties to the fashion world. Avery might consider it. But then again, there's the obvious French issue. Doubtful, but not impossible.

thats kinda what i ment give him his walking papers

i'd just like to remark on the fact that larry brooks pulls everything he writes right out of his ass. the fact that so many people believe him and feel the need to tell me that sundin is already wearing a rangers sweater is preposterous. please learn who is a reliable source and who clearly isn't- i'm just tired of hearing all this crap repeated b/c simply it isn't true and if you actually believe it then it shows how stupid you really are.

Once July comes around, we shall see whats the Rangers management direction will be regarding to UFAs.

Damn, carolina just resigned tuomo ruutu. He was a player we really could have used and I would have loved to see him on our team!!!! I have a bad feeling that if the rangers do not resign avery, he ends up in pittsburgh!!!

What would the Rangers do if someone offered Nigel Dawes a $1 million offer sheet, the compensation for which is merely a second-round draft pick. From what I've read, the Rangers assume they can sign him for a paltry raise to $660,000 this season. I suggest if other rival GMs are paying attention my favorite Ranger may leave town with Sean et al before Sather realizes what hit him!

The Rangers would match the $1mm for Dawes.

What about Wellwood? I always thought he was a pretty good 3rd line guy and had some grit.

Rangerbill -- Wellwood has missed too many games via injury, and his work ethic has been questioned. Plus, the Rangers have depth forwards; they need top 6 types.

We already have an abundance of 3rd line guys. There's no need to bring one in from outside -- especially one with a questionable work ethic who refuses to work out off the ice. If a rebuilding team is tossing away a 25 year old with a reasonable contract, you need to be a little suspicious...

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